Monday 21 March 2016

Advancing the Process of Constitutional Evolution in AJK

Having been taken into protective custody by Leepa Subdivisional Police in July 2015 on the instructions of Pakistan's clandestine agencies; 6 days incarceration then, followed by 2 days in Reshian/Hattian in August 2015, when I was prevented from re-entering Leepa Valley and now; after spending 19 days in Chinari jail, my research activities in public interest have been declared as genuine. 

A decision by the District Sessions judge in Hattian Bala found the allegations against me baseless and irrelevant, on Friday the 18th of March. My stance of not deeming a Pakistani ID card as compulsory for a state citizen of AJK and my effort to create a representative sample of public opinion in AJK - by conducting a national survey - were effectively recognized as my fundamental right. 

Many thanks to all the politicians, administration officials, AJK police, lawyers throughout Muzaffarabad division, members of the judiciary and perhaps most of all; the average citizen of AJK for making this whole 9 month ordeal an honourable and pleasurable experience. 

Please read through the court's decision and comment as appropriate.

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