Thursday 9 April 2015

The Language of Agency

Notes from Diary of 030415:

In any land where business and politics are intertwined, state agencies exploit, monitor and manage public space, leaving public agency an up-hill trans-generational exercise to create, formalise collective public wisdom and translate that into a genuine public agency.

In the year of 1947, there were perhaps no more publicly significant individuals than the un-linked troika of Maharaja Hari Singh, Sheikh Abdullah and Sardar Ibrahim......

The first wanted Swiss style neutrality and independence, with him as constitutional monarch. The second was swayed by India's charm and the third put his faith in Pakistan. The latter two over time and through bitter experiences changed their stance to pretty much what the Maharajah's stance was.

Their individual political decisions prove that no genuine organised public agency existed in the princely State of J & K, otherwise how could the state disintegrate to a bare skeleton in 7 pieces with complex social ruptures that dis-oriented its subjects and aspiring citizens. 

...Forced migration in all directions within the state and beyond, being just one aspect which many of us suffer the effects of, to this day.....

To be continued of course....

Meanwhile, in response to my regular and now formal use of the term 'public agency' or 'public agent', some citizens have questioned the validity of its use.

Hence, my following explanation:

Context of the use of the term 'Public Agency'

Denying legitimacy to foreign state agencies can only be achieved through genuine public agency in the State of AJK. The political route has a pre-condition just as a genuine constitution has a pre-condition of an indigenously created political process.

The origin or utility of terms should reflect socio-political reality.

That's what I've striven to understand by working within and amongst the subjects cum citizens of the state.


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