Wednesday 30 November 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 334 of 2022


Day 178 at Maqbool Bhat Shaheed Square - Dadyaal.


We are making further changes in our daily routine. A morning walk at 0400hrs has been initiated today. This picture was taken whilst returning home.


Attendance = 100%
Punctuality = 64%
114 days on time or early of 178
Punctuality surplus = 27 minutes 
Punctuality Consistency Status = 10 days


We will continue featuring content from the ongoing spectacle in Qatar:

I left the following comment there:

I would opine that this a refreshing angle on the most topical issue in the world, at the moment.


I had been invited to a get together of 'nationalists' in Kotli today, with a view to exploring possibilities of unity amongst their ranks. It was instigated by Zahoor Kashmiri of Goi in Kotli and included various members of JKLF (mainly from the Dar faction or more commonly referred to as the Pindi faction) but had others too in attendance. I of course attended as a neutral with a view to explore options of how the whole State of JKA can reunite, whereby unity amongst various factions of the JKLF can be considered as a layer within that greater objective.

It was a closed door meeting and thus I couldn't take any photos or videos of the event. It was scheduled from 1600hrs (4pm) to 1800hrs (6pm). I arrived with my assistant at 1633hrs. 33 minutes late.

Some concerns raised by participants at the meeting:

1) Shops/long-term.....short-term (what & how)
- Explanation: It was agreed that some factions or rather - some individuals within factions - were running 'shops' which prevented them from participating or contributing to the greater good. 
- That people think in the short term and don't consider the long term implications of their actions.

2) Organisational structure
That all parties and factions did not have a working or functional organisational structure.
3) Coaching (moral/political training)
That all parties and factions do not coach their cadre but rather concentrate on arranging public events from time to time - usually in reaction to something done by India and/or Pakistan - and give speeches of condemnation.

4) Finance
That all parties and factions do not take into account the need for finance or how it can be raised to perform important political functions.

5) Infighting/leg pulling
That there is too much infighting (personality clashes) and leg pulling to prevent any particular individual or party from progressing.


- I did respond to all points raised and attempted to provide alternatives, including discussing the Citizen's Charter JKA, in particular its snapshot version.
- I also took the opportunity to review my 50 day workshop at Shaheed Chowk (Martyr's Square) at the beginning of this year.


Memories courtesy Facebook:


Tuesday 29 November 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 333 of 2022


Day 177 at Maqbool Bhat Shaheed Square - Dadyaal.


Attendance = 100%
Punctuality = 64%
113 days on time or early of 177
Punctuality surplus = 24 minutes 
Punctuality Consistency Status = 9 days


Monday 28 November 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 332 of 2022


Day 176 at Maqbool Bhat Shaheed Square - Dadyaal.


Attendance = 100%
Punctuality = 64%
112 days on time or early of 176
Punctuality surplus = 17 minutes 
Punctuality Consistency Status = 8 days


Sunday 27 November 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 331 of 2022


Day 175 at Maqbool Bhat Shaheed Square - Dadyaal.


Attendance = 100%
Punctuality = 63%
111 days on time or early of 175
Punctuality surplus = 15 minutes 
Punctuality Consistency Status = 7 days


We're into our 3rd week of a weekly live transmission on JKTV, providing an update of the status of public affairs in our territory:


Today we're witnessing local (municipal) elections in AJK for the first time in 31 years. Polling is being conducted in a phased manner - division by division - beginning with Muzaffarabad division today. 

Khurshid Uz Zaman Abbasi Sb has been kind enough to invite me to this marathon transmission today, broadcasting live from Washington USA: 

You can access the programme from this link too.

I took part in the discussion at 2:48:10 

I spoke in 2 batches before my connectivity totally gave way at around 3:27:00

From 3:01:40 to 3:08:30 and 3:11:29 to 3:19:25

Many thanks to former chief justice of the AJK supreme court Syed Manzoor Gillani and senior journalists Syed Tassaduq Hussain (living in Calgary, Canada and candidate for local elections there) & Ibrahim Gul (former PTV director for AJK and now living in South Korea) for their kind words too.


My take on concerns about human rights in Qatar, given the attention received in the wake of the World Cup being hosted there:

Most global human rights groups are of the view that the World Cup being held in Qatar is a means to open engagement on all those issues that are regional in some respects and global in others. Qatar has a global media channel and wants to excel in hosting discussion on some of the most uncomfortable problems of the world. It has brought something into existence that didn't exist before. Global spotlight.


Morality and Legality. 

Power and Principles.

Who can exercise what?

In our #PublicPolicyAJK approach to conflict resolution in the region we have understood that the public of JKA - without exception - have been denied  their right to exercise freedom of assembly, association, expression, movement and recourse to law including international law.

We include all our politicians and all claimants to nobility in this territory, as victims of this very well structured militarised governance module.

We apparently had no democratic, ethical, legal or peaceful outlet/forum to address our concerns.

But we do. 

What do our own legal experts say?

What would be the legal perspective of our 4 neighbours:

1) Afghanistan
2) China
3) India
4) Pakistan

AJK Public Agency Note: #194527112022


Saturday 26 November 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 330 of 2022


Day 174 at Maqbool Bhat Shaheed Square - Dadyaal.


Attendance = 100%
Punctuality = 63%
110 days on time or early of 174
Punctuality surplus = 12 minutes 
Punctuality Consistency Status = 6 days


Earlier this morning, or rather just beyond midnight:


We can learn about the most important matters in life from our children: 

This child has given such a powerful lesson on fundamental rights that I will have to translate it into English, for the record:

English translation (pending):


Some public policy notes:

Yes, I have maintained that this is our legal compass 'The UN template' as presented by Dr Nazir Gilani. 

For politics and everything else we have to refer to Public Policy Analysis for the answers. 

Our struggle for existence will succeed on 4 pillars: 

1) Democracy (Aggregate of political parties, public opinion, social groups & State institutions)

2) Ethics (Human/Data,soil,waste,water management)

3) Legality (Legal experts of the territory of JKA led by Dr Nazir Gilani)

4) Peaceful methodology (Cultural creativity/renaissance, geopolitical neutrality, inclusivity and white flags)

We have no time to waste....the world is moving very fast.

AJK Public Agency Note #004826112022


Friday 25 November 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 329 of 2022


Day 173 at Maqbool Bhat Shaheed Square - Dadyaal.


Attendance = 100%
Punctuality = 63%
109 days on time or early of 173
Punctuality surplus = 12 minutes 
Punctuality Consistency Status = 5 days


Mulling over some of our evening Twitter Space discussions it is becoming increasingly obvious that we need metrics to measure how our citizens negotiate public vs private interest. As the inability to do so is largely responsible for us not being able to develop a system of governance here since 1947. I would also suggest that this has been the bane of our previous generations too.


The London School of Economics also has something to say about the FIFA World Cup taking place in Qatar:

I felt compelled to leave a comment too:

Thank you #LSE for taking up this topic. It has also featured in our work on #PublicPolicy in AJK. Which is affecting my PPA course at this very institution but that is another story.


Thursday 24 November 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 328 of 2022


Day 172 at Maqbool Bhat Shaheed Square - Dadyaal.


Attendance = 100%
Punctuality = 63%
108 days on time or early of 172
Punctuality surplus = 10 minutes 
Punctuality Consistency Status = 4 days


The Snapshot Citizen's Charter in Urdu:


Wednesday 23 November 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 327 of 2022


Day 171 at Maqbool Bhat Shaheed Square - Dadyaal.


Attendance = 100%
Punctuality = 63%
107 days on time or early of 171
Punctuality surplus = 3 minutes 
Punctuality Consistency Status = 3 days

Thankfully, our punctuality deficit has reverted back to a surplus. Let's hope it stays that way until the end of this 365 day outing at the Square.


I felt prompted to watch the following video, given that it is that time every 4 years where a considerable amount of the world's population turns their attention to a sporting competition:

I was then tempted to write the following notes, a part of which I entered as a comment to the video above, indicated in brackets below:

FIFA World Cup 

(Arabs deserve a respectable place in the world. They have a history and have contributed to global civilisation. They are not all terrorists or spoilt brats with nothing to contribute to the world.

Qatar has proactively used this and various other initiatives to show that they can be as much a part of the solution to humanity's problems as any other nation or people.  

Al Jazeera and other institutions have been developed to build this 'soft power'.

Obtaining the opportunity to host the most watched global event in the world at 300 billion US dollars is a very prudent investment.

In the backdrop of the most lucrative and popular sport in the world, we can bring some sport and support similar fair play in geopolitics.)

We began trying to obtain membership of FIFA since the day of the World Cup final in Russia 4 years ago. We were ignored by everybody without exception, despite even asking one of our co-citizens based in Zurich - global headquarters of FIFA - but unfortunately it seems that he ignored us too, although it is possible that he may have a valid reason.    

Incidentally, we understand that the whole World Cup event has been organised by a Swiss company. This is human capital export of the highest order. We, in Jammu Kashmir & Allied (areas) - JKA - have that capability too but we deny each other, sometimes even before the world denies us.

We - the people of JKA - are losing out because we are unable to organise ourselves as a people representing a country - in the manner that citizens of more than 200 countries are able to do - albeit the global geopolitical chessboard may have been a bit kinder to most of them. For example, citizens of India and Pakistan or even those of Nepal or Bhutan - presuming that most of them are proud of their national identity - have a head start ahead of us. Although for obvious reasons India and Pakistan have an unfair advantage over us.    

Google, Facebook and Twitter are earning billions globally including from us in #AJK and throughout #JKA . Yet, they are paying 0 to our territory because we do not have an 'organisational framework' in the shape of a de facto country, to take advantage of opportunities the world is offering us.

Our concept of neutrality in foreign relations can be described as giving each country equal opportunity to engage/trade with us. 

Our mutual economic relationships with other countries should be aimed as being 50:50 in terms of mutual benefit. We do understand that this may be difficult to achieve, given that global capital flocks to where there is greater opportunity. However, our neutral status and distinct geography can be an enticement in itself, that may confound traditional economic thinking. 

There are countries that are already engaged with our territory and there should be some others that we proactively engage with - as many as have already engaged with us - in order to then create a level playing field for the rest of the world to engage with us.     

We want to see #AJK or #JKA host the FIFA World Cup at some point in the next couple of decades, to enhance our 'soft power' credentials, if not anything else. 


Tuesday 22 November 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 326 of 2022


Day 170 at Maqbool Bhat Shaheed Square - Dadyaal.


Attendance = 100%
Punctuality = 62%
106 days on time or early of 170
Punctuality deficit = 4 minutes 
Punctuality Consistency Status = 2 days


After releasing our first draft of the Citizen's Charter JKA on the 10th of October 2022 (last month) and then subsequently receiving valuable feedback from a variety of our co-citizens - at home and abroad - we have now released a snapshot version of the Charter today. Here it is:

Citizen's Charter JKA (Snapshot version) 22/11/2022 
(Amended 25/11/2022)

1) Security
Ending all proxy wars and attrition while maintaining geopolitical neutrality

The territory of Jammu Kashmir & Allied areas ((JKA) must not be used to conspire to commit violence - or harm - on behalf of any country, at the expense of any other, for any reason.

2) Governance
Protecting the original demography of JKA and its natural resources

Both India and Pakistan should immediately take appropriate measures to rollback all demographic changes conducted here post 15 August 1947 and honour the State Subject Rules of 1927.

3) Economy
Restoring all universally recognised freedoms

Essentially, this is a subject of governance but our economy cannot function without the restoration of these rights including the freedom of expression, assembly, association, movement and recourse to law; including international law where appropriate.

4) Culture
Reviving diversity and introducing inclusivity

All mandirs, masaajid, gurdwaras & other places of reverence must be revived & accessible to all; in particular those places of worship that have been abandoned since 1947.

Notes of clarification:

Despite being primary victims, we bear no ill will towards India, Pakistan or any other country. Rather, we are most incentivised to transform this territory from an economy of conflict to an economy of peace.

Our water and geography can be a boon instead of a curse for our neighbourhood and help revive the 20% plus share of world GDP here pre European colonialism. No human dilemma is intractable if comprehensively thought through, by giving precedence to the enhancement of human capital throughout the region. 

(261 words)

AJK Public Agency Note #170525112022

(Update at 1705hrs on 25/11/2022 - As can be noted from the title we have amended the snapshot version of the Citizen's Charter after feedback from our co-citizens. We will make further amendments in due course as and when feedback is received. Note that we will try and keep it concise, targeting a maximum of 250 words. The first version was 217 words and this version is now 261 words.)   

Further to our notes released on Day 322 of 2022 we have shifted our list of all notable political, social and scholarly personalities throughout the State and will invite them one by one to participate in our Space - without exception - to conform to the ideals of 'inclusive politics'. This will remain our new subject title for the foreseeable future, until we have compiled a full list of political parties, social groups, professional associations and State institutions (where relevant).

Urdu translation of Snapshot Citizen's Charter, preceded by notes:

Image 1 of 3
Image 2 of 3

Image 3 of 3


Here's the list of public bodies (rather their official responses): 

They will be updated as and when we are successful in inviting them. It will attempt to include all the following features: 

A) Name/photo/region/area

B) Organisation/rank/capacity/website reference 

C) Social/political theme (that they espouse) and their written response which should be no longer than the snapshot charter itself (recommended response is 100 to 250 words).

D) Date response received and status of invitations where possible.

n.b. We will try and invite the senior most member of the party or organisation/institution concerned and failing that will seek out the second in command and so on etc. The list will be in the order of the responses received. As intimated earlier, it will try and include every significant public personality throughout the divided territory.


1) Choudhary Zahoor Kashmiri of Raj Mahal Kotli AJK

He describes himself as a simple worker of the JKLF (Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front) and is not a part of any faction. He has been included on merit because he has and is working hard to bring unity amongst all freedom-loving parties in the territory.

Written response:

(English translation):

- A total withdrawal of foreign occupying forces.  

- Our resources should be in our control.

- Our country must be ruled by our own people.

- The freedom movement should be galvanised and organised down to the level of wards (urban areas) and union councils (rural areas). 

- The freedom revolution can only be realised by increasing public consciousness at a collective level.

- This will usher in an era of freedom and prosperity.

- These are the few words that I can offer (in response to the Citizen's Charter).

Note: Choudhary Zahoor Kashmiri responded to our Facebook post of 24/11/2022 and submitted his opinion on 25/11/2022


2) Kranti Bhushan of Jammu whose parents had to forcibly migrate from their original home in Muzaffarabad in 1947. 

His designation is as Principal Consultant, HKD Consulting Engineers & Founder/General Secretary of SEARCH (Saving Environment and Activism for Restoration of Culture and Heritage).

Written response:

We as citizens of India consider Jammu & Kashmir an integral part, based on historical and constitutional facts. Since Vedic times (scriptures date back over 5,000 years) Kashmir has been a centre of spiritual learning. Kalhan’s 12th century ‘Rajatarangani’ (translated from Sharda script to English by Hungarian-British linguist Aurel Stein in 1900) confirmed these Vedic roots and their association with the rest of the country. 

Geographically, it is true that Kashmir was not initially connected to modern day India, which appeared better accessible through Muzaffarabad, from where the river Jhelum flows south but India - or Bharat - before 1947 included all these areas, including Peshawar.

At partition, the Kashmir kingdom had a choice to accede with either India or Pakistan and the ‘Instrument of Accession’ was signed by Maharaja Hari Singh in favour of India, hence J & K constitutionally became an integral part of India, including those areas under Pakistan’s occupation. India’s parliament passed a resolution in 1994, confirming POJK an integral part, pending annexation. 

Even in the recent delimitation exercise for J & K by the central government, they have retained reserved Assembly (and Council) seats for POJK, on which elections will now be contested.

UT status is a temporary measure. J & K will revert to a State. We are clear on that. We eagerly look forward to POJK formally merging with the State of J & K.

Note: Kranti initially submitted and then confirmed his written response on 27/11/2022


3) Shiban Koul aka Santosh Kashmiri was born and brought up in village Seer Hamdan, district Anantnag (Valley of Kashmir)

He has worked with trade unions as general secretary of the Confederation of Central Government Employees Jammu & Kashmir. Currently he is associated with a civil society initiative namely Lok Manch (a Jammu based people's initiative which works for Indo- Pak Peace and peaceful resolution of all mutual conflicts). Peaceful co-existence, global warming and climate change are at the centre of all initiatives of the organisation.

Written response:

I agree with all the points. Very beautifully drafted. Though proxy war has been waged by Pakistan not India in 1989, I still agree with the wordings used in the sentence to enable people across the divide to rally on this demand to ensure that this proxy war is stopped without any further delay. As regards demographic changes, no such changes have occurred even after abrogation of 35A of the Indian Constitution and after making Article 370 in-operational. However, in Gilgit Baltistan State Subject Rules were abrogated in 1974 and there has been a huge demographic change. 

We must demand restoration of State Subject Law in both the areas. I am of the opinion that we should encourage a multi-layered dialogue among the people of JK and at the same time encourage both Pakistan and India to enter in to dialogue at bilateral level, which can be concluded in a trilateral framework after a consensus is evolved among the stake holders within the JK State. 

Note: Santosh initially submitted and then confirmed his written response on 28/11/2022


4) Zahid Hussain 

Senior deputy president of Sarorajia Revolutionary Party Rawalakot (Poonch West) AJK

Written response:

(English translation):

What possible negative opinion can be given on this (charter). 

All these points are fundamental and merit importance. 

The actual issue is: What mechanism will be adopted to achieve these targets?

Written response received on: 29/11/2022


5) Hafeez Habeeb of Mong in district Sudhnoti AJK 

Central Chief Co-ordinator - Mission Kashmir Task Force (MKTF)

Written response:

English translation:

Sir, we are in agreement on these 4 points and apart from these, there are other complex points that necessitate a solution, as they have enslaved us.

Written response received on: 30/11/2022


6) Yasin Anjum of Palandri AJK whose family also migrated from Mendhar post 1947

Zonal president - Nature Mankind Friendly Global Party (NMFGP)

Written response:

Image 1 of 3

Image 2 of 3

Image 3 of 3

English translation:

(note that this particular response is of 450 words, which is longer than the stipulated limit of 250 words. The translation has been confined to 300 words and is thus not a word for word translation of the above)

Jammu Kashmir is a trilateral dispute and a source of utmost enmity between India, Pakistan and Jammu Kashmir. The latter’s division has become the fundamental reason for the violent clash between pro and anti militancy forces. 

Nature Mankind Friendly Global Party (NMFGP) suggests a superb solution for this. (Namely) to reunite the State of Jammu Kashmir in its (original) shape as in 1947 and grant it autonomy in a federal structure. Which under the joint administration of India and Pakistan would surface as a 'Nature Mankind Friendly' condominium. This solution would bind the genuine interests and aspirations of all 3 parties into a treaty that could be acceptable to all.

This ‘Joint Condominium’ would achieve parity between all 3 parties whereby the territory of the State of Jammu Kashmir would no longer be used against any other country. Thus, helping us emerge out of this dark and dangerous pit in which we have been stuck in since 1947. Sectarianism promoted during the British colonial era paved the path for Jammu Kashmir's inhumane division, as per the British agenda.

NMFGP proposes strict adherence to the State Subject Rules of 1927 and 1932 which would be pragmatic, as correcting mistakes and destruction of the past would provide a historic milestone.

Economy....NMFGP proposes that this territory be developed as a global hub for tourism, horticulture and clean energy production.

NMFGP will sincerely pay particular attention to unemployment, poverty, social security for the elderly, the rights of labourers & farmers and gender equality.     

Respecting all religions and ensuring the protection of all their places of worship. Global Party's road map is to galvanise the State of Jammu Kashmir's development as a strong bridge of peace, friendship, co-operation and joint prosperity. This inspirational trilateral model would mitigate (the effects) of the bloody division in 1947.  

Written response received on: 04/12/2022


7) Nasir Ali of Nasirabad in Hunza Gilgit Baltistan

Party Spokesman - Awami Workers Party Gilgit Baltistan (AWP GB)

Written response:

English translation:

We are in agreement with the Citizen's Charter. It is this very minimum agenda that serious people can (relatively/easily) agree on.

Written response received on: 13/12/2022


8) Quayyum Raja of Kajrullah in tehsil Khuiratta, district Kotli

Founding Chairman - Jammu Kashmir Public Diplomacy

Written response:

You are accumulating a pertinent data on a lasting and internal or home solution to the home problem. A sensible and self-conscious people always have their own agenda and formulas. 

It is unfortunate that some of the subservient or imposed leaders of our divided state of JK beg their masters and occupiers for a solution to JK issue. 

Yes,  "Economic Peace" requires social, cultural and religious tolerance. India and Pakistan only teaches people what divides them, not what unites them. Economic necessities have forced the people of this region to migrate to completely alien cultures, where they haven't only readjusted but joined the ruling classes. The British PM and Ministers in the UK are a prime example. Yet, many people argue they can't live together at home due to religious and cultural differences. We must shun such ideas and revisit our past where our ancestors happily lived together.

Written response received on: 21/01/2023


List of responses awaited:

1) Liaqat Hayat of Rawalakot AJK 

President of Jammu Kashmir National Awami Party (JKNAP) 

Web reference:  

Politics: Left/nationalist/united/democratic/secular Jammu Kashmir  

Contacted 18/11/2022 - Will confirm date in due course. No response to date viz. 06/04/2023


2) Farooq Haider of Chikaar AJK

Former prime minister of AJK and former president of Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz faction's AJK Chapter (PML-N AJK)

Web reference:

Contacted 19/11/2022 (reference Irshaad Peerzada) - Will confirm date in due course. No response to date viz. 06/04/2023


3) Nasir Sarwar of Rawalakot 

Media Spokesman - Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front - Rauf Kashmiri faction - (JKLF - R) 

4) Toqeer Gilani of Kotli

President AJK GB Zone - Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front - Heads own faction - (JKLF - T)

5) Naseem Iqbal of Rawalakot

Diplomatic Spokesman -  Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front - Rafiq Daar faction - (JKLF - D)

6) Farooq Abdullah of Srinagar

Former chief minister of Indian-administered Jammu & Kashmir and former president of Jammu Kashmir National Conference (JKNC)

7) Mehbooba Mufti of Anantnag

Former chief minister of Indian-administered Jammu & Kashmir and president of Jammu Kashmir People's Democratic Party (JKPDP)

8) Nawaz Khan Naji of Ghizer 

Member of the Gilgit Baltistan Assembly and founder of Balawaristan National Front (BNF)


Thus far, we have contacted more than a hundred (100) of the most prominent political parties and social organisations throughout all divided parts of JKA. We are inputting details of those who haven't responded yet according to the number of such public bodies that have responded thus far.

Thus, the details of 8 respondents and 8 non respondents have been listed so far.   


Monday 21 November 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 325 of 2022


Day 169 at Maqbool Bhat Shaheed Square - Dadyaal.


Attendance = 100%
Punctuality = 62%
105 days on time or early of 169
Punctuality deficit = 6 minutes 
Punctuality Consistency Status = 1 day


The following interview is a must listen for all serious students of JKA's history and global academics interested in this region alike:

As mentioned in the intro to the post, I hope to translate this priceless interview into English very soon, while also transcribing it in the medium used viz. Roman - Poonchi Pahaari (interviewer) and Dogri (interviewee). 

Note: the intro mentioned above cannot be read here directly, hence I'll just reproduce it here below:

95 year old retired Major General Goverdhan Singh Jamwal confirms my own insights into the British role in designing the Jammu Kashmir & Allied (areas) or JKA conflict in 1947.

This primary source of information in reference to many a major event since 1947 cannot be neglected. I hope to translate his thoughts into English very soon.


We were also reminded that the siege of Poonch city ended on this day in 1948. hence the hashtag #Poonch21111948


Sunday 20 November 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 324 of 2022


Day 168 at Maqbool Bhat Shaheed Square - Dadyaal.


Attendance = 100%
Punctuality = 62%
104 days on time or early of 168
Punctuality deficit = 23 minutes 
Punctuality Consistency Status = 0 days

My consistent punctuality performance over the past 14 days (Second best performance to date in 168 days) has been deflated, almost as if in a flash. The punctuality surplus of 18 minutes has also reverted back to a deficit, quantified as 23 minutes in this case.


Our weekly offering in the shape of a live Facebook video in Pahaari on JKTV, enters its second week:


Here's yet another case (amongst countless such cases) of a citizen of ours being picked up from near the LOC, who the Pakistani security forces considered to be a threat of some sort and thus they carried out a familiar pattern of abduction and incarceration - without providing an opportunity for legal recourse - while abusing Geneva conventions.

Here's a statement in Urdu, followed by the ID card particulars of the incarcerated gentleman in question, which is then followed by a translation in English:
Image 1 of 2

Image 2 of 2

ID Card


Name: Syed Imtiaz Hussain Shah (son of) Syed Fazal Hussain Shah

Residence: Degwar, Tehsil & District Haveli, State of Jammu and Kashmir

11th September 2016

The Pakistani Army abducted me. For two and a half years they kept me in various torture cells and repeatedly meted out both mental and physical violence upon me. They did not allow me to speak in any manner whatsoever. They did not provide any facility for me to meet my wife and children. They kept me in dark cells. After two and a half years of making me endure such brutality they dumped me at Bagh jail in Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK). 

The Pakistani Army had sentenced me to 10 years long imprisonment which is an absolute travesty of justice, not least because I'm not even a citizen of Pakistan. 

The Pakistani Army have occupied my proprietary land (in Degwar Haveli) where I live, situated near the LOC. On one side we are facing the Indian Army and on the other side we are facing the Pakistani Army. 

The Pakistani Army accused me of being in contact with the Indian Army. Now, six years have elapsed in torture cells or jail. 

The United Nations should take notice of these serious human rights violations by the Pakistani Army. I want to be released from this ordeal. My family and I need protection.

Syed Imtiaz Hussain Shah

Further Notes:

MDS is a hospital run by the (Pakistani) Army, in front of which was Imtiaz Shah's shop selling herbal medicine. This is where he was abducted from (This place is known as Tachchan MDS) by some plain-clothed personnel while others were in police uniform.

Upon such disappearances, the provision of a lawyer is not available. Furthermore, many people who are taken away in such a manner are not able to bear the difficulties meted out to them in torture cells and they consequently die.

Nevertheless, when I was transferred to the civil jail in Bagh, I have since hired a lawyer. My case is being heard at the Rawalpindi Bench of the Lahore High Court but even the court is unable to deliver justice as they are also faced with pressure from the Pakistani Army. 

Despite this reality, I have lodged a case in court. (What other recourse is available to me in such circumstances?).  

(Meanwhile, Imtiaz Shah was transferred from Bagh jail to Mirpur jail where he remains incarcerated)



Facebook reminds me of my time in Skardu, 12 years ago:


Saturday 19 November 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 323 of 2022


Day 167 at Maqbool Bhat Shaheed Square - Dadyaal.


Attendance = 100%
Punctuality = 62%
104 days on time or early of 167
Punctuality surplus = 18 minutes 
Punctuality Consistency Status = 14 days


The Malik Waseem 'Land & People' reference case has taken a new turn, especially after civil society (X-LOC) made contact with the actual inheritors of this concerned evacuee property earlier this month. Many thanks to Romi Sharma in particular:

This has obviously shaken the land mafia of Muzaffarabad and their accomplices within the so-called 'nationalist' fraternity in the capital, both at home and abroad.

Dr Shabir Choudhary zeroes in on this point in the following video:

"Pakistan is sending the wrong message to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. 
Dispute of Waseem Malik, resident of Muzaffarabad, must be resolved honourably so that he can care for his wife and children."

(Update) 1853hrs on 20/11/2022:

Dr Shabir Choudhary continues with Malik Waseem's theme in a consecutive video, while also responding to some feedback:

"Accession treaty and India’s obligations. Who is responsible to protect the rights of Waseem Malik?
Under the obligations of United Nations Security Council Resolutions Pakistan cannot violate fundamental rights of people of Jammu and Kashmir."


Daily Diary (DD) - Day 112 of 2024

1006hrs: It is now routine that I automatically wake at around 0500hrs. Even an alarm clock is no longer necessary. Today I got up at 0515hr...