Friday, 5 July 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 186 of 2019


The root of all success in governance and public policy is genuine public opinion. 

This is what we have been certain of ever since we embarked on playing our part in the resolution of the Jammu & Kashmir dispute. 

The question occupying our thoughts at the moment is how can we make a leap in our quest and can this progress take place in the valley of Neelam?

A valley that has probably taken most casualties (in AJK) in this Indo-Pak conflict since 1947.  

Can the most affected transform themselves into a catalyst?


Succinctly put:


This following fb post sheds more light on the less discussed aspects of the relationship between Britain and militarised governance in Pakistan:

I'll just translate the commentary of the post here:

This is the interview of (Javed) Ghamdi Sahaab after which he had to leave the country (Pakistan) to protect his life. The only reason was boldly telling the truth about the holy cows - read Pakistani military - (in our midst).

What a great analysis by Ghamdi Sahaab of the psychology of this society:

We have adopted the habits of slavery as we consider those to be our messiah who we should hate.

The British (Empire) recruited locals in their army who were loyal to the British Raaj. To protect the interests of the King (or Queen) they were always ready to fire bullets at the public.

The British left but left their army here. This army that we inherited from them has enslaved us.

In this country the gun-wielders at times govern directly and at other times govern from behind the scenes.

The government belongs to the people and the gun needs to be under the command-and-control of the public but how do we reclaim this right from the gun-wielders?

The hands that weild the gun are never ready to relinquish power and rather to extend and justify their power they exclaim that the public is safe because of them.

These days, their (foot) sergeants and boot polishers are seen propagating these views on social media: 

End of commentary....


Reality is stranger than fiction can ever be:


What I would like to know is, is this news story by Russian TV from May actually true?


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