Thursday, 9 May 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 129 of 2019


وطن کی آزادی وخودمختاری کی جنگ لڑنے والے انقلابیوں کے ساتھ تعاون اور مدد کے چھ اہم اصول* ۱۔ حریت وانقلاب کےلیے لڑو ۔ ۲۔ لڑ نہيں سکتے تو لکھو ۔ ۳۔ لکھ نہيں سکتے تو بولو ۔ ۴ ۔ بول نہیں سکتے تو ساتھ دو ۔ ۵۔ ساتھ بھی نہیں دے سکتے تو جو لکھ، بول اور لڑ رہےہیں تو ان کی مدد کرو ۔ ۶۔ اگر مدد بھی نا کرسکو تو ان کے حوصلوں کو گرنے نہ دو کیوں کہ وہ آپ کے حصے کی لڑائی لڑ رہےہیں... آؤ وطن پر موجود سامراجی قبضے کے خلاف عوامی مزاحمتی لڑائی ہر محاذ پر لڑیں. JKMI

I was compelled to translate the above note written in Urdu by JKMI (Jammu Kashmir Mahaaz e Istaqlaal).

"The six important rules for supporting those revolutionaries who fight for our homeland's struggle (war) for freedom and independence:

1) Fight (strive, struggle) for freedom and revolution..
2) If you can't fight, then write.
3) If you can't write, then speak (out).  
4) If you can't speak, then stand in solidarity (with those who do).
5) If you can't stand in solidarity, then help those who write, speak and fight (for freedom).
6) If you can't help them, then (at least) don't let their spirit drop as they are fighting (and fulfilling) your share (of responsibility).

Lets fight against this colonial occupation through public resistance on all fronts."

End of translation....

Note: words in brackets are customarily added by me for clarity in understanding.

I would say that the above note is a great way of breaking down duties of a common struggle against colonialism.


Judging from how dams are being built in AJK, without due process or concern for the environment and without even lifting a finger towards mitigating measures, is the following of any surprise?




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