Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 275 of 2019


Witnessing the heights of inhumanity....


(Update: 10/10/19 at 2129hrs):

Although the following post relates to information generated today, it couldn't be posted until the next day. Such can be the compulsions of time and space:


Young and old, from 2 different worlds converging on Sharda:

From left to right: Kashif, Venkat and Mujtaba

If anybody needed reminding that climate change is a universal problem which affects all humans irrespective of their religious convictions then this should shed some light:

Buddhists for Climate Change

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Daily Diary (DD) - Day 293 of 2019

0727hrs: Preparing for another visit to the LOC. This time in Smaahni sector.