Sunday, 18 August 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 230 of 2019


Appreciation and execution of tasks have to be bridged in public interest to succeed.


Let us not forget the following from yesteryear:

In July 1946, Hari Singh stated that people would "work out our own destiny without dictation from any quarter which is not an integral part of the State," writes Ramachandra Guha in his book 'India After Gandhi'. Singh famously wanted J & K to be the 'Switzerland of the East'; effectively a neutral territory between India and Pakistan. 

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Saturday, 17 August 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 229 of 2019


Here's further footage from 7,000 feet in Jandaali, Poonch on the 14th of August, uploaded by one of our star activists in AJK, Imran Shan of Dathote, Poonch.

What was the gist of the clip?

Each divided part of J & K should represent itself. An Inclusive and representative internal discussion should proceed.....

It's always an honour for me to receive so much attention from Imran....


The following is a dilemma for our citizens, which they have yet to overcome:

If you cannot recognise the efforts and achievement of a citizen working on a collective responsibility, then how can you recognise the importance of the State (of AJK > J & K)?

Please note that the State is defined here as an aggregate of a given number of citizens holding title to ownership of a geographically defined territory.


The following image is very apt and current:


This type of disaster is likely to happen with more frequency in AJK as Pakistan has little clue about water management and is hell bent on extracting whatever it can from this territory:


Friday, 16 August 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 228 of 2019


This morning I was rudely awakened by an email alert that informed me that my online petition to the UK parliament, submitted on the 11th of August had been rejected!

Details of email:

Dear Tanveer Ahmed,

We rejected the petition you created – “Take your share of responsibility for the avoidable dispute over Jammu & Kashmir”.

It’s not clear what the petition is asking the UK Government or Parliament to do.

Petitions need to call on the Government or Parliament to take a specific action. We're not sure exactly what you'd like the UK Government or Parliament to do. You could start a new petition explaining clearly what you would like the Government or Parliament to do.

Click this link to see your rejected petition: View your rejected petition

End of email....

Here's the text of the petition:

Take your share of responsibility for the avoidable dispute over Jammu & Kashmir
(Title of Petition is limited to 80 letters)

At least 5 reasons: 
-Words 'for ever' used n Article 1 of AmritsarTreaty 1846
-Maharaja's bid to avoid accession dilemma foiled by Brits pre1947
-BhutanBurmaNepalSikkimSriLanka avoided such, why not J&K?
-IIA 05/07/1947 still makes UK liable authority
-Mountbatten's proviso on J&K's accession.
(Background is limited to 300 letters)

We appreciate that J & K is coveted for its geography & water resources. We also understand that the issue of water was raised in British parliamentary debates pre 1947. However, dividing the region on the basis of religious identity was always going to be a recipe for war & existential claims on water. As the UK oversaw all that happened & didn't directly suffer from the decisions it made, it has a moral responsibility as well as technical grounding to take its share of responsibility to avert.
(More information is limited to 500 letters)

This reminded me of the difficulties I had in trying to obtain details of their communication with the Dogra rulers pre 1947, under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Reference is linked here:

I have written the following to the petitions committee: 

I've given reasons for why the UK are at least partly responsible for the J & K issue and as the petition title suggests, specifically ask the UK government to take a share of that responsibility. Defining what those responsibilities are should be a matter for debate in parliament, based on interaction with appropriate stakeholders in the J & K dispute. Forgive the cliche but this is a process and not an event. One could provide a longer detailed specific plan on request. Given that we are given only 80 letters to draft our initial petition, is there any scope for us to challenge the original decision to reject the petition?


While I wait for a response to my possibility of challenging the rejection of the petition, I will be writing to my local MP in Luton, Kelvin Hopkins on the possibility of moving an EDM (Early Day Motion) in the parliament on this very subject.

Meanwhile, here's a freshly worded petition. I wonder if this passes the parliamentary radar:

Support democracy in an internal J & K political process, not Indo-Pak hegemony.

Our forbears in J & K pre 1947 were transitioning from autocracy to democracy. Post 1947, we feel even more disenfranchised for becoming victims of an imposed land dispute that consequently nullified indigenous voices & divided our State. This transition was effected by the British Parliament. 

Having adhered to a long deliberated sequence of independent research in AJK since 2005, an internal political process has been created here. Link: Since 1947, many a MP in the UK has reiterated that J & K belongs to its people & only they can determine their future. What was lacking was an internal resolution process & the UK's disinclination to share responsibility in this avoidable dispute. Our geography & water resources should be a blessing for humanity, not a curse.


I don't think I need to add anything on the UN Security Council deliberations in New York today:


This too:


Apologies...this too:


I'm always keen to receive academic critique on my work and in this respect I'm equally keen on taking questions from experts, academics, think-tanks and political scientists in general.

Here's an example of part of an exchange today:


Their (Pakistan's) internal contradictions have reached a nadir. They are now at the most difficult crossroads of their 72 year history.


What kind of internal contradictions are these in your opinion?


- To support self determination for the Valley of Kashmir and deny it to AJK and GB.

- To change demographics of AJK and GB and protest such changes in Indian-controlled J & K.

- To insist that it is an advocate of J & K at the cost of drowning the internal narrative and then seek to find more powerful advocates than itself to support its point of view on J & K.

- To insist that it is a stakeholder on the basis of UN security resolutions which made it a respondent to India's complaint that it was an invader. To dance around steps suggested to it to demilitarise and use its presence in UN deliberations as a means to control AJK and GB, repress their citizens and loot their resources. To cry 'UN resolutions' and 'Our Principled Stand' yet engage in bilateral negotiations with India to divide the territory. To launch militancy across the LOC in parallel to such negotiations and lofty rhetoric.

- To describe yourself as a fortress of Islam yet unable to muster any practical support from the Muslim World.

- To base your economy on conflict, chicanery, magnificent delusions and naked self-interest, gradually hollowing out your economy for 80% of your citizens.

- To indulge in geographic expansion when your economy and standard of governance is in the pits of hell.

End of discussion.....

There are of course many more contradictions that can be cited.


Thursday, 15 August 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 227 of 2019


If just as an after thought, I saw far more Pakistani flags for sale in Dadyaal today than I noticed yesterday anywhere between Dadyaal, Kotli, Sarsaawa, Baloch, Trarkhel, Jandaali, Banjosa, Kaigalla, Hajeera, Tattapani and via Kotli back to Dadyaal. In actual fact, I saw exactly 3 Pakistani flags on our entire journey and every 1 of those were mounted on vehicles, who could have belonged to anybody.

I would be really interested to learn of how many Pakistani flags have been sold in Dadyaal, in the days leading up to this year's 14th of August.


There are reports of cross-LOC firing today, in Leepa Sector and Battal Sector. Here's a 'must translate' tweet in relation to a civilian casualty in Battal:

Translated thus:

A resident of Battal in Poonch, Muneebur Rehman who was injured in mortar shelling by indian forces, couldn't reach hospital in time as there were no ambulances available in the vicinity. When other residents of the area transported him to Rawalakot using their own initiative (community self-help), he (Muneeb) had already lost too much blood and hence succumbed to his injuries.


Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 226 of 2019


A day of travelling from 2,000 to 7,000 feet and back, to obtain the blessings of a martyr.

At Amjad's grave near his home in Jandaali. His elderly father is in the middle


While we were traversing through a chunk of AJK, our prime minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan was busy entertaining Pakistan's prime minister, who came along with a size-able entourage of other parliamentarians from that neighbouring country:

We have been reliably informed that the following 3 suggestions were put to Imran Khan and his team by Farooq Haider:

1) AJK be accepted as a sovereign state by Pakistan so that we could plead case of Kashmir as their representative Government.

2) No such solution of Kashmir is acceptable to us which involves division of State of Jammu & Kashmir in any manner.

3) If flag of Kashmir falls, next will be Pakistan. So Pakistan needs to back us by trusting us.


When AJK's President K. H. Khursheed made similar suggestions to Pakistan in 1961, he was gradually made to pay for them in many ways. Marginalisation from power politics and over a year in jail were just 2 of them. 


He's very worried and so is the rest of Pakistan I imagine:


Indian civil society has shown its clarity and strength once again:


Her message is very clear: Pakistanis and Pakistan, stop calling us traitors! This is the height of disgrace. Take responsibility for all that has gone wrong because of you and your State's policies in particular:


Daily Diary (DD) - Day 230 of 2019

0055hrs: Appreciation and execution of tasks have to be bridged in public interest to succeed. .... Let us not forget the following...