Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 260 of 2019


The confrontation between the Pakistani narrative and the internal narrative in AJK is going to get more intense by the day:

Translated thus:

Quit Jammu Kashmir Movement

- The formal initiation of an awareness/public contact campaign has begun from district Bhimber
- We make an appeal to all patriots of this land and pro freedom (activists/citizens) to fully participate in this campaign and to begin a struggle for a prosperous future 

The map is of all 10 districts in AJK. From South to North:

1) Bhimber
2) Mirpur
3) Kotli
4) Sudhnoti
5) Poonch
6) Haveli
7) Bagh
8) Hattian Bala
9) Muzaffarabad
10) Neelam Valley

End of translation....


Today, we have managed to reclaim a 90% success rate in daily blogging this year (2019).

That is, 234 days of 260 days this year have had a daily entry: 234 / 260 = 90%

This is a marked improvement on last year (2018).

That was, 255 days of 365 days last year had a daily entry: 255 / 365 = 69.9%

Last year was a drastic improvement on all the years before, since this blog came into being in 2008: 

(Year)  (Entries)  (Annual Percentage) 
2017:     5              = 1.4%
2016:     8              = 2.2%
2015:     5              = 1.4%
2014:     4              = 1.1%
2013:     7              = 1.9%
2012:     3              = 0.8%
2011:     51            = 14%
2010:     11            = 3%
2009:    37             = 10.1 %
2008:     18            = 8.3% (217 days of 365 from when the blog was created)

That gives us a mean average from the 10 years before 2018 of:  4.4% per year

We understand that many of our co-citizens as well as the net connected world in general use other more popular platforms for putting out their story e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wordpress etc. 

However, I prefer the functionality of this platform and it is my understanding that any aspect of my work can be referenced or pinpointed here, relatively easier than any other social media platform available.


Monday, 16 September 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 259 of 2019


The witch-hunt of AJK citizens opposed to the Pakistani narrative on Jammu & Kashmir continued throughout the night in Lower Plate, Muzaffarabad. The Pakistani agencies are doing their utmost to get as much work out of the AJK police and thus develop rifts within our society. 

This news filtered through at 0330hrs this morning:

Translated thus:

Last night in Lower Plate, Muzaffarabad 45 policemen and 10 plain-clothed personnel imposed a curfew and began stopping people at gun point to help them identify the houses of pro-freedom activists. 

During this procedure electricity was also cut off as the police strolled the area from Lahori Hotel all the way throughout the neighbourhood. Many houses were raided and a large contingent of white clothed personnel made life hell for the residents. 

Raids are being conducted at night, the peace of unarmed people is being disrupted and a very large crackdown has begun. 

End of translation of FB post...


Here's a copy of the FIR launched against 11 pro-freedom activists:


Sunday, 15 September 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 258 of 2019


We are getting increasingly concerned at the witch-hunt being conducted by the AJK police in Muzaffarabad of public activists, under the watchful eye and mentoring of Pakistan's roving clandestine agencies.

Kamran Mughal who was most vociferous at raising slogans in favour of Jammu & Kashmir's independence on the Pakistani prime minister's visit is reported missing:

Kamran was last seen in this video made yesterday (the 14th of September):

It should also be noted that Kamran's brother and brother in law were also picked up by the AJK police under instructions from Pakistan's agencies yesterday morning. They were detained all day and reportedly tortured so that they may disclose the whereabouts of Kamran. In the evening they were released after civil society intervened.

Meanwhile, 21 year old Khwaja Mujtaba Bandey remains in custody while the 7 other detainees have been released. He and I spent a week together in Sharda this summer, even scaling the heights of Narda Lake at 15,000 feet. He is into his 3rd night of incarceration today:

The Pakistani State must be held accountable for creating friction between the AJK police and the public. For showing a 'strong hand' in Muzaffarabad and in Hajeera recently where all 37 political prisoners were released unconditionally without charge earlier today.

There have been reports of torture under the instruction and supervision of Pakistan's roving agencies. Equipment of the earlier detained and released has been allegedly confiscated by them too.

As usual, the police and administration in AJK regret their helplessness in having to obey 'orders from above', from shadows that have no legal writ in this territory. 


Saturday, 14 September 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 257 of 2019


This following short video of the late General Hameed Gul has been doing the rounds on social media of late. It is unclear when and where this video was made, or indeed who is the Doctor Sahab that Hameed Gul is referring to. He died on August the 15th 2015 in Murree. 

In 2005, I remember making an unannounced visit to his home in Rawalpindi. He was kind enough to invite me in and we spent the next couple of hours discussing geo-politics, India-Pakistan and the 'Muslim World'. 

I wasn't inspired by the conversation and had been expecting to learn more than I actually did. Over the years, I became increasingly disillusioned by Pakistan's calculated policy on Jammu & Kashmir. In January 2010, observing General Gul share the stage with Lashkar-e-Taiba in Muzaffarabad infuriated me further.

However, every word he has uttered in this video has proved to be accurate - notwithstanding my opposition to Pakistan playing any role in Jammu & Kashmir - this must have been an exception. The old adage comes to mind: It's not who said it, it's what they said that matters:

This speech is so timely that I will translate every word of it into English here:


A list has been published of the 37 activists detained in Hajeera for marching towards the LOC, for a sit-in protest (dharna) at Tithrinote on the 7th of September in solidarity with their co-citizens across the LOC, who have entered their 40th day of an unprecedented curfew. These local activists are into their 8th day of incarceration:


Friday, 13 September 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 256 of 2019


City Police Station - Muzaffarabad is holding 8 public activists, for the crime of disagreeing to the Prime Minister of Pakistan making frequent visits to Muzaffarabad. They are also tired of listening to renditions of the 2 nation theory. They are yet more incensed at the Pakistani State pretending to be well-wishers of Jammu & Kashmir. 

Our Muslim neighbours to our West have the gall to criticise India for crimes in 2019 that they themselves have been committing in their controlled part since 1947. These are Muslim fascists criticising Hindu fascists for emulating their mindset.

This is not solidarity with us. 

This is something rather more sinister and our people have clocked on. Imran Khan's jalsa (convention) this afternoon in the capital of AJK was reportedly disrupted for over 40 minutes by chants of 'Kashmir Banega Khud-Mukhtar' (Kashmir will become independent). 

When the Indian prime minister visits the Indian controlled Valley, our people get arrested. Ditto for when the Pakistani prime minister visits the Pakistani controlled capital of AJK.

The Pakistanis get flustered whenever any of us compares them with India. They can be that hypocritical.

Here's a sample from today's event in Muzaffarabad:

It's just as well that the AJK police and the AJK public are almost on the same page:


Daily Diary (DD) - Day 260 of 2019

0922hrs: The confrontation between the Pakistani narrative and the internal narrative in AJK is going to get more intense by the day: ...