Saturday, 1 June 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 152 of 2019


Missing out yet again. Day 151 of 2019 on this occasion.


Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan 
The words of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan alias Bacha Khan still resound from his grave in Afghanistan, for the powers-that-be in Pakistan. 

Translated thus:

The religion of God (The Almighty) is the religion of peace and love

Those who fill your hearts with hate in the name of religion 
Are not (the people) of God but the people of Satan. 

Khan's life-long commitment to peace through non-violent means earned him various other titles including the 'Frontier Gandhi' and 'Fakhr-e-Afghan' (Pride of Pashtuns).


Meanwhile, returning home:

How do we document all that has been taken away from AJK since 1947?



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