Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 135 of 2019


Rest is as important as work.....


We lost yet another poor young soul on the LOC today. India and Pakistan can count their casualties for whatever they are worth. However, they are collectively nowhere near the figure we lose as civilians (or innocent bystanders to be more precise).

Today's statistic:

Umar Subhani s/o Tahir Subhani - aged 20 of Danna - Smaahni was killed by incoming Indian fire.

The Indians will no doubt claim they were responding to Pakistani fire or an 'infiltration' attempt. The Pakistanis will no doubt describe it as unprovoked and indiscriminate fire from the Indians.

The Pakistanis will try and get us to rally behind them in condemning India. The Indians would do something similar with our citizens on the other side of the divide.

Both countries rely on our respective support to demonise the 'other'. We seem hell bent on collaborating with both enemies to prolong our tragedy. Meanwhile, they seem intent on collaborating with each other to maintain control.

What is Indo-Pak bilateralism if not collaboration?  

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