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Daily Diary (DD) - Day 60 of 2020


There is a lot that one can do with their most precious asset: time.


Friday 28 February 2020

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 59 of 2020


I could have quite easily missed today's entry too.

I can't think of a better image to encapsulate how I feel:


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Wednesday 26 February 2020

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Daily Diary (DD) - Day 55 of 2020


It can sometimes feel as if the world is dragging us along at its own pace and we have little control or agency over it.

Role reversal:

The following episode of being robbed enroute to AJK from Pakistan is one of many rising cases, which was a casus belli used by Pakistan to interfere in J & K in 1947. This should be used as a descriptive and factual reason for disengaging Pakistan from AJK:


Sunday 23 February 2020

Saturday 22 February 2020

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 53 of 2020


Back in Dadyaal. 

The APPGK visit to AJK has left a very bad taste. I hope that all concerned parties can deal with this immensely serious issue in a mature manner.



Friday 21 February 2020

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 52 of 2020


For how long do we put up with this facade?

For those who can't read the details of the FB post above:

Is it Pakistan or the UK or both squeezing civil space in AJK?

The APPGK - All Party Parliamentary Group on Kashmir has been in AJK since at least yesterday but how many members of civil society un-aligned to the Pakistani narrative have they met thus far?

The People's Assembly is an attempt to define and formalise the internal narrative of AJK.


Before leaving Muzaffarabad:


Thursday 20 February 2020

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 51 of 2020


We wanted to achieve a lot today, on more than 2 fronts:

I was then prompted to make the following entry:

For those of you who cannot read the FB post above, here's the text:

The prisoners in prison must have their say - as the world wants to listen to them

Not to India or Pakistan

Here and there


Qaidkhaaney me qaidiyo ki hi chalni chahiye...kyou ke dunya un ko sunna chahti hay.

India, Pakistan ko nahi

Aar aur paar


The photo above is from the inaugural session of 'The People's Assembly' on Sunday the 9th of February


Here's a hard hitting open letter to the UK delegation visiting AJK, by a young student of Neelam Valley:

Here's the translation of the letter:

(Note: words in brackets are for clarification or context.)

An Open Letter to the British Parliament

By a 22 year old student of the Neelam Valley

Assalaam u Alaikum (Greetings - Peace be upon you)

We wish to put before you with all due respect that we are undergoing a lot of pain. Our people are being killed on both sides (of Jammu & Kashmir) by Indian and Pakistani firing. In such a scenario of helplessness and distress we are unable to do anything (to change our fate). (Since 1947), we have sacrificed over 600,000 lives as victims of a proxy war between these 2 countries.  

It is in my knowledge that you people live in extreme comfort. You have no problem whatsoever. However, who is responsible for the agony that you have imposed and left behind with us? Who is responsible for the loss of these 600,000 lives? 
Yes, none else is responsible but yourselves. Namely, Britain and the British parliament.

I want to provide a brief reference here: 

If you have forgotten history, I wish to remind you of it. What happened when you were playing the game of dividing the Indian sub-continent and when you tore apart the living communities of the Indian sub-continent on the basis of religious identity?

After the Indian partition the commander(s)-in-chief of both India and Pakistan were British officers. In India, you gave this duty to General Lockhart and in Pakistan you deputed General Messervy. The deputation (of these British officers) was part and parcel of this agreement (Partition plan) that took place between local leaders and the British colonialists. The purpose of this exercise was to ensure that these newly created State structures were strengthened by force and to enable them to maintain control internally.     
When the first war between India and Pakistan broke out in 1948 (over Kashmir), these 2 British officers had already mapped out the result of the war through mutual support (and consultation). Hence, the 'Kashmir Issue' was created by none other than Britain itself. 

Now, resolving this issue is also the responsibility of Britain. The British parliament along with the Labour Party - which was in power at the time - should seek forgiveness, not just from the people of Jammu & Kashmir but from all the public of the Indian sub-continent. 

I am writing this letter in such conditions whereby a delegation of British parliamentarians is present in Kashmir (AJK or Pakistani-occupied territory) and is engaged in meeting such people who are not even sure which century they are living in and what their priorities ought to be.

I think I would like to extend this advice to the British parliament that if, in normal circumstances you are unable to meet the normal (average person), then for God's sake do not conduct photo sessions with the occupying power corridors of Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Muzaffarabad, in the name of Kashmir. Conducting such programmes is akin to further disgracing the martyrs of Kashmir.  

We are torn asunder with multiple wounds. We feel that by coming here, you are rubbing further salt into our wounds. The very wounds that you inflicted on us before departing from this region. With deep regret, whenever I watch a debate/discussion on human rights in the British parliament I laugh out loudly in an uncontrollable manner. How can those who've acted most criminally against humanity be the vanguards of humanity?  

I wish to provide another reference:

The East India Company's licence to trade in the Indian sub-continent/South Asia was officially sanctioned by the Royal court of the British queen on the 31st of December 1600. The fact is that the East India Company has never left this region. Only the name, faces and modus operandi have changed. Hence, how can something that has never left return once again?   

Once the East India Company began dominating this region, the looting via extraction of resources from here reached its peak. To the extent that the East India Company's military force doubled in number that of Britain's own (State) army. Historians (of South Asia) such as John F Richards have given mind-boggling statistics for how much income was generated by the East India Company from the Indian sub-continent.

In 1858, the British State nationalised (brought under State control) the East India Company and later in 1874 dissolved it. However, there was no let up in the looting (of resources) or colonial oppression despite Britain taking on direct control of the Indian sub-continent. Neo colonialists such as Britain riding on the back of an industrial revolution played a front-line role in the looting of colonies that came under their control. 

These Western countries gave a perception that this lightning increase in sustenance was a direct virtue of capitalism. It should be understood that this sustenance was developed by utilising the blood of many tens of millions of average people, residing in regions such as the Indian sub-continent.    

Utsa Patnaik (An Indian Marxist economist) in a recently published article by Colombia University Press has given an estimate - in today's money terms and in US dollars - that the British colonialists extracted over $45 trillion from the Indian sub-continent.

On a grand level, these heists paved the way for famines - most notably in 1770 and 1943 (in Bengal) - in which many tens of millions of people died a slow and painful death of starvation while the crops produced here were exported elsewhere. 

Today, when the world is (rapidly) changing so should you. You have to resolve the issue of Jammu & Kashmir which you yourself created. You must apologise for the human rights violations and mass killings that take place on both sides of the divide (in Jammu & Kashmir).

Irrespective of whether you apologise or not, we are fighting for our right to freedom with great vigour and gusto. I am now certain that our struggle will not go to waste. We will free ourselves from the enforced occupation of India and Pakistan soon. The ornament of slavery that you placed around our necks will soon be taken off and thrown away. As we have nothing more to lose and the whole world to gain.

Wasalaam (Farewell with peace)

Freedom Aspirant 

Khawaja Mujtaba Bandey - Pakistani-occupied Kashmir  

....End of translation.....


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Daily Diary (DD) - Day 48 of 2020


Still trying to rise above the parapet of mediocrity.....

Its tough when mediocrity is so ample.


This rung many a bell:


Saturday 15 February 2020

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 46 of 2020


The weather is getting better but I'm still to complete my immediate tasks.....despite a lot brewing in the background.


We battle on:


Friday 14 February 2020

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 45 of 2020


Downtime continued but not without continued probing of public interest in this territory. 

I felt hollow when I learned that the police and lawyers of Muzaffarabad engaged in a heavy skirmish with each other earlier today, just down the road from me.

It seems as if we have to drop lower as a society before we can begin thinking of sustained progress. We are still many a million miles away from 21st century governance.


Wednesday 12 February 2020

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 43 of 2020


The struggle continues.......on the human rights front:

We have heard much about what the Indians do to control the public narrative on the side of J & K that they control. What the Pakistanis do on this side remains under-reported and this is what we want to address in public interest:

Page 1 of 3
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English translation of document (some editing has been done for clarity and accuracy. Further explanation may also be found in brackets)

(Addressed) To the Court of the Honourable Chief Justice Esquire Supreme Court of Pakistan Islamabad

Title of Application

This application is for the purpose of seeking an investigation to obtain justice for the petitioners (applicants) and to prevent sensitive institutions of the State from transgression, who without reason and without evidence kidnap (already) suppressed members of the public and detain them for years in unknown and untraceable locations. They are unjustly tortured whereby the State does not (even) have a set period of detention. This is wholly unjust and oppressive. 

After many years (of such detention) a military court - only in name - is set up and we are presented before a colonel and that just once. Then without investigation and on the whims of the military court a (further) punishment (in the form of a judgment) is prescribed and we are shifted to jail.

Neither is the prisoner given a say or heard (or allowed a written testament), indeed he is given no opportunity to defend himself in any manner.         

Your Excellency

It is our humble request that the 15 petitioners are currently (jailed) in Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK. The petitioners were arrested without reason and without proof, then effectively made to disappear (from the face of the earth) and tortured for many months. In consequence of which various bodily functions of the petitioners have been rendered useless. 

During torture it was insisted (by the torturers) that they had received reports that we cross the border (the LOC) on multiple occasions. If we in response tried to genuinely clear our name (of such accusations which incidentally cannot be deemed illegal as previous legal case history proves) then we would be further thrashed to the extent of losing our consciousness. We would regain consciousness after many hours only to be beaten in a similar manner once again. 

We would be kept blindfolded at all times which resulted in most of us suffering damage to our sight and some of us even going totally blind. Your Excellency, the height of transgression has been achieved. Every person is physically tortured for months on end and without exception.  

Your Excellency, in very area (or region) enmity and spite may be found between tribes and families. A few people in each area exist as affiliates of these sensitive institutions and they submit false and baseless reports to them on the basis of their personal enmity. The operatives of these sensitive institutions do not even take the trouble of investigating these reports - on the ground - in the concerned area. Neither do they attempt to verify these allegations from a third person in the area.

What becomes clear here is that in order to please their sources they are willing to assist in the entrapment of any innocent person. That very falsely concocted report without evidence is then sent to their headquarters as soon as they abduct (take off the scene) their victims.

Your Excellency, we wish to put forward to you a living example of such a case: Among these 15 prisoners is Muhammad Haider son of Mangta Khan who is aged 67 and unable to walk. A false case was concocted against him - using the procedure described above - wherein sources of these sensitive institutions on the basis of enmity submitted numerous reports against him viz. Muhammad Haider.

Whereas Muhammad Haider had fallen off a tree and consequently broken an arm and a leg along with incurring various other injuries to his body. This resulted in him being bed ridden for 2 years and unable to walk.

Despite that, it can be described as the height of falsehood and transgression that in this period these local sources continuously submitted false reports (to these sensitive institutions) that Muhammad Haider had crossed the 'border' (the LOC or Line of Control dividing Jammu & Kashmir), albeit in name.        

It can be evidenced from here that with the connivance of agency operatives (of these sensitive institutions) any innocent person can be entrapped. This case may be referenced as evidence whereby the village of Bohra exists (for testament). Whereby this gentleman viz. Muhammad Haider's fall (from a tree) and consequent confinement to a bed in 2015 and 2016 can also be submitted as evidence by us.

When Muhammad Haider recovered enough to begin walking after 2 years, he was abducted by agency operatives on the 22nd of August 2017 from Muzaffarabad and thus effectively became a missing person. He was also severely tortured in the process.        
After a year, a superficial court was set up where Muhammad Haider was presented before an army colonel and sentenced to 13 years before being led away to a jail. He was never given the opportunity to argue/verify his innocence and neither did anybody listen to any of his pleas.

Your Excellency, agency operatives torture their victims for an indefinite period whereby no limit is set and statement 164 (of guilt) is written and forcibly taken according to the wishes of the agency operatives, from their abductees. The latter's thumbprints are forcibly etched on the written statement (written of course by the agency operatives). After the evening prayer (Maghrib) the agency operatives use their own vehicle to pick up a local (AJK administration employee) to act as de facto magistrate who could be a tehsildaar or even a (lower) revenue officer; who is brought to the interrogation centre.

These forced witness statements are then stamped by the employee of the AJK administration (using 'official' AJK Government logos) and then the face of the prisoner is shown to them. This is the height of transgression. 

Your Excellency, when the prisoner is handed over to the army and then interrogated; if he tries to maniest the truth or advocates his innocence, on the very next day the agency operatives return there and begin torturing the prisoner once again. Using their - unrestricted - powers to unjustly torture us they then construct a superficial case. If there were to be any truth to their allegations then why do they not present their case (contention) before a genuine court and get the alleged criminals prosecuted?
The reason is because these cases are merely based on concocted reports.   

Your Excellency, agency operatives make god-like claims. It is commonly understood or perceived that they do not commit injustice when reality is in fact the opposite. In aggregate, 90% of the cases filed against those arrested by agency operatives are actually innocent.
In order to rise high in the pecking order of agency operatives and to solidify their position in these sensitive institutions they play with the lives of us helpless victims.

Your Excellency, The extent of oppression and injustice meted out in Pakistan by these sensitive institutions is beyond comparison with any point in history. We humbly appeal to Your Excellency to keep these (agency operatives) within set limits and to comprehensively conduct constitutional reform for such.

We humbly appeal to Your Excellency to relieve us oppressed, poor and even penniless public from these dark and blind powers. As these sensitive institutions on the basis of false reports (without evidence) hold us - the oppressed public - hostage for an indefinite period in undisclosed locations and unjustly torture us, that also indefinitely.
Your Excellency, the holy Qur'an is a sacred book of Allah and a means of living guidance for Muslims. Allah has commanded (in this sacred book) that during struggle (war) if Muslims enter enemy territory they are not to give any strife or trouble to women, children, the ill, old or infirm. Yet these sensitive institutions do not spare anybody. Even those who are incapable of walking in a straight line are subjected to the ire of false reports and are unjustly tortured upon arrest. For the Almighty's sake please conduct constitutional reforms in the State to end these blind and dark powers.    

Your Excellency, there is no such thing as justice in the courts of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK). Every prisoner is entitled to the benefit of 382 B and this was utilised by 4 prisoners that had been imprisoned by the army and agencies. This benefit (decision by the High Court) was jointly challenged by the army and agencies in the Supreme Court of AJK and with the connivance of the latter with the aforementioned (sensitive institutions) the benefit of 382 B was cancelled.   

Whereas, prior to this (case) this very Supreme Court gave a prisoner named Tasawwar Hussain Shah the benefit of 382 B themselves! The courts of AJK are also held hostage by agency operatives.

Your Excellency, all of us as petitioners humbly appeal to you to bring up our cases for retrial in a genuine Civil Court, High Court or Supreme Court. If it is proved that we have committed any crime then we request to be sentenced to death and if no (allegation of) crime is proved against us then we request to be acquitted with honour. This would be perfect justice Your Excellency.  

Your Excellency, these sensitive institutions conduct unjust torture upon their prisoners and force these innocent people to cite names of others (who they can then entrap) so that they can also be entered in their paperwork. Thus, they widen their targets in the field and this is a travesty of justice.  

Those prosecuted by the army are given an opportunity to appeal for which they have to contact GHQ (General Headquarters Rawalpindi). Herein, those prisoners that have a lawyer are not even given the case file so that the lawyer may study the contents and prepare their defence. Furthermore, the prisoner is just taken to a single hearing and then the decision on their case is stalled (or kept pending). Some prisoners do not even receive a decision for 2 years whereas most other decisions are received within a month. 

Your Excellency, convicted prisoners of these superficial courts are neither forgiven nor are they given any quarter for the hard labour they carry out (while imprisoned). For one, they don't obtain justice and secondly they are deprived of concessions/return (for their hard labour). 

Your Excellency, we understand that in order to resolve our predicament we need to formally register an appeal in the shape of a legal case but our helplessness and poverty stricken conditions are such that our women and children endure (continuous) hunger and strife. They are compelled to beg from door to door and are deprived of 2 square meals a day. Furthermore, they are deprived of pursuing the bounty of education.

Many a day can go by in hunger. Where can we obtain the fees to pay lawyers? Please help us for the sake of Allah by retrieving our case files from the army via the Supreme Court and give us a (fair) hearing. Whereby we be given the opportunity to clarify our innocence and be charged/acquitted according to the law. As we have been oppressed on a grand scale.   

Thus, the petitioners humbly appeal to Your Excellency for justice. This would be an example of the utmost kindness on behalf of Your Excellency. The petitioners would be eternally grateful and thankful to Your Excellency. Our family members including us would continue praying for Your Excellency and your family's long life.

List of Victims/Petitioners:

1) Muhammad Haider son of Mangta Khan - sentenced to 13 years in Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

2) Munir Ahmed son of Abdul Aziz - sentenced to 10 years in Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

3) Muhammad Ashraf son of Mangta Khan - sentenced to 6 years in Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

4) Muhammad Naeem son of Muhammad Haider - sentenced to 5 years in Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

5) Muhammad Irshaad son of Muhammad Yaqoob - - sentenced to 3 years in Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

6) Tassaduq Hussain Shah son of Ghulam Haider Shah - sentenced to 10 years in Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

7) Mehmood Shah son of Miskeen Shah - sentenced to 13 years in Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

8) Sajaad Rasool son of Ghulam Rasool - sentenced to 14 years in Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

9) Muhammad Siddique son of Muhammad Deen - sentenced to 11 years in Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

10) Muhammad Yusuf son of Ghulam Muhammad - sentenced to 13 years in Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

11) Muhammad Haider Tamanna son of Mangta Khan - sentenced to 5 years in Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

12) Muhammad Liaqat son of Ameer Wali - sentenced to 5 years in Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

13) Manzoor son of Jalaal Din - sentenced to 11 years in Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

14) Siyaab - sentenced to 10 years in Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

15) Nadeem Akhter son of Jalaal Deen - sentenced to death in Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

End.....of English translation


Urdu transliteration (As taken from document - some of the text has been edited for clarity and accuracy)

Ba adaalat Janaab Chief Justice Sahaab Supreme Court of Pakistan Islamabad

Unwaan darkhwaast

Darkhwaast ba muraad tehqeeqaat farmaatey huey sail ko insaaf diya jaey aur riyasati asaas idaaro ko zulm aur naa insaafi se roka jaey jo bila wajha badoo thaboot mazloom awaam ko aghwaa kartey huwey saalo tak laa pata rakhtey huwey najaiz torture kartey hain jis ki riyasat ke andar koi muddat taeen nahi hay. 

Ye saraasar zulm aur naa insaafi hay. Kai saalo ke baad aik baraa he naam fauji adaalat qaim kartey huwey aik colonel sb ke saamne sirf aik murtaba pesh kartey huwey beghair chaan bheen apni man marzi ki saza dilwa kar jail muntaqil kar detey hain. Qaidi ki na koi baat suni jaati hay aur nahi likhi jaati balqey safai pesh karney ka koi moqa nahi diya jaata.

Janaab e Aali

1) Muad e baana guzarish hay ke saahilaan 15 afraad is waqt Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir Raara central jail me mojood hain. Sailaan ko agency ehelkaaro ne bila jawaaz badoon thaboot giraftaar kartey huwey laapata kiya aur kai maa tak torture kartey rahey jis ki wajha se sailaan badani taur par naakaara ho chukey hain. 

Sail ko dauran e torture is baat ka israar kartey rahey ke tum logo ke khilaaf reportey hain ke tum border cross kartey ho jis ke jawaab me agar sailaan koi haqeeqi safai pesh karney ki koshish kartey to is qadr najaiz tashadud karni shuru kar detey ke bilqul behosh kar detey. Kai kai ghanto ke baad hosh me laaya jaata aur phir dobaara tashadud shuru kar detey hain. 

Din raat aanko par pathi baandhi rakhtey hain jis ki wajha se aksar logo ki aankhein kharaab honey ke saath binayi bhi khatm ho chuki hay. Janaab e aala zulm ki inteha (khatm) ho chuki hay. Har aadmi ko kai kai maa tak torture aur naajaiz tashadud kiya jaata hay.

2) Janab e aali har ilaaqa me baraadariyo ke andar dushman daari aur ranjish mojood hoti hay. Chand log ilaaqey me mojood asaas idaaro ki joodatey (groups) mojood hoti hain inke saath munsaliq hain dushman daari ki bina par logo ke khilaaf jhooti aur be bunyaad reports detey rehte hain aur agency ehelkaar itni takleef bhi bardaasht nahi kartey ke is di gayi report ko ilaaqey ke andar tehqeeq kartey huwey kisi third person aadmi se bhi verified kar le. Jis se ye ayaan hota hay ke wo apney sources ko khush karney ke liye kissi bhi begunaah aadmi ko pansaaney ke liye maawanat kartey hain aur wohi di gayi jhooti report apney headquarter me (main) bhejh detey hain. Joo hi badoon thaboot aadmi ko rowey e posh kar letey hain jis ki aik zinda mithaal janaab e aali ke saamney pesh ki jaati hay: inhi 15 qaidiyo me se Muhammad Haider wald Mangta Khan jis ki aik zinda mithaal janaab e aali ke saamney pesh ki jaati hay: Is ki umar 67 saal hay jo ke chalney phirney ke qaabil nahi hay. Jis ke khilaaf agency sources ne dushman daari ki binaa par jhooti reports darj kar waatey rahey jab ke ye shaks aik drakht se gira tha jo ke is ki aik taang aur baazoo toot gaya tha, deegar kaafi chotey ayi thi ye do saal tak charpai par para raha aur bilqul chalney phirney ke qaabil na tha jab ke zulm aur jhoot ki inteha khatm ho chuki hay is arsa ke dauran bhi sources lagataar apney jhooti reporto me mehaz farzi border cross karwaatey rahey.

Aur jis se ye thaabit hota hay ke agency ehelkaaro ki mili bhgat se kisi bhi beqasoor shaks ko pansaaya jaata hay is waqai ke bataur thaboot Bohra gau mojood hay. Jo ke is shaks ke girney aur saal 2015 aur saal 2016 ka thaboot charpai par padhey rehna ka dengey. 2 saal ke baad jab ye shaks chalney pirney ke qaabil huwa to 22 August 2017 ko Muzaffarabad ke muqaam se agency ehelkaaro ne aghwa kartey huwey laapata kar liya aur najaiz torture kartey rahey. Aik saal ke baad sirf aik din masnooi adaalat qaim kartey huwey aik fauji Colonel ke saamney pesh kartey huwey 13 saal saza dilwa kar jail bhejh diya. Koi bhi safai pesh karney ka moqa nahi aur naahi kisi ne koi bat suni. 

3) Janaab e aala agency ehelkaar ghair muaina muddat tak torture kartey rehtey hain jis ki koi had muqarar na hi aur bayaan 164 az khud apni marzi ke tehreer kartey huwey jabran us par angootha nasb karwaatey hain aur namaaz Maghrib ke baad apni ghaari par aik magistrate/tehsildaar ya officer maal ko uthaa kar apney interrogation centre par laatey hain jo ke in tehreer shuda bayaano par us ki stamp nasb karwaatey hain aur qaidi ki shakal dikhatey hain. Ye zulm ki intehaa hay. 

4) Janaab e Aala - jis waqt qaidi ko army ke hawaaley kartey hain waha par karwai ke dauran agar koi haqeeqat aur safai pesh karey to doosrey din agency ehelkaar waha par pahunch jaatey hain waha par bhi tashadud kartey hain. Agency ehelkaar apney zor e baazoo aur najaiz tashadud ke bhal bootey par jo masnooi case tyar kartey hain. Agar is me koi haqeeqat aur sachai ho to phir is ko haqeeqi adaalato me chalaan kartey huwey mulzim ko saza kyou nahi dilaatey chunkey is ka case mehaz jhooti reporto ke bhal bootey par hota hay. 

5) Janaab e Aala - agency ehelkaar khudayi daawey kartey hain aam ye mashoor hay ke ye najaiz nahi kartey jab ke haqaaiq bilqul bar aks hain agency ehelkaaro ke jumla giraftaar shuda logo ke khilaaf jo case muratab kiya gaya hay in me se kam o pesh 90% log begunaah hain. Agency ehelkaar apna naam ooncha karney ke liye aur idaara ke andar adjust reheny ki khaatir mazloom aur bekas logo ki zindagiyo se khel rahey hain.

6) Janaab e aala jis qadr zulm aur na-insaafi Pakistan ke andar hasaas idaaro ne bharpa kar rakha hay is ki mithaal taareekh ke andar kahi bhi nahi milti. Janaab e aala se istidaa hay ke in ko daira hudood me rakha jaye aur is par mukammal ain saazi ki jaye. 

7) Janaab e aala se istidaa hay ke is kaaley aur andhey power se mazloom naadaar aur ghareeb awaam ko nijaat dilaayi jaey. Choonkey hasaas idaarey badoon e thaboot mehaz jhooti reporto par ghareeb aur mazloom awaam ko yarghamaal banaatey huwey ghair muayana muddat tak laapata rakhtey huwey najaiz tashadud kartey rehtey hain jis ki koi muddat tain na hay. Janaab e aala Quran Paak aur Allah Taaala ki paak kitab aur musalmaano ke liye zaabta e hayaat hay.

Is me Allah taala ne farmaaya ke dauran e jihaad agar Musulmaan dushman ke ilaaqey me daakhil ho to aurato bacho bemaaro aur burhu ko koi aziyat aur takleef naa pahunchaye. Lekin hasaas idaarey kisi ko bhi nahi maaf kartey. Jo log seedhey raastey par chalney se kaasir hay un ko bhi jhooti reporto par pahaar charaatey hain aur giraftaar kartey huwey najaiz torture kartey hain. Khuda raah is kaaley aur andhey power ke liye riyasat ke andar ain saazi ki jaaye.

8) Janaab e aala Azad Kashmir ki adalato me koi insaaf naam ki cheez nahi hay. 382 B ka faida jo har qaidi ka haq hay Azad Kashmir High Court ne agency aur army ke saza yaafta 4 qaidiyo ko 382 B ka faida diya. Is faisley ko army aur agency ne mil kar Azad Kashmir ke Supreme Court me le gaye aur Supreme Court se milli bhaghat se 382 B ke diye gaye faidey ko mustarad kar wadiya. Jab ke is se qabl isi Supreme Court ne Tasawwar Hussain Shah naami qaidi ko az khud 382 B ka faida diya tha. Azad Kashmir ki adaalato ko bhi agency ehelkaaro ne yarghamaal bana rakha hay. 

9) Janaabe aala se hum jumla sailaan istidaa kartey hay ke hamaarey caso ko haqeeqi civil adaalat High Court ya Supreme Court me re-trial kiya jaey. Agar hum par jurm thaabit hojaye to humey saza e maut di jaey aur agar jurm thaabit na ho phir bhi humey ba izzat barhi kiya jaey. Janaab e aala ka ain insaaf hoga.

10) Janaab e aala hasaas idaarey giraftaar shuda logo ko najaiz tashadud kartey huwey begunaah logo ka jabran kartey huwey naam kehlwaaney par majboor kartey hain aur bhi kai haa logo ko paperwork me malawas kartey huwey ainda ke liye apna field kholtey hain. Ye sarasar na insaafi hay.

11) Army ke saza yaafta logo ko aik appeal ka moqa diya jaata hay jis ke liye general headquarter me rojoo karna partha hay. Is me jin qaidiyo ne waqeel kiya hota hay un ko file hi nahi detey jis ko dekh par kar waqeel tyaari karey aur qaidi ko sirf aik dafa taareekh par le jaatey aur faisle ko rokey rakhtey hain. Do saalo tak chand qaidiyo ka faisla hi nahi bhejhtey jab ke aksar faisley aik maa tak aajaatey hain. 

12) Janaab e aala masnooi adaalato se saza yaafta qaidiyo ko nahi koi maafi di jaati hay aur nahi mushaqat ke evaz koi quarter diye jaatey hain. Aik to insaaf nahi milta har riyaayat se mehroom rakha gaya hay. 

13) Janaab e aala hum samajhtey hay ke humey apni daad rassi ke liye baazabta appeal ki soorat me case dair karna chahiye lekin hamaari naadaari aur beqasi ki ye haalat hay ke hamaara baal bacha bhook aflaas ka shikaar hay. Dar badar beekh maangne par majboor hain jo do waqt ki roti ko taras rahey hay taaleem haasil karney jaisi nimat se bhi mehroom hain. Gharo me kai kai dinoo tak faakho ki naubat aa rahi hay. Hum kaha se wakeelo ke liye paiso ka bandobast karey? Az raah Allah hamaari madad farmaey aur hamaarey caso ki filey Supreme Court me army se talab kartey huwey humey sunayi jaey aur apni safai pesh karney ka moqa diya jaey aur tehat e zaabta qanooni karwai amal me layi jaaney ke ahkamaat saadir farmaye jaey. Chooknkey hamaarey saath intehai na insaafi huwi hay.

Lehaaza sailaan Janaab e aala se bharpoor istidaa kartey hay ke humey insaaf dilaaya jaye. Janaab e aala ki ain nawaazish hogi..Sailaan taa hayaat janaab e aala ke mashkoor aur mamnoon rahengey aur maa ehle khaana janaab e aala ki umar daraaz aur ehle khaana ko duaey detey rahengey.

Arz e niyaaz mandaan

1) Muhammad Haider wald Mangta Khan - saza 13 saal Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

2) Munir Ahmed wald Abdul Aziz - saza 10 saal - Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AK

3) Muhammad Ashraf wald Mangta Khan - saza 6 saal - Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

4) Muhammad Naeem wald Muhammad Haider - saza 5 saal - Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

5) Muhammad Irshaad wald Muhammad Yaqoob - saza 3 saal - Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

6) Tassaduq Hussain Shah wald Ghulam Haider Shah - saza 10 saal - Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

7) Mehmood Shah wald Miskeen Shah - saza 13 saal - Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

8) Sajaad Rasool wald Ghulam Rasool - saza 14 saal - Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

9) Muhammad Siddique wald Muhammad Deen - saza 11 saal - Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

10) Muhammad Yusuf wald Ghulam Muhammad - saza 13 saal - Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

11) Muhammad Haider Tamanna - wald Mangta Khan - saza 5 saal - Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

12) Muhammad Liaqat wald Ameer Wali - saza 5 saal - Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

13) Manzoor wald Jalaal Din - saza 11 saal - Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

14) Siyaab - saza 10 saal - Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK

15) Nadeem Akhter - wald Jalaal Deen - saza e maut - Raara Central Jail - Muzaffarabad AJK



Tuesday 11 February 2020

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 42 of 2020


We are proceeding with the human rights angle and wish to remind our readers of the following case brought to our notice on Day 324 of 2019. Here's a video of the home of the abducted girl and you can see how the Pakistani army camp is embedded right in the middle of the village:

Here are some photos taken at the scene:

A View of the Pakistani Army Camp in Bandli Khuiratta from the Abducted Girl's Home 

A Close-up View of the Pakistani Army Camp

Raja Anwar - the Abducted Girl's Ailing Father Bedridden since his Daughter's Abduction


This most important day in the calendar for what are described as 'nationalists' in AJK was spent in Muzaffarabad:


The German broadcaster remains alert on public activity in AJK:


Monday 10 February 2020

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 41 of 2020


Its another day and another battle. Now, that we've completed our first phase of the People's Assembly we can now concentrate on the judiciary. We have been preparing a writ petition on fundamental rights for the past few months but have yet to submit it to the High Court of AJK. 

Now is the time!


Meanwhile, the human rights angle is still way too under-reported from a researcher's point of view. Here's an example:


Sunday 9 February 2020

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 40 of 2020


We achieved 11% of our quorum for the inaugural session of the People's Assembly - AJK. A lot of work needed to fulfill the remaining 89% for the next session on Sunday the 10th of May.

Here's coverage of the proceedings in full:


Saturday 8 February 2020

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 39 of 2020


I'm getting calls from the police to change our venue from the Assembly Secretariat elsewhere. However, given that tomorrow is a Sunday whereby the Assembly Secretariat is closed and that I am not trying to mobilise a large crowd. Indeed, it would be a miracle if the 100 intended people were to participate according to the population quota of each subdivision.

It should also be noted that we have engaged the AJK government consistently since the 16th of December 2019 and have engaged the local administration in each subdivision on a daily basis during our tour. If there were any objections they should have been made clear well before the proposed inaugural session tomorrow. 

This is not a stand alone event, rather it is part of an internal democratic process to empower the AJK Assembly. It would be pointless conducting this programme elsewhere and its significance would be lost. Of course, the AJK police says it is keen to provide security if the programme were to be conducted elsewhere but.....

So, after yesterday's discussion with DC Badr Munir, I will contact him once again shortly to try and iron out this unnecessary dilemma.

Later on:


Friday 7 February 2020

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 38 of 2020


Began working on Muzaffarabad tehsil (subdivision) since I am here. Visited the Lawyer's Bar Association's President Raja Amjad who happened to be vacating his chair today, as there are fresh elections tomorrow. He therefore excused himself from giving a video interview.

I then met the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Muzaffarabad Badr Munir. He said he would consult with his 'higher' authorities and get back to me later today.

Here's our video update courtesy JKTV:


We've highlighted on various occasions examples of where the Government of Pakistan and by extension the Government of AJK have disowned any responsibility for what they receive taxpayer's money for. This is an example of AJK students stranded in China on account of the Corona virus:


Thursday 6 February 2020

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 37 of 2020


We also got this in yesterday:


Wednesday 5 February 2020

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 36 of 2020


Meeting the journalist fraternity in Muzaffarabad is still pending as is a High Court writ in reference to the mass denial of fundamental rights in AJK.

A lot of work ahead....

Meanwhile, the long-awaited second live programme on JKTV in reference to the People's Assembly is going to be aired this evening:

Here's the programme itself:


Tuesday 4 February 2020

Monday 3 February 2020

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 34 of 2020


We've had to abort our AJK wide tour in reference to the inaugural session of The People's Assembly as we (Afzaal Hamdani and I) were prevented from proceeding beyond Reshian checkpost earlier today.

This was our second attempt after I was stopped at the same location on Friday the 31st.

I cannot pursue the objective of obtaining the fundamental rights of my people if I can't even travel to all the subdivisions of my territory. 

The Pakistani army and its agencies have an ego problem, a greed dilemma and an inefficiency crisis.

They also have absolutely no idea of what the world is in the 21st century.

Do any of you remember this?


I am now proceeding to the capital of AJK and specifically the PM Secretariat to obtain a public statement from the AJK government on this most recent obstacle in the path of public interest in AJK.

Here's our video for the day:


Daily Diary (DD) - Day 112 of 2024

1006hrs: It is now routine that I automatically wake at around 0500hrs. Even an alarm clock is no longer necessary. Today I got up at 0515hr...