Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 58 of 2019


The past 24hrs indicate a move towards a war footing in many parts of the region. Both armies have been busy killing each other, while our civilians get killed or injured for free and without agency.

Some food for thought in this picture:


Here's the Urdu version of our pitch for peace during war:

Update 0940hrs: From Dadyaal
A lot of aerial commotion with Pakistani military aircraft disturbing the otherwise peaceful airspace here. This war is certainly escalating for a number of reasons......

Update 1501hrs: From Khuiratta and Charoi

It almost feels as if we have suddenly moved near to a busy international airport, except that the only aircraft on the horizon are military. Cross-fire and shelling continues unabated in various sectors along the LOC in AJK and along the working boundary (province of Jammu adjacent to Pakistani Punjab).

An Indian fighter plane was downed this morning at around 1000hrs in AJK. It had been hit by Pakistani fire and its pilots ejected via parachutes, according to eye-witnesses. Another Indian fighter plane was flying in tandem with this but when it got hit it retreated back across the LOC and we understand that it finally fell in district Budgaam of the Kashmir Valley. Meanwhile, this other Indian military plane had been surrounded by 4 Pakistani military aircraft leading up to this aerial confrontation.

The precise location of the pilot's fall was Oraah near the town of Poona in tehsil (subdivision) Smaahni. Both pilots have been detained and one is reported to be seriously injured. He has been shifted to CMH (Civil & Military Hospital Rawalpindi). Locals have been informed by Pakistani military personnel that they (the Indian aircraft) wanted to bomb the Mangla Power House. From personal experience, it is difficult to rely on the words of any military during a war.

After 1100hrs, there has been total silence in Khuiratta sector. Cross-firing and shelling has also halted, within an hour of this incident.

A View of Smaahni Valley where the Indian Plane was Downed

Detained Indian Pilot being Transported 

Sky News in the UK also covers this story somewhat:
Pakistan shoots down two Indian warplanes and captures pilots

I know the following video is going to be contentious at some level but it is being shown for it's news value and not to take any sides in this un-necessary conflict. We are neutral to the core and pro life to the extreme:

Update 1415hrs: From Poonch Sector (on the Indian-controlled side)
- In the Chajjala area of Mendhar, one woman died after sustaining critical injuries from a mortar shell, officials said.
Source: Jammu Links News

Update 1532hrs: From Neelam Valley
Mobile and internet services have been blocked throughout the district

1849hrs: From Tattapani (Kotli) and Poonch
Serra and Darra Sher Khan are under fire after a break of 8hrs

Update 2005hrs: In Dadyaal

Indian airforce Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman. I sincerely am sorry - the fact that he's South Indian amplifies my emotion - because they are generally very amicable people and don't carry the burden of identity, like the North Indians and Pakistanis do. I repeat that I am ashamed of the probability that my fellow aspiring citizens of AJK appeared to lynch him.

In this age of social media, Delhi, Islamabad and Poona (in tehsil Smaahni) are literally nano seconds away from each other. Transparency and responsibility for conduct can take humanity very far, I'm sure.

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