Saturday, 11 May 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 131 of 2019


Travelling from Muzaffarabad to Dadyaal within AJK almost feels like travelling from one end of Europe to the other, except the roads here aren't so good.

It has been a hectic 10 days on the road.......thoroughly engaging though....


Meanwhile, while we were on the road an intriguing event took place in our eastern-most district (Haveli: also disingenuously described as Forward Kahuta):

Translated thus:

The Pakistani army attacks Haveli police station

According to details received, a day ago in Kahuta (officially Haveli) bazaar an on-duty policeman stopped a plain-clothed Pakistani army subedar (equivalent to old British rank of captain) for violating the one-way traffic rules in the (urban centre of Haveli) and duly wrote out a fine. In response, the Pakistani army subedar started swearing at the AJK policeman and in a fit of rage slapped him too.

The subedar was then taken to Haveli police station where he appears to have been roughed up by the AJK police before being released a while later.

Earlier today - that is this morning - 2 to 3 Pakistani army vehicles drove into the compound of Haveli police station, which was already crowded with uniformed policemen. The Pakistani army guys disembarked from their vehicles and burst straight into the police station where they began ransacking whatever they found. They were also violent with whoever came across them. Both policemen and members of the public who were otherwise at the police station were thrashed and beaten.

The public reacted by openly chanting slogans against the wanton terrorism of the Pakistani army. Some people even managed to capture the proceedings on camera.

Afterwards, in light of the incensed reaction of the Haveli public to the Pakistani army, a Pakistani army colonel took the initiative of trying to bring matters under control, a gesture that was accepted by the SHO (Station House Officer) and thus the (hitherto volatile) matter subsided.

Now, the public can decide who was at fault.

End of translation....

Note: Words in brackets are for added clarity in translation

Earlier in the morning, before leaving Muzaffarabad I had this to say of our week long experience in the capital:


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