Monday, 26 September 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 269 of 2022


Day 113 at Maqbool Bhat Shaheed Square - Dadyaal.


My punctuality deficit has decreased to 42 minutes.

Punctuality percentage: 64 days on time or early of 113 = 57% punctual.


Sunday, 25 September 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 268 of 2022


Day 112 at Maqbool Bhat Shaheed Square - Dadyaal.


My punctuality deficit has increased to 45 minutes. I'm late yet again! A serious re-think is needed over my daily routine. There is obviously something missing somewhere.

Punctuality percentage: 63 days on time or early of 112 = 56% punctual.


Saturday, 24 September 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 267 of 2022


Day 111 at Maqbool Bhat Shaheed Square - Dadyaal.


My punctuality deficit has decreased to 19 minutes.

Punctuality percentage: 63 days on time or early of 111 = 57% punctual.


Friday, 23 September 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 266 of 2022


Day 110 at Maqbool Bhat Shaheed Square - Dadyaal.


My punctuality deficit has decreased to 22 minutes. Hopefully I'm back on track once again.

Punctuality percentage: 62 days on time or early of 110 = 56% punctual.


Day 11 of our daily evening virtual engagement with the public brings us our second review already:

Associated reference:

Case Study: The Story of Singapore

While we in AJK grapple with the best strategy to bring much needed change in our society, we can seek inspiration from elsewhere:  


What has become clear so far (in 11 episodes from listeners and participants) is that:

Do we try and get the existing system to deliver with all its structural defects or do we create an alternative grassroots democratic framework for change?

Our people are undecided and unsure. In fact, they will veer towards the former for safety at this stage.

Space Count (That is: How many people have engaged so far): 55 (updated at 1813hrs on 24/09/2022) 

Average space count (11 days so far): 91


Thursday, 22 September 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 265 of 2022


Day 109 at Maqbool Bhat Shaheed Square - Dadyaal.


My punctuality surplus has transformed into a deficit once again. It corresponds exactly to the amount of minutes that I was late today viz. 25 minutes.

For some peculiar reason, my eyes opened at the same time as yesterday viz. at 0809hrs. Except that I was fresher today than yesterday morning, when I had barely 3 hours of sleep. 

Punctuality percentage: 61 days on time or early of 109 = 56% punctual.


Day 10 of our evening commitment to public interest brings us to the topic of public opinion and how that fares with the other 3 influencers of public policy:

 Associated reference:

We can authoritatively claim that the following survey was the most representative of public opinion ever collected in any part of the erstwhile princely State, since 1947:

Link (English)

Link (Urdu)

Space Count (That is: How many people have engaged so far): 62 (updated at 1733hrs on 24/09/2022) 

Average space count (10 days so far): 94


Does anyone remember Chacha Cricket? Well, it appears that he was in Bhimber yesterday, trying to rally the locals behind Pakistan's State narrative! Needless to say, he experienced a rude awakening:


The following case is what I describe as the alleged murder of prime AJK human capital in Pakistan's capital Islamabad in March, earlier this year. The case of Imperial College London postgraduate Farooq Ali, a descendent of Plaak, Doulya Jattan, Kotli, AJK born and brought up in Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom:

Here's a well documented summary of Farooq Ali's case so far, written by his Cambridge graduate neurologist sister Dr. Rehiana Ali:


Farooq was a graduate of Imperial College London (2:1 in Biochemistry with a A* from British Biotech during year in Industry) and had Masters in Biochemistry - also from Imperial College London. 

He was from Bradford – he had studied at Bradford Grammar School securing 3 As at A level in Maths, Biology and Geography.

Farooq – strongly believed in education. Helped younger brother Yusuf and paid private school fees even whilst studying at Imperial. Helped his sister Rehiana get into Cambridge University – she’s now a Consultant Neurologist.

Why in Pakistan?

He was currently playing tennis - he hoped to go shortly on the seniors’ tour.

He loved Pakistan and knew much of the history of Pakistan and Kashmir. He wanted to play for Pakistan.

He was also currently writing a fiction book and it was nearing completion.


Farooq recognised he needed a “platform” to do anything for Pakistan, Kashmir and indeed, Palestine… this was where the tennis and book came in. He had written articles – not huge numbers but they were ideas/intellectual in content not a weekly/monthly output (he wrote under a pen name called Omar Khorharudin). He had contributed to Kashmir Media Services (KMS) and the article called ‘the second green revolution in Indian occupied Kashmir’ was syndicated to Pakistan Observer. He had previously set up and it was hacked a lot…here Farooq would put articles, content on culture, history etc. He also realised that Pakistanis and Kashmiris were more “visual” so tried to start cartoons…again focussing on the occupation.

He was of firm belief that Pakistan needed to do more for Kashmir on the international stage, that Kashmiris should lead from within Pakistan and that Hindustan had to be contained. He recognised that Pakistan was going to be key in the Muslim world and therefore would be targeted – directly and indirectly – by West and Israeli allies.

Why hotel?

Family home is in Azad Kashmir

He was staying in hotel in Islamabad as it was close to the Pakistan Tennis Federation (which had clay and hard courts).

He did look for a flat but preferred the convenience of a hotel - with room service, laundry and housekeeping.

He was in Ramada by Wyndham hotel Islamabad. This is of the top 3 hotels in Islamabad and reportedly "safe". He moved there in May 2021.

We believe he was murdered on 11th or early hours of 12th March 2022. His body was "discovered" on 16th March 2022 i.e. 5 days later.

 Brief Chronology of events

Farooq was - by August 2021 - paying hotel monthly. He would pay 8 - 10th of every month and kept a record. He never paid later than 10th of every month.

Rehiana, his sister, paid a visit in June 2021 staying for 4 weeks so knew their systems. 

No concerns were raised when we spoke to our brother. He was only 44 years old and completely well and very upbeat. If he had any health concerns, he would have almost certainly shared them with his sister, who is a doctor. He had no medical conditions at all.

Rehiana and Farooq shared a credit card – she noticed no payment to the hotel had been made. His phone was unanswered – she assumed due to connection issues (this happened repeatedly before).

She called the hotel on 16th March 2022 to check that he was still at that hotel – and was assured he was. As it was still early in Pakistan, she did not ask to speak to him saying she would try him later. No reference was made that they had not seen him for 5 days.

She was called 7 hours later saying that her brother was dead. 

She said she did not want her brother moved and that they were coming straight to Pakistan. She was very clear that forensic samples should be sent.

She asked if food samples had been sent and was told they were. She was told photographs and forensics had been taken and they would await her before moving the body.  

The sisters and parents caught a flight the same day from Manchester, UK. 

What happened with post-mortem?

Although Rehiana took my brother’s body to the hospital (she was told PIMS but found out later it was the federal polyclinic), she subsequently declined the post mortem because of the doctors involved and a feeling she was being “set-up”. The doctors - one of whom (Dr Niaz) works as on-call for Ramada Hotel. Rehiana was told they thought it was a stroke - this was without examining our brother's body and in advance of the post-mortem. As a Neurologist, she did not believe they could come to that conclusion as yet. After confirming with the police they had taken all forensic samples including blood and foam, she said she was prepared to forgo the post-mortem given the distrust of the doctors - including conduct of a Dr Javaria (the pathologist).

She met the Assistant Commissioner and wrote in English (Rehiana does not read or understand Urdu) that despite the lack of post-mortem there would be an investigation into his death. She later found that the Police also ignored an order from the magistrate - this ordered them to at minimum perform a superficial post-mortem. They did not do this.

My brother’s body was then taken to Kashmir and buried on Friday 18th March 2022. 

Main lies by hotel

Suspicious activity on CCTV of 3 – 4 hotel people monitoring Farooq’s room between 4 – 5am on 12th March. 

Other lies included: 

that they did not chase billing as he was a long-term guest (in contrast to their behaviour evidenced) - which hotel allows a guest to stay free for 6 days?

-        The Manager stating “Farooq only ordered food twice a week” and when Rehiana replied “really?” he said “yes, that has been his habit for a long time”. This was a lie as proven by itemised billing. 

- lies about the ‘Do not disturb’ sign – again lies according to CCTV coverage

There are other lies too.

This 4* international hotel opened door without police and disturbed the crime scene. They allowed 14 people into the room. 

Police corruption

-        No finger printing of crime scene

-        Never sent blood and foam for toxicology. For some reason police only sent for DNA - which is usually when you are unable to identify the body.

-        Police did not send all food for forensics – in fact they did not send the last food eaten (milk and cereal) from 11th March 2022.

They kept food samples from 10th March in a cupboard – only sending to Lahore on 25th March.

-        Despite Rehiana asking them to investigate, they refused to give an FIR (First Investigation report) – she had to go to court to get this.

-        The Police made false statements claiming they were from family

The Police tried to say it was natural, then suicide and now natural.

Exhumation and post-mortem 

-        performed on 9th May 2022

-        final exhumation report stated that they cannot ascertain the cause of death

Family have met all officials in police force – repeatedly promised an investigation which they then stop. We met the SHO 3 times, the SSP, the DIG, the first IG (Ahsan Younas) and now twice with IG Akbar. 

All family have asked for is a fair, thorough and transparent investigation. But the Police won’t do it. Even when hotel staff and management lie, Police will not act.

Our family had to even petition the court to get the Police to investigate - not much has happened despite latest meeting with Islamabad Police Inspector General Akbar on 4th July in presence of Deputy High Commissioner of the United Kingdom (first meeting the British High Commission attended with the family he promised a thorough investigation within 2 weeks.

-        The court had ordered police to complete investigation by 20th July

Still no police report – and now Police are pressurising independent medical board (from Kashmir) to change their report to say death was natural. It seems that the junior members of board had also been contacted by Police.

End of Farooq Ali case summary to date (25/09/2022)


Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 264 of 2022


Day 108 at Maqbool Bhat Shaheed Square - Dadyaal.


My punctuality is at an equilibrium today. Another first! Neither a surplus or a deficit. 

Not only was I late today but by a significant amount! I haven't been so late in arriving since Day 86 at MBS Square when I was 28 minutes late, 22 days ago. In this period, I had only been late once and that by 38 seconds!

I don't factor in excuses at this mature stage of my struggle but I did sleep at c. 0500hrs this morning after completing work on a significant human rights issue.

Punctuality percentage: 61 days on time or early of 108 = 57% punctual (just about!)


Day 9 on JKTV's daily Twitter Space at 9pm takes us to the 3rd major influencer of public policy - certainly in the context of AJK - namely 'Special Interest Groups':

Associated reference:

To understand the concept of 'Special Interest Groups' in AJK we can even cite the role of Pakistan in cultivating such groups here. They themselves are a domineering 'SIG' & this conversation with Raja Zafar ul Haq confirms that:  


Space Count (That is: How many people have engaged so far): 56 (updated at 1645hrs on 24/09/2022) 

Average space count (9 days so far): 98

Thieves caught red-handed in the darkness of night, or we can call it the early hours of the morning:


Tuesday, 20 September 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 263 of 2022


Day 107 at Maqbool Bhat Shaheed Square - Dadyaal.


My punctuality surplus has increased to 31 minutes.

Punctuality percentage: 61 days on time or early of 107 = 57% punctual.


Episode 8 and also Day 8 of our Twitter Space on the JKTV platform is presented below. Thus far, we have a 100% attendance for both daily public activities viz. 107 days for MBS Square and 8 days here, whose beginning coincided with Day 100 at MBS Square.

Associated reference:

The basis of the current AJK government finds its origins in the 24 October 1947 provisional government declaration. It is reproduced here directly from its founding president Sardar Ibrahim Khan's book, 'Kashmir Saga':


Space Count (That is: How many people have engaged so far): 114 (updated at 2022hrs on 21/09/2022)

Average space count (8 days so far): 100


Monday, 19 September 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 262 of 2022


Day 106 at Maqbool Bhat Shaheed Square - Dadyaal.


My punctuality surplus has increased to 29 minutes.

Punctuality percentage: 60 days on time or early of 106 = 57% punctual.


We are almost into our second week already on JKTV Twitter Space. Today is episode 7:

Today is the 1st of 4 programmes on the agents, activators or influencers of public policy; namely politicians and political parties:

Associated reference:

Possibly the furthest our political parties have reached to highlight our stand to a global audience, by being published in the most widely read newspaper in the world: 


Space Count (That is: How many people have engaged so far): 68 (updated at 1701hrs on 20/09/2022)

Average space count (7 days so far): 97


Sunday, 18 September 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 261 of 2022


Day 105 at Maqbool Bhat Shaheed Square - Dadyaal.


My punctuality surplus has decreased to 26 minutes. 

Being 38 seconds late is still late and has to be recorded as such. There is nothing more powerful and eternal than truth. The last time I was late was on Day 242 of 2022 or Day 86 at the Square or 19 days ago. The bright side is that this has been our most punctual consecutive run to date. 

Punctuality percentage: 59 days on time or early of 105 = 56% punctual.


Onwards and upwards towards Day 6 of our evening interaction, despite the marginal punctuality lapse this morning.

We have decided to review our performance and interaction over the preceding 4 days, on every 5th day. This will - amongst other features - give our listeners breathing space to digest the various aspects of public policy:

 Associated reference:

The concept of OBMs or Ownership-Building-Measures was introduced by myself in Rising Kashmir on 19 April 2011. This article was referenced by the late Professor Richard Bonney at a Kashmir Conference in a UK parliamentary room a month later, then critiqued.


Space Count (That is: How many people have engaged so far): 63 (updated at 1559hrs on 19/09/2022) 

Average space count (6 days so far): 94


Saturday, 17 September 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 260 of 2022


Day 104 at Maqbool Bhat Shaheed Square - Dadyaal.


My punctuality surplus remains constant at 27 minutes. For the second day in a row!

Punctuality percentage: 59 days on time or early of 104 = 57% punctual.


Moving on to Day 5 of the evening chore:

Associated reference:

One of the references cited in today's programme and in previous programmes was related to resource extraction during the British Indian colonial era. Here's the lecture given by ShashiTharoor at Edinburgh University in 2017:


Space Count (That is: How many people have engaged so far): 83 (updated at 1533hrs on 19/09/2022) 

Average space count (5 days so far): 101


Daily Diary (DD) - Day 269 of 2022

2258hrs: Day 113 at Maqbool Bhat Shaheed Square - Dadyaal. 0757hrs My punctuality deficit has decreased to 42 minutes. Punctuality percentag...