Monday 31 January 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 31 of 2022


Day 12 at Martyr's Square - Kotli - AJK

The response rate of the public to our activity is about 20% positive in action and about 95% in words. When it crosses the 50% threshold in action then we will really be going places.

We learned something new today. Somebody has taken one of our banners off from Shaheed Chowk between 7pm last night and 12 midday today. We don't want to jump to conclusions and are investigating by activating public agency:

West Side of Martyr's Square

East side of Martyr's Square (intact)

We roll on meanwhile:


Sunday 30 January 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 30 of 2022


Day 11 at Martyr's Square - Kotli - AJK

Practice doesn't quite make perfect but it does improve one's performance towards whatever goals they have set for themselves. 


Saturday 29 January 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 29 of 2022


Day 10 at Martyr's Square - Kotli - AJK

It is always a challenge squeezing in various tasks in a 24 hour cycle. We are always under the impression that whatever remains outstanding will be accomplished on the next day, or the next, or the......or....

The least that one hopes for is that the written record on this journey that began in 2005 is fully published, before one perishes.

The conversations at Shaheed Chowk Kotli are getting more detailed:


Friday 28 January 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 28 of 2022


Day 09 at Martyr's Square - Kotli - AJK

From civil society to Public Assembly is a leap not just in written characters but a journey that involves civil communication between the public of this territory titled as AJK and the UK Government. 


Thursday 27 January 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 27 of 2022


Day 08 at Martyr's Square - Kotli - AJK

It is here:

The land of the 2 Karamdads

A flu suddenly struck me yesterday. The air pollution of vehicles passing by is also beginning to take its toll on me. It would be good to conduct a measurement of it using some kind of cabin, which insulates itself from that pollution while measuring it.

There are no bins in Martyr's Square. How does it compare to Bury Park? One must also consider the amount of pounds that have flocked here since the 1950s at least. That foreign currency is gobbled up by the Pakistani currency almost immediately and gets manipulated by that sphere of influence.

We have put ourselves deep in the pits of global isolation when we had opportunity to transact with the rest of the world. 

But Pakistan has stood between us and India. Yes, but it has also stood between us and the rest of the world.

Isolation will get us nowhere and force our whole society to support the endemically corrupt internal governance of AJK.

We can break free but don't have the knowledge, expertise, open-minded democratic mindset or tolerance to do so.

Martyr's Square Kotli is an important venue in JKA. It has the most political freedom in the whole territory and can link up in days with Bury Park, Luton.


Today, was another milestone:

Another angle, another platform:

The following video made its mark too:


Wednesday 26 January 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 26 of 2022


Day 07 at Martyr's Square - Kotli - AJK

It should all be downhill from here.....but never ever say never said a wise man...


We keep on producing:


Tuesday 25 January 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 25 of 2022


Another day at Shaheed Chowk Kotli. Day 6 in fact. 

The following conversation in Pahaari made its impact. Many thanks to KNI Kashmir for a thought-provoking presentation:


Meanwhile, here are some notes on certain aspects of the Malik Waseem case which need clarification:

Look, Mr Tanveer yesterday night I have organised a special meeting with........., the........ I am agree on the point that the system of evacuee property should be made transparent, corruption in revenue department should be abandon now and the system of governance should be improve in AJK territory. 

But in this particular case..........claimed that organised a meeting and bring Quran, I will take oath on Quran that Mr Waseem's family get residence in this house from 2017.

Waseem's took stay order from the court and at the same night he with his family shifted from other place to his house.

Have a look and be careful, your a public rights action oriented activists, you have to be very careful.

My response

Yes, I understand your genuine concerns and the implications if Malik Waseem is proved wrong. However, everybody genuinely concerned with the 'land' and 'people' of JKA should be clear about my motives and objectives for devoting so much energy to this case. This is a perfect opportunity to analyse the land revenue system in AJK and its endemic corruption. Particularly, people should understand that it is the most potent tool used by the Pakistani occupation to fulfill the British designed policy to permanently divide this territory between India and Pakistan. 

It should also be clear that this land in question does not belong to Malik Waseem or his adversary. By giving ownership rights to refugees from IOK the AJK government is facilitating the permanent division of this territory. It directly counters and restricts the 'Right of Return' of the Hindu and Sikh citizens of this territory and likewise creates the same hurdles for Muslim refugees of the State to return to their lands in IOK. 

Someone living in England competing for ownership of Evacuee land in Muzaffarabad is suspicious in itself. 

I could give you a hundred other reasons why scrutinising this particular dispute will help clarify our national objectives. As a community are we sincere in wanting to prevent the permanent division of this territory?

If we are, we must be willing to facilitate the return of Hindus and Sikhs here and Muslims to the other side. Malik Waseem is ready to vacate this land for its original owners and return to his own land in Kupwara. Is the gentleman in the UK willing to do that while being settled in the UK?

Is it not true that if he takes possession of this land he will immediately sell it to the highest bidder? Is it not true that the new judicial complex being built nearby has increased the importance of the land in Malik Waseem's possession?

In summary, I am in this to dissect all the internal corruption of the revenue department and its direct impact on solidifying India and Pakistan's occupation of this territory. 

I am not vouching for the 100% integrity of Malik Waseem's stance or the 100% dishonesty of his adversary's stance.

This case is essentially not about the relative merits of 2 individual claims, neither of whom have a right to ownership of this land. It is about preventing the permanent division of this territory between India and Pakistan. This can be achieved by repatriation of all religious communities to their original homelands within the territory of JKA.

Nobody needs to take this personally but if any citizen of this territory still thinks that I'm playing a mala fide role by supporting a weak citizen in his commitment to transparency, which is the condition I have set to support him, then I am ready to face any punishment the public wish to give me.


A note on food & drink quality issues in AJK:

From medicines to food commodities throughout the AJK territory or Pakistani administered Jammu Kashmir, here is a market for third class and inferior products.

Such a tragic situation does not even prevail in Indian held JK. Our local industry, agriculture and economy have been completely demolished and damaged with an organised conspiracy and now human lives are on the verge of destruction.

Drug inspectors are receiving bribes for allowing 10,000 fake (contaminated) medicines, which are available in 5,000 medical stores throughout our territory.

Types of 70 such hazardous oil and ghee:

Daily Khabrain is no doubt based on reality. These are the things which are in common observations. Smaaj Badlo Tehreek (Change Society Movement) has already shared it's concerns on fake medicines in particular.

An organised game is being played with the 4.5 million people of AJK territory.

The extremely deceitful business at the cost of human life is at its peak. People of JK A should launch protest on this ant human activity.

This third class business should be closed immediately, otherwise we shall call a protest.

Change society Movement Nakyal and Jammu Kashmir Awami Party have shared their concerns.

End of note (received and slightly edited by me for clarity)


Monday 24 January 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 24 of 2022


Day 05 at Martyr's Square - Kotli - AJK

The sun is returning today after an absence of 3 days. Now, I hope to finally resume my 'Public Policy Workshop' at Shaheed Chowk (Martyr's Square) Kotli shortly.

Malik Waseem is still stuck at Saddar police station in Muzaffarabad. The Commissioner of Muzaffarabad Masood ur Rehman appears to be engineering the transfer of Malik Waseem to jail amongst other contrivances. It is also alleged by Waseem that Masood ur Rehman is personally set to benefit with 2 kanaals (10,890 square feet) of land in the vicinity of where Waseem was evicted from. A similar allegation is also being made - 1 kanaal (5,445 square feet) in this instance - about Khwaja Imtiaz (brother of Khwaja Farooq current MLA of PTI and holding the Muzaffarabad city seat). Waseem alleges there to be a third beneficiary too who he is still trying to clarify.

It should also be noted that Masood ur Rehman obtained his MSc in public policy from Kings college London UK through a Chevening scholarship. So, effectively British tax payer money has been used to fund the education of an AJK citizen who later becomes a bureaucrat and repeatedly murders public interest here. This point has also been made in my letter to the British government, which will be made public in due course.

It should also be clear that a vendetta like situation is emerging as the 'powers-that-be' try to consolidate their coup, having evicted Malik Waseem. They are countering the allegations made by Waseem through highlighting the supreme court decision against him. They even got someone in the UK to send me some harsh messages via WhatsApp, which I will elaborate on in due course, if necessary. They also sent me a voice clip of Malik Waseem's adversary outlining his stance that I wasn't aware of the other side of the story. They haven't enabled direct communication of me with him and I am keen to learn his side of the story.

Irrespective of what has occurred and will occur in due course, I wish to use the case of Malik Waseem as a case study (reference) to explain how the rich exploit the poor using the system as a tool. How both the 'land' and the 'people' of this territory are manipulated to cement external occupation of this territory and promote internal strife. By reopening or publicising Malik Waseem's case we can explore - exactly what happens - to execute such operations. How land documents are tampered with, how money is circulated within the system to contrive results in favour of the powerful, against the powerless. Even if it surfaces that Malik Waseem is at fault somewhere down the line I am willing to accept that. It will still be a victory for public interest becomes it will lead towards transparency of the system.

For those that insist that nothing can be done in Waseem Malik's case because the supreme court has given its verdict, need to understand the following provision:

Curative powers of the supreme court - court can reopen a case to cure or correct an error.


A sunny day after what seemed many a day:

For those of you who can't read the text of the Facebook post above:

'Public Policy Workshop'' at Shaheed Chowk Kotli has resumed after 2 days of inclement weather and concerned feedback from the public that I should wait for the weather to improve and to take precautions for my health. The workshop began on the 20th of January 2022 and I have remained at this venue but stayed indoors for the past 2 days. Our targets are clear:
We need:
1) Original and comprehensive 'Land Record' of AJK as it was in 1947.
2) Complete 'Population Census Data' of JKA in 1941.

End of FB post....

Correspondingly, the first video after a couple of days break:


Day's Finance:

Opening Balance = 1,100

Y: (Incoming)

80 - cigarettes for co-citizen
100 - chicken shwarma
150 - kahwa x 5
50 - dates
5,000 - Malik Waseem
(5,000 - borrowed for Malik Waseem)

*Sent 10,000 to Malik Waseem
Total sent to Malik Waseem to date: 30,000

Closing Bal. 720 


Sunday 23 January 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 23 of 2022


Day 04 at Martyr's Square - Kotli - AJK

Remaining calm amidst the storm is key to success. Multi-tasking efficiently, handling non-stop communication and probing the cement like structure of endemic corruption; have all to be done simultaneously. 

We continue to feature Malik Waseem and his family's plight for very obvious reasons. He's still in custody without charge at Saddar Thaana (police station) in Muzaffarabad. Given all the reaction in his favour, there has been retaliation on all fronts from his adversaries.

Just imagine, if we can't address the requirements of justice on such a small scale internally, how are we going to address external occupation and aggression?

As the battle continues for the 'Land' and the 'People', it is clear to me that Malik Waseem has always been disadvantaged by lack of finance compared to his adversary and thus his family's eviction. If we want public interest to flourish we - as the public - have to put 'our money where our mouth is' so to speak. I have undertaken to ensure Malik Waseem's family is provided adequate food and shelter during this legal fight and that he be provided adequate funds to meet legal costs.  

I've started by sending his family 14 of the 15,000 or so that I had on me. I enquired from my wife as to the state of our family kitchen and was informed that we are low and only have enough to get through the week. I then borrowed 6,000 to ensure that Malik Waseem's family receives at least 20,000 today and that he can begin making a payment towards legal fees. Obviously, I have begun asking others to contribute and I'm sure at least some of them will contribute in due course. I will keep the public posted on what is received and spent on a daily basis hereon in this weblog.

It should also be remembered that I took an assurance from Malik Waseem that whatever his arguments are in his favour, that he can prove those in a court/testimony as well as in the court of the public. Likewise, that he can disprove all the allegations that are being made against him. I also reminded him of my - thus far - unblemished role in pursuing public interest here in AJK and that if he - Malik Waseem - has or will prove dishonest in anything he says, will have a direct bearing on my work and person. He answered in the affirmative and I thus have proceeded to devote my energies to resolving his land issue. Which will not only resolve his issue but will take us on the path of resolving all other pending land issues in this territory. Which - in turn - will give us all the moral clout to address the external aggression on our territory.  

I am also ready to be proved wrong - if that be the case - and will admit my misjudgement wholeheartedly. I will also be ready for any punishment that the public wish to mete out to me.


For the record, it should be noted that Malik Waseem's family have also made an online complaint to the Pakistani lent officer in AJK on this matter. Obviously, I don't agree with making complaints to the occupier but I can understand the family's concerns. They have the moral prerogative to complain or appeal to anybody for what has been meted out to them. Even if its the Pakistani army or India's prime minister Narendra Modi.     


We have some good news to report about the AJK police once in a while and on this occasion, the police of Poonch are taking pains to help stranded tourists where the snowy weather has challenged the movement of traffic at such heights:


Day's Finance:

Opening Balance = 15,870

Y: (Incoming)

70 - breakfast (paratha, half fired egg and channa)
100 - cigarettes
14,000 - Malik Waseem
(6,000 - borrowed for Malik Waseem)
270 - cigarettes
130 - multi power plug
200 - chicken zinger burger and 7-up

*Sent 20,000 to Malik Waseem
Total sent to Malik Waseem to date: 20,000

Closing Bal. 1,100


Saturday 22 January 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 22 of 2022


Day 03 at Martyr's Square - Kotli - AJK

The third night in a row that I haven't been able to sleep properly. Two nights at Shaheed Chowk (Martyr's square) Kotli and one night prior which was spent in preparation.

I can barely sit and write but....the show must rumble on...

Malik Waseem is apparently missing again, according to Latif Akbar (President of Pakistan People's Party in AJK and hails from a constituency in Muzaffarabad tehsil/subdivision) who contacted me this morning, to enquire as to which police station was Waseem detained in. We've also been advised to file a habeas corpus petition on his behalf, by a very senior lawyer.

More (and much more) in a bit....I can barely keep my eyes open.


1512hrs: (Update)

I managed to get some much needed shut eye for a couple of hours in a friend's shop and this has re-energised me somewhat. 

Rain remains incessant and the temperature is dropping too. I haven't been able to sit in the chowk today yet. There are tonnes of matter pending as anyone who is familiar with my work can imagine.


The police have insisted that the complainants reference Malik Waseem's detention (without charge) at Saddar Thaana should speak to the DC and that only he could release him. The complainants duly did so with their advocate. DC Nadeem Ahmed Janjua refused to entertain them or their application. This prompted me to contact the DC myself, whom I have been acquainted with in the past. 

Huzoor....can you update us on the Malik Waseem issue. I have been conducting a 'Public Policy Workshop' at Shaheed Chowk Kotli for the past 3 days and there are a few thousand people constantly engaged on this issue - at home and abroad - I will be writing to the British government on this issue and related matters of governance,  specifically in reference to their unfulfilled responsibilities under Indian Independence Act. Thank you.... Tanveer Ahmed

There are decisions of courts 
Do study those decisions 

There is an abundance of ambiguity and contestation about due legal process in reference to this case as well as over 80% of land (revenue department) related decisions in general, in AJK.

Please note the role of Judge Tariq Custodian who the evicted family claim tampered documents, which were then subsequently used as reference in subsequent court proceedings, which ultimately led to decisions being made against this family.

The evicted family have made it clear that they want an official enquiry into the court record on this issue. 

The AJK administration is effectively displacing a poor refugee family from Evacuee Property to give it to another refugee who has since settled in England and who doesn't suffer from the conditions that this poor family does. In other words, the latter is not dependant on this land and will only sell it to the highest bidder. The human cost of this commercial transaction is too much for any right minded public rights activist to bear.

In the wider State of JKA perspective since 1947, this case takes us back to those events and forced migration in particular. The land in question belongs to the descendants of Ratan Singh and Sardar Singh and has been occupied by a poor refugee family of Kupwara, who in turn are being displaced once again for commercial purposes, based on an allegedly malafide procedure.

As this case continues to gain increasing traction at home and in the diaspora the implications could be very far reaching.

Meanwhile, thank you for your response. It has been duly noted.

End of communication....

Now, it has been intimated to me by other sources that Commissioner Muzaffarabad Masood ur Rehman has been tasked with managing this increasingly delicate issue (caught between the Indian, Pakistani and internal narratives of JKA). He's been given such tasks before in his previous incarnations and from direct experience of him, he has always murdered public interest for the sake of powerful lobbies - the Muhammad Ali Murtaza case on the LOC in Khuiratta 2013 - when he was DC Kotli, maybe an exception.  

It is also clear from sources that the police and other authorities are keen on blackmailing Malik Waseem by conditioning his release, on him giving a guarantee that he will no longer publicly protest his plight. They've also conditioned the release of the womenfolk of his family from a refugee shelter on similar assurances, backed by a legal bond (machalka) of 50,000 rupees each.

Friday 21 January 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 21 of 2022


Day 02 at Martyr's Square - Kotli - AJK

It has been a very testing past 8 hours or so. It was my first night under the sky at Shaheed Chowk Kotli. I was well equipped and found tremendous support from various activists of Kotli, who were keen to learn of my every need. However, at about 0230hrs it began to rain. 

I initially put up with it because I had a thick duvet covering me and goatskin underneath me. Yet when light rain turned into drizzle by about 0530hrs I had to make a run for cover in an alleyway nearby, carrying my drenched sleeping gear with me. It was just as well that I had very thick clothing which still protected my body but my feet were soaked and my footwear had already been exposed.

I had only about 3 hours sleep yesterday and today I managed even less. 


Thus, at the time of writing, despite accepting one of my local hosts offer of 'siri paya' (Buffalo's hooves) for breakfast I still feel absolutely exhausted. I must push on however.

It was a lively day at the chowk with an uninterrupted gathering of various people at regular intervals, while giving due consideration to traffic.

One visitor was the flamboyant JJ who wanted to interview me:

As evening pressed on, the temperature also began dipping:  

Let's try and capture the zeitgeist in our territory:

The following is point blank:

The above tweet translates as:

(My effort)

If the AJK government cannot take steps as part of its responsibility with reference to self-determination, then how can it meet the conditions for accession to Pakistan?

I then thought I should clarify from the man himself, a jurist and authority on the UN and Kashmir. His response:

Yes. "How would it qualify to negotiate the terms for accession".

To be more precise:

If the Government of Azad Kashmir cannot under take its share of actions in reference to self-determination – how can it negotiate terms to accede to Pakistan?


Let me now rewind to the updates after midnight this morning:

0132hrs (Update):

The 2 other members of Malik Waseem's family have been released viz. his brother and nephew. Apparently the police have withdrawn Section 341 and charged him with 16 MPO (related to breaching public order) and of course he is in detention. My thought is that they changed the charge to circumvent his bail order but a lawyer would offer a better opinion. The police and particularly those whose interests they are serving are keen to play carrot and stick, to make Waseem resign from his desire to return to the land his family had lived on since 1949.

A lot of cash has changed hands in London between his adversary (co-claimant to Ratan Singh's land) and those who covet that land, alleges Waseem.

2350hrs (Update):

I've been informed that Malik Waseem's condition is critical because of his hunger strike since being arrested yesterday evening (Thursday). The police are saying that they haven't even written an FIR. Effectively, they've detained him illegally. Earlier today, the police informed Waseem's family that they will release him tonight but they didn't.


Thursday 20 January 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 20 of 2022


Day 01 at Martyr's Square - Kotli - AJK

The land of Ratan Singh's descendants, adjacent to the 'Chatti Badshahat' of the Sikhs of Muzaffarabad and occupied by fellow affectees of the 1947 religious-based conflict in Jammu Kashmir & Allied took another horrible turn just after midnight.

Malik Waseem, his brother Naeem Malik, Naeem's son Asad and their maternal nephew Saad, 4 womenfolk and 3 children of their household were brutally manhandled by the police and taken away. For a while it wasn't clear where they had been taken.

An hour or so later it emerged that the women had been taken to a shelter while Malik Waseem's whereabouts have not been established yet (0405hrs). He had initially also been taken to the police station but then taken elsewhere (so we thought) but it became clear later in the evening that he had evaded arrest and remained 'underground' till he could obtain bail, unknown to the rest of us.  

KFD TV in the UK is also alert on this matter and communication is being established with the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva, Switzerland:

Today's newspapers are also following the story:

I finally got to sleep at around 0700hrs....only to be woken up by a phone call at 1030hrs.....I am getting late for my midday appointment at Shaheed Chowk Kotli. Malik Waseem is still missing soon after being arrested just beyond midnight. The womenfolk of his family have been forced by the police into a refugee shelter (reliving 1947 yet again, despite 3 generations on). Meanwhile, a tussle between the Indian and Pakistani influences on JKA are zeroing in on this issue.

I reached Kotli at about 1500hrs, 3 hours later than I wanted to. Almost immediately a steady trickle of activists began visiting me but we first needed to clean our working space. The litter here is testament to the title of the following video. People who feel a sense of ownership over any land or property do not ignore garbage in their midst:

Once that operation was out of the way, we could sit down and begin interacting....

1851hrs (Update):

Indeed, it has transpired that Malik Waseem evaded arrest last night and is still at large but concealed on his own volition. The police have charged him, his elder brother Naeem Malik and Naeem's son Asad with Section 341 (obstructing a path apparently). The latter 2 are in police custody while the womenfolk of his family have been put in a refugee shelter in Jalalabad, Muzaffarabad. Waseem's parents are at a friend's house. Apologies for any misunderstanding.

I described the following picture as, 'Preparing for the twilight zone in Shaheed Chowk -  Kotli'

2100hrs (Update):

Message from Malik Waseem: "I have been arrested despite bail order and am at Thana (police station) Saddar (Muzaffarabad). I have begun a hunger strike till release."

Upon request by some students who came to visit me in the evening, I gave my first 'Public Policy Workshop' lecture at the stroke of midnight:

Wednesday 19 January 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 19 of 2022


Of course, I am primarily consumed with the Malik Waseem case. This is their third day out in the cold. I felt a lot of anger inside me for 'allowing' this to happen. One always feel there is more that they could have done to prevent matters from getting this far.

In my morning conversation with him it became clear that mounting pressure is developing on him by the administration to make a 'deal' but his response is that why isn't his adversary given a 'deal'? Why is he being uprooted? 

He also has the answer.

There is a new judicial complex being built nearby and that has increased the value of Ratan Singh's land. Land speculators want him out first, knowing that he and his family will resist - and is resisting - and they also know that the other members of the community may not put up such a resistance on their turn. It should be remembered that this is 'evacuee property'. It cannot be sold or commercialised - its occupancy can only be interim - until the evacuee's descendants return or some other amicable solution is arrived at, to the satisfaction of the people of Jammu Kashmir & Allied areas. The Indians played ball on 'evacuee property' on that side until the 5th of August 2019 - in general - and as far as one has gathered from anecdotal evidence thus far. However, demographic changes are apace there now, we are informed.  

In short, the 'big fish' want to gobble up the 'small fish' without mercy. The classic contest between strong and weak is in full flow.

This is why the Commissioner of Muzaffarabad Masood ur Rehman (remember him? does Mahmood Musafir ring a bell?) cannot agree with Malik Waseem's story, as pointed out in yesterday's weblog entry. Apparently, some bureaucrats and members of the judiciary have already worked out how much and who is going to benefit from this land grab.

The original Sikh owners are nowhere in the picture. The claiming adversary of Malik Waseem lives in the UK and will profit from acting as proxy. Someone needs to interview him, if possible.

Meanwhile, it may be notable to add that Malik Waseem's father Ghulam Qadir and his paternal uncle Wali Muhammad are retired soldiers of the Pakistani army. They have both appealed for help, protection and justice. In a sea of drowning hope, they have both made a plea to the Pakistani army to intervene:

Father Ghulam Qadir

Uncle Wali Muhammad 

Coverage of Waseem's family issue has expanded to various platforms on social media. Here's an example:

AJK Point (media channel in Muzaffarabad) also made a thoughtful video which cannot be embedded for some reason, despite several attempts. (You can click the hyperlink 'embedded' in the previous sentence to access it though.

In the evening I called Sardar Shameem Sahaab for an emergency meeting on Malik Waseem's issue. Here's a summary of the conversation:

It seems the pressure on Waseem from various quarters has forced him to retract or clarify his statement about India's prime minister. Who else but Irfan Ashraf (remember him from Tehreek e Jawanaan vs. JKNSF in Kotli?) to provide the platform:

Most of us will be able to add 2 + 2 together above.


As we are on the subject of enforced migrations, let's find time to also explore the plight of the Kashmiri Pandits:


Let's change the subject now, or at least some of it. I thought the following Dogri song was striking, inclusive and our geographically distinct identity was clarified. Well done!

Me kali Kashmir di they Jammu da Ghulab da:

I did check the whole video on YouTube. The channel had a distinctly Indian name and the rest of the video had very different themes. This segment took on the national question in a very creative way. For example, she says Pakistan and China dream of it and this is neither Delhi or Punjab! (She couldn't say India for obvious reasons, so the creativity in lyrics was smart. Saying this is not Delhi is effectively giving the same message). Dogra museum and I think the Tawi bridge in the background. Claiming ownership of both Jammu and Kashmir was also interesting I think.


Tuesday 18 January 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 18 of 2022


Yes, engagement on Malik Waseem's issue remained till about 0700hrs. 

I sent the following plea to my co-citizens near and afar:

There is a lot that the diaspora in the 'free world' can do to assist the inhabitants of AJK to achieve a system of world-class governance and clarity on national identity, even as much as they enjoy these benefits to some degree wherever they are. 

Even just complimenting the people's struggle on the ground here in AJK with polite inquiries to the tax revenue receiving authorities here can make a big impact on endemic corruption, especially in matters related to 'land'.

We lost a lot to external land grabbers in 1947 and are unfortunately matching them gradually inch for inch with internal land grabbing by 2022.

If we continue to ignore these life and death issues we will soon no longer be able to attach any identity to our existence.

End of note....

I did get some sleep at about 0830hrs but was woken up by Malik Waseem's call at c. 1230hrs. He had already rung me an hour earlier but couldn't succeed in waking me up at that first attempt. Waseem said he was about to meet the Commissioner and would update me after he was done. 

I haven't been able to speak to him yet, at the time of writing.

Malik Waseem's issue has captured a lot of serious attention and many a cynical eye will try and focus on his impassioned plea to Narendra Modi, prime minister of India since 2014.  

Our version of Twitterati captured it as such:

Referencing the same video:

As I had engaged many a co-citizen near, far and wide: some of the more serious elements have been in contact with me, keen to learn of what progress has been made. The following is what I've shared:


Many thanks...I have yet to get clarity on today's proceedings, from the horse's mouth so to speak. The last update was around 1pm whereby Malik Waseem was in discussion at Commissioner's office. Meanwhile, his nephew has sent me a fresh video of the sit-in protest of their womenfolk. That continues....apart from that many politicians from 'mainstream' Pakistani parties have also visited the sit-in protest since yesterday evening...

Evening in the vicinity of Malik Waseem's home:

Various 'nationalist' parties (as opposed to pro Pakistan parties) have also shown solidarity to the victim's family. The following poster is issued by Kashmir National Party (KNP) which Waseem was also a part of during his young political career:


I haven't spoken to him since 1pm...Have left a few messages for him but he's either in continuous discussion with the administration or other political workers/social activists who have effectively surrounded him.

What we do understand is that the Commissioner is not in agreement with Malik Waseem's side of the story..


Monday 17 January 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 17 of 2022


An early start and as per tradition it cannot happen on a better day viz. Monday..

Let's begin connecting the dots that link what was enforced (migration) on the inhabitants of Jammu Kashmir & Allied areas (JKA) in 1947 to the endemically corrupt internal land mafia of AJK in 2022.

Justice like life is not a linear curve, it is circular. The 'chickens do come home to roost' eventually.

We'll start with Dadyaal in the morning and then move on to the capital Muzaffarabad in the afternoon, evening and beyond midnight.....

Last week, a local journalist also covered this deeply troubling subject of land corruption with Waheed Raja:

Just to give our readers a comprehensive insight, the following video from another distraught expatriate namely Pervaiz Iqbal was recorded in February 2021. I particularly liked his address to the Pakistani PM viz. "You must decide whether you are in power or in the opposition. If you're in power then do something about the corrupt land mafia!"


Now, some of you will remember Day 348 of 2021, Malik Waseem and Ratan Singh's land in Naluchi, Muzaffarabad adjacent to the 'Sixth Kingdom' (Chatti Badshahat) of the Sikhs.

I'll just reproduce the text of the above Facebook post here below:

The dysfunctional status of the 'AJK' State has reached its lowest depth yet. The people of JKA were forced to migrate in 1947 in all directions, depending on their religious identity. We then had further wars followed by enforced water/electricity projects to uproot our people yet again, some repeatedly. In the meantime, we had many Pakistani nationals settle here - some by stealth and some by connivance - while many of our people were forced to either settle in Pakistan or further afield. The remaining scheme of devious population transfer has been fulfilled by the endemically corrupt land mafia. The following is the freshest example available:

Malik Waseem's family were uprooted from Kupwara in 1947 and despite being allotted land since 1949, they were forcibly evicted from their home in Naluchi, Muzaffarabad this afternoon, without due process and prior notice. True to form, the AJK administration including the Divisional Commissioner of Muzaffarabad appear to be powerless to do anything about it. It is almost 0100hrs (1am) now and Malik Waseem's family is still out in the cold with nowhere to go. His father was rushed to hospital earlier in the evening after a suspected heart attack.

Further details (including a letter to the Commissioner) are available at:

End of post......


Sunday 16 January 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 16 of 2022


The local lawyer who was most instrumental in procuring my release from almost 10 months in jail - Sardar Rehbaz Khan - has died after a prolonged fight against cancer today.


Saturday 15 January 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 15 of 2022


Fighting for one's fundamental rights in a peaceful, ethical, democratic and legal manner - snatched away from the inhabitants by a range of countries that preconditioned their entry and subsequent occupation/interference here by quoting the people's reference - at times feels or we are made to feel as if we are conspiring to destabilise the whole world.

Alas, all we are doing is trying to resolve unnecessary conflict over our territory.


Friday 14 January 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 14 of 2022


At some point, every day will witness a new milestone being achieved. I am certain of that.


Thursday 13 January 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 13 of 2022


The space is there and it is empty but not a lot of people know that........if you can de-crypt that, you can do a lot more too....


Attended another funeral today. That of Abdul Ghafoor Ghauri in Manjwaari in Kataar, Dadyaal. One of the founder members of the JKLF in Birmingham in 1977.


Daily Diary (DD) - Day 112 of 2024

1006hrs: It is now routine that I automatically wake at around 0500hrs. Even an alarm clock is no longer necessary. Today I got up at 0515hr...