Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Breaking my Boycott of Pakistan

A rubbish 'dump' on a main road in Islamabad

Spending time away from Pakistan has ebbed away some of the angst developed since touching down at Islamabad airport in April 2005. Musharraf's ouster has somewhat re-juvenated me into making yet another push for justice in the twin cities. I'm eager to write a few daily entries as I did at the beginning of June. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this photo from Islamabad which I took a couple of months back!


  1. Interesting views. Would like to continue following the blog.

    Had my views on Kashmir for a while.. just started putting my thoughts out there for people to see. Might I interest you in taking a peek and maybe linking my blog with yours?

    Videos have been posted on the blog as well as on YouTube.

    1. Thank you for your comments. Indeed, I have had a look. This blog has evolved over time and seeks an internal solution to 'Kashmir' whereby the inhabitants talk to each other and devise local solutions therefrom. In short, take ownership-building-measures (OBMs).

      In such a scenario, people of the region and the rest of the world can help us by recognising this right of ours as affectees of conflict and understand our exclusive responsibilty as stakeholders to resolve this conflict. Our humanity and survival depends on it.

  2. Hi--Well Mushraf's ouster may have released some of the pressure there, but India and US are now at your gateway--which wouldn't have been the case had it been the General there....

    1. Well, in the context of AJK and GB our main problem is that the Pakistani State has been acting as our gatekeeper since 1947. This has deprived us of interacting with the world on our own terms.

      A tragedy in every sense.


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