Thursday, 26 June 2008

My Day after more than a Thousand Days

Written on Wednesday 25/06/08
Taxila, Punjab - Pakistan

Considering I'm writing up this blog just over a month after this day, which I consider my day after more than a thousand days, says a lot about my lack of efficiency.

Indeed, I'm nowhere near as efficient as my circumstances require me to be. Writing a daily blog as I had been doing in May/June made me conscious of time-management, improved the flow of words emanating from my daily experiences and somewhat lessened the prevailing alienation between personal and public.

I have since boycotted Pakistan (I don't intend on travelling to or accepting Pakistan 's existence unless certain ground changes take place) and have retreated to Kashmir.

This day was effectively my day as the Lahore High Court (Rawalpindi Bench) finally instructed the apprehension and detainment of the wily fox 'Bashir.' As a befitting bonus, I took delivery of my car after 9 months of incapacitation. A combination of previous mechanical machinations and financial limitations had deprived me for so long.

I felt somewhat proud that my stance of zero tolerance for corruption was finally vindicated. Bashir was now in jail, totally against convention. I had not spent a single rupee towards his apprehension whilst refraining from employing a lawyer to advocate my case. Bashir, on the other hand, had spent plenty on feeding the police to stall and limit criminal proceedings against him, whilst employing a renowned criminal lawyer to argue his case.

The judge was kind enough to allow me to address the court audience and amplify the example of what a citizen shouldn't be, a la Bashir.

On leaving the court, I received many a congratulation and support for my 'performance' accompanied by words of caution as to the unpredictability of events in Pakistan.

I think I'll leave it there at this stage, the euphoria is rushing back.

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