Saturday, 6 April 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 96 of 2019



The following departments and institutions do not exist in AJK:

1) No medical faculty board
2) No technical education board
3) No police training college
4) No forensic laboratory
5) No drugs testing laboratory
6) No cancer hospital
7) No burns centre
8) No cardiac hospital
9) No expressways/motorways
10) No industries
11) No airport
12) No IT park
13) No museum
14) No piped gas (except in parts of Mirpur city)

Whilst there is only a solitary institution for the following:

1) Educational training college
2) Nursing training college
3) Paramedical school
4) Poly-technical college
5) Public library

Plz fwd for public awareness...source: civil society in AJK


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