Wednesday 31 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 31 of 2024


Leaving it very late on the last day of the month when the skies are roaring, electricity is infrequent and this laptop's battery is also on reserve.

It continued raining for the third day in sequence after about 3 months absence. We are revelling in it as much as our culture allows. Sharpness in sleep patterns is still pending. Slept at c. 0400hrs and got up around midday, with a little nap of an hour or so added in the evening too.

I need to be scared of failure in order to succeed, is what a stranger told me about 3 decades ago.


Meanwhile, Luton Town's ascendency in premier league football cannot be ignored either. A whole massive subject there.


Tuesday 30 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 30 of 2024


The rain has thankfully continued today at intervals but that hasn't helped my sleeping pattern. The rain does a world of good for agriculture and horticulture but our infrastructure cannot really deal with it, as a consequence of which life - which is usually slow - slows down even more. Slept at c. 0200hrs and didn't really get up again before midday.


Monday 29 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 29 of 2024


It rained this morning at around 0300hrs, after many a month. I didn't get to sleep until about 0400hrs while enjoying the change in air and fragrance of the hitherto parched soil. I did wake at 0800hrs but continued sleeping till about midday. 


Sunday 28 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 28 of 2024


Fared a lot better today. Got up at 0830hrs after sleeping just after 0100hrs. I did fall back asleep at around 0900hrs till 1030hrs. Compared to the 15 hours of rest yesterday I restricted my quota today to 9 hours. Still 3 hours more than the optimum. The struggle continues.


We must remember those who peacefully fought for us and got killed for their selfless efforts:


We bring you a document submitted (effectively) by UKPNP chairman Shaukat Ali Kashmiri at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva today:


Saturday 27 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 27 of 2024


Fell back today despite going to sleep yesterday night at around 2200hrs. At 0700hrs this morning I was awake, fresh and even sprightly but I fell back asleep again an hour later only to get up at around 1400hrs in the afternoon. 'Enjoying' a total of 15 hours sleep in the last 24 hours. This obviously leaves little space to do much of the every day work that is needed.


A languid day at home but still an opportunity to observe humanity's relationship with nature:


Friday 26 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 26 of 2024


Brought my sleep pattern down to the required 6 hours. 

However, the alignment is still way out. 

Travelled to Dadyaal yesterday and engagement with others took us to 0330hrs this morning. I did get up by 0930hrs as there was much to do in Dadyaal before arriving back at Jammu Chowk Sehnsa at 1400hrs, for our 3rd weekly 'Public Court' or Awaami Adaalat'. 

We arrived late at 1450hrs after some complications which should have been avoided much earlier in the day. We are fortunate that the public was patiently waiting for us:


Later at home:


Thursday 25 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 25 of 2024


I have narrowed the gap by an hour. Fell asleep at 0200hrs again but on this occasion had quite a few guests with whom I had to remain engaged. However, I did get up at 0900hrs. 7 hours is just one hour over the optimum.

However, I did fall back asleep at around 1100hrs and strayed away from daily duties needing attention. I got up again at c. 1300hrs. 9 hours of rest out of 24 is too much for a 21st century activist in this territory. 


Wednesday 24 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 24 of 2024


Slept at c. 0200hrs and got up at c. 1000hrs. Thus, 2 hours late in going down and 4 hours late in coming back up. The deficiency is of 2 hours which needs to be worked on over the next few days.


Tuesday 23 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 23 of 2024


Performed slightly better than yesterday, sleeping at c. 0200hrs and getting up at c. 0930hrs. Practice makes progress and finally we will get it right. One can judge from the stats generated during my 297 day stint at Maqbool Bhat Martyr's Square (2022-2023) how I managed to ensure punctuality to over 90% in arriving at the Square at 0800hrs, whereas in the beginning I was struggling at below 60%.


It just so happened that today's working schedule coincided with potentially highly inflammatory news emerging from India. Meanwhile, here's a construction more closer to home that we wish to give attention to. We also hope our diaspora can give attention to this educational initiative for our future generations:

Here's the related video in Pahaari:


It all began a couple of days ago. Google alerts began informing me of wide coverage in Indian media about me sending holy water (sacred to the Kashmiri Pandits) of Sharda for the re-opening of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India yesterday.

I began clarifying my position yesterday when many ill-informed bigots in AJK began claiming to defend Muslims - and no less - Islam by criticising me, abusing me and even threatening me for not only selling my nation but selling my religion too. Here's a screenshot of one such threat emanating from a journalist Shahid Choudhary of Dadyaal, apparently politically affiliated to the Pakistan People's Party as well as the Jamaat e Islami.

A video statement at Jammu Chowk Sehnsa was also in order, to read out JKA PUBLIC AGENCY NOTE #U214822012024 and also the above Facebook post by Shahid Choudhary as an example of how propaganda operates here in AJK whenever it recognises an opportunity:


Monday 22 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 22 of 2024


Slipped up again somewhat. I did manage to sleep soon after midnight but didn't get up until 1030hrs, despite actually waking up at 0730hrs. Meanwhile, all cylinders are firing viz. Human/Data, Soil, Waste and Water Management.

Generating 18 hours of output in every 24 is essential. That remains the fundamental target into the 22nd day of 2024.


The opportunity to deal with hypocrisy has been served on a plate to us by some of our co-citizens in reference to attitudes on religious harmony amongst the population of AJK:

Here's the public note in English followed by Urdu:

Water is a route to peace, not conflict

It is true that I sent the water (collected on the 12th of July  2023 at Sharda and sent via London soon after) to my fellow Riyasatee Ravinder Pandita - Founder of Save Sharda Committee Kashmir - though it was not intended for Ayodhya and neither did he ever mention that it was. 

Having said all that, he is free to use it as per his religious convictions, just as we Muslims pay reverence to Makkah, in Saudi Arabia, without being politically obligated to that country.

Reclaiming the trust of our fellow Riyasatees is a necessity to bring them back into the national fold of Jammu Kashmir & Allied (areas) #JKA . 

For that, we take as many meaningful steps as possible, within the parameters of humanity. 

As a public policy principle we do not get embroiled in controversies that emerge out of India, Pakistan or anywhere else. Our geopolitical neutrality depends on that.

We strive to build mutual confidence between all regions and religions of JKA, even if some of our actions or activities may initially create misunderstandings over our strategy to deliver a 1,000 year peace to this territory.

JKA PUBLIC AGENCY Note: #E214822012024


"پانی امن کا راستہ ہے، تنازعہ کا نہیں"


یہ سچ ہے کہ میں نے شاردہ کے ایک چشمے سے 12 جولائی 2023 کو پانی نکال کر بذریعہ لندن اپنے ایک ہم وطن باشندہ ریاست، بانی "شاردہ بچائو کمیٹی کشمیر " جناب رویندرا پنڈتا، کو پہنچایا، البتہ یہ پانی ایودھیا پہنچانے کی نیت سے نہیں دیا گیا تھا اور نہ ہی میرے اس ہم وطن نے اس کا ذکر کیا تھا،


یہ سب تسلیم کرنے کے بعد گزارش یہ کہ رویندرا پنڈتا جی  اس پانی کو اپنے مذہبی مقاصد کے لئے استعمال کرنے میں مکمل آذاد ہے، بالکل اسی طرح جیسے ہم مسلمان سعودی عرب سے آب زم زم کو بغیر کسی سیاسی مخاصمت کے استعمال کرتے ہیں،


اپنے ہم وطن باشندگان ریاست کو جموں کشمیر و متحدہ علاقہ جات میں واپس لانے کے لئے اعتماد دلانا ضروری تھا،


اس مقصد کے لئے ہم انسانیت کے دائرہ کار میں رہتے ہوئے  ہر ممکن اقدام اٹھائیں گئے،


عوامی پالیسی کے اصول کے مطابق ہم ایسے تنازعات میں نہیں پڑتے جو انڈیا، پاکستان یا کسی بھی بیرونی سازش کا شاخسانہ ہوں، ہماری سیاسی غیر جانبداری کا دار و مدار اسی حکمت عملی پہ منحصر ہے،


ہم کوشش کرتے ہیں کہ ہم سب  علاقے اور مذاہب کے پیرو کاروں کے درمیان باہمی اعتماد پیدا کریں جن کا تعلق ریاست جموں کشمیر و متحدہ علاقہ جات سے ہے،


اس کے باوجود کہ بعض اوقات ہمارے کچھ اقدامات ابتدائی طور پر غلط فہمیاں پیدا کرتے ہیں اس حکمت عملی پر جو ہم نے ایک ہزار سال کے امن کو قائم کرنے کے لئے اس دھرتی پر تیار کیا ہے،


#جےکےاے پبلک ایجنسی نوٹ



Sunday 21 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 21 of 2024


I managed to reverse the setback yesterday by waking up at 0815hrs despite sleeping after 0200hrs. I feel as fresh as needed and thus the 6hrs in 24 needed for recharging one's body and soul proves to be suffice.

I visited the local masjid which happens to be next to my house to seek permission for making an announcement on their loudspeaker to alert the surrounding villages to a public meeting at 1400hrs today in reference to maintaining cleanliness of public space in the local bazaar. The message we received from the Imaam was that guidelines from the Aghaar Darbaar at Kotli (which administers a lot of masaajid in this region) restrict loudspeaker use to the announcements of funerals.

Cleanliness is widely known as 'half of faith' according to Islam and masaajid are supposed to provide community service. Much has to be done for the living, more so than those who have deceased. I relayed this to an uncle of mine to try and speak to the Imaam to address this societal deficiency.


JKNIA (Jammu Kashmir National Independence Alliance) has begun regularly conducting webinars on Zoom to address our lingering 'national question' in the wake of an ongoing rights movement in AJK and Gilgit Baltistan. I have had the privilege of being invited to speak on a number of occasions:

Actual Webinar:

Some notes that I made during the programme:

I have taken a public policy approach from the outset in 2005....coming from a background of international journalism and parliamentary correspondence.

Narrative (Agency of the people)

Sovereignty (Have majority of Riyasatis residing in the territory and have legal title via people's reference)

Representative Character (Public Assembly with proportional representation of all parts beginning in AJK and giving seats to all other parts of the erstwhile State gradually)

There are many people, many parties/organisations/alliances/committees/councils but there is an argument that none of them are recognised.....I would argue many enjoy some form of recognition but representative character is missing. We do have globally recognised talent in all fields but we haven't utilised them....conducting our own population census and referendum is the beginning of that process.

India and Pakistan claim to have representative character in the shape of governments/regimes on their respectively controlled sides.

You can overcome all powers (regional & international) with direct democracy....people's opinion + people's resources = people's control of public policy

Baba Jaan - As he lives in the most strategic part of JKA and thus has explained the problem in a nutshell and has given the prescription in a nutshell too.


Saturday 20 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 20 of 2024


Despite falling asleep soon after midnight I didn't get up until c. midday. Thus, today can be described as a deviation from the path created a couple of days ago.


Friday 19 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 19 of 2024


Not as sharp as yesterday but still within the parameters of acceptance. I made a point of trying to sleep at the stroke of midnight and succeeded in doing so not so long after, getting up at c. 0745hrs. The optimum target remains between 0000hrs and 0600hrs.


2nd 'Loga Ni Kacheri' 'Awaami Adaalat' or The People's Court at Jammu Chowk Sehnsa AJK:

Today was our second session as we strive to make this a regular weekly event at 2pm every Friday afternoon at Jammu Chowk in Sehnsa (Subdivision) Kotli district of AJK:


Thursday 18 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 18 of 2024


So, this is more like it. Today I got up at precisely the time I need to get up at every day viz. 0600hrs, despite travelling yesterday and sleeping beyond 0100hrs. Long may this pattern continue:


In preparation for tomorrow:


Wednesday 17 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 17 of 2024


When one is not performing to their optimum levels, it can feel like they have reached rock bottom but the depths are even deeper than what one usually imagines. We have reached such depths it seems. Looking back at this winter, it can be assessed as probably the least productive over the past 19. I didn't sleep until c. 0330hrs this morning and despite waking up at 0800hrs feeling strangely fresh (a bit like yesterday) I decided to go back to sleep, only to wake up at c. 1400hrs.

Can I break this cycle?

The answers have to be found deep inside.



Tuesday 16 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 16 of 2024


Still struggling with sleep pattern and it is detrimentally affecting public interest the longer it drags on. Wasn't until 0300hrs that I fell asleep but I did wake up at 0800hrs, feeling reasonably fresh but comfort inside the house compared with a cold exterior outside the house got the better of my emotions and I didn't effectively get up till beyond 1400hrs.

Introspecting publicly as I am doing and I mentioned it in our daily evening Space yesterday evening too, is my last chance to revive myself.


Monday 15 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 15 of 2024


A lazier day than any of the previous days of this year. It has to be the last, one affirms. Slept at c. 0100hrs and despite getting up at 0930hrs fell back asleep after morning kahwa, not really getting up before 1400hrs. Almost 13 hour's of sleep - 6 due = 7 hours wasted out of 24.


Sunday 14 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 14 of 2024


Got up at 1100hrs today after sleeping at just after 0100hrs....It will get better soon. That I am sure of.


The UK visit to Mirpur on the 10th has taken a few days to reach us despite an unprecedented plethora of social media. It does make one think:

Objections to this visit were raised by India for obvious reasons but the manner in which Mirpur was presented as a part of Pakistan was objected to, even by our co-citizens in Gilgit Baltistan. Here's an example:


Saturday 13 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 13 of 2024


Still struggling with my sleep cycle but the quality of the rest of the day is improving. Didn't get to sleep till around 0500hrs and got up at c. 1230hrs. I will try and keep on trying till I succeed.


Friday 12 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 12 of 2024


Fell asleep soon after midnight (the earliest in a while) and somehow woke at 0300hrs feeling afresh. However, I didn't think 3 hours would fulfil my quota of needed sleep and tried to go back to sleep, which didn't really happen till about 0730hrs. I eventually woke just after 1100hrs. What I should have done is bite the bullet and got up at 0600hrs while I was still struggling to go back to sleep.

I'm spending a lot of time weblogging about my sleep pattern as this winter it just isn't gelling properly. This also affects what and how much I can do for the rest of the day.


Today, we initiate another regular activity viz. 'Awaami Adalat' (Public Court) or Loga Ni Kacheri (in Pahaari) which will be conducted every Friday at Jammu Chowk Sehnsa, whereby matters that are unresolvable with the government will be put to the public at large to take suggestions for remedy:

Here's a photo of the event too:


The following video is an important reference, not so much for its title but how it describes British instigation of warfare in Jammu Kashmir & Allied (areas) as early as the 18th of August 1947 (not the 22nd of October 1947 as traditionally thought). This subject is broached from 11 minutes 11 seconds onwards under the sub-title 'Who ordered the 1947 attack on Kashmir from the Pakistan side? Surprising revelations!' :

As can be gleaned from Col Ajay Raina (R)'s commentary (he mentions that he has also penned these notes in a book with proofs) he mentions:

General Masservy (Commander in Chief of Pakistan forces) signed an operational order (Operation Gulmarg) on the 18th of August 1947. 

The invasion began on the night of 8th October 1947 in Poonch, 2 weeks before the 'tribal attack'.


Thursday 11 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 11 of 2024


Struggled to sleep till 0300hrs and woke up at 1130hrs. My routine is still light years away from where it should be. This form of open introspection will enable all those close to me (or monitoring me for other purposes) to analyse where we - as a nation - are succeeding and failing. If I can't change myself I have no chance of changing the nation. Even if the nation does succeed despite my failures it will be for other reasons little to do with myself. Or the change will not be a genuine change or it may pass by as a mere fleeting change.


Wednesday 10 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 10 of 2024


Our dive away from the optimum level of sleep continues....yesterday evening I had to take a nap between 1700hrs and 1900hrs to repel the headache emerging throughout the day yesterday. This contributed to me not being able to sleep till about 0400hrs this morning and not waking up till c. 1400hrs this afternoon.


Every spurt of growth must learn the art of sustainable growth, an art that can sustain that growth for a 1,000 years. Even a couple of centuries of growth is not enough to prevent a recession. We are not referring to economic growth, which is a necessary supplement and consequence of civilisational growth. 

We are finally emerging out of a 77 year old civilisational recession in Jammu Kashmir & Allied (areas).

We will re-produce the whole text of the Facebook post below, for the purposes of clarity and reference:


As co-citizens of #JammuKashmirAllied living in #AJK we would need access to #JammuAirport as soon as practical, as part of our #PublicPolicy requirements within the parameters of Security, Governance, Economy & Culture.

We will begin engaging their politicians on this matter and it is for them to decide how they negotiate terms with #India .

In statistical terms, our co-citizens are being killed almost on a daily basis and almost as if they are fighting in a war zone. There may be little correlation in the individual circumstances of each killing, though that cannot be an excuse for the fact that they are being killed in #Pakistan . 

The Pakistani State is unable to provide protection of life, wealth and honour. 

The killing of a #BritishAJK citizen Choudhary Tassaruf Hussain of #Bihari in #Dadyaal and #Manchester #UK - on the 8th of January (2 days ago) - while being driven back from #IslamabadAirport in Pakistan to his native territory #AJK - which is a part of #Jammu #Kashmir & #AlliedAreas - has provoked public opinion to seek alternative travel arrangements with the world.

JKA PUBLIC AGENCY Note: #E165010012024


Tuesday 9 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 9 of 2024


My targeted optimum rest of 6 hours between midnight and 0600hrs took a dive today as I didn't get to sleep till 0630hrs and 'grudgingly' woke up at 1130hrs to attend to our daily chores today. Discussions with my guests continued late into the night which included an early morning breakfast meal at a 24 hour restaurant in our tehsil.


Tuesday mornings have emerged as our regular weekly interaction with the local administration in tehsil Sehnsa, who represent the AJK government.

We progressed well with the 'Alms Department' and the local municipal town committee but we encountered a very uncomfortable if not downright rude Assistant Commissioner. Some details have been described in Pahaari, in the video below:


Monday 8 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 8 of 2024


A highly engaging day, even though it began as late as midday, despite sleeping just beyond 0100hrs.


Sunday 7 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 7 of 2024


A slight improvement on yesterday. Slept at 0200hrs and woke at 1030hrs. This is the same amount of sleep as yesterday (8 and a half hours) but I am hopeful that I will - over the next few days - get to that elusive slot of 0000hrs to 0600hrs.

Meanwhile, there may be a very provocative exchange of words or even deeds between the Pakistani sponsored local administration and the public in Kotli city today as the former tries to ram its delusional interpretation of self-determination on the masses here.


Saturday 6 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 6 of 2024


Although I woke at the same time as yesterday viz. 1130hrs I did get to sleep at 0100hrs and thus am confident that I will soon worm my way to the optimum 0000hrs (midnight) to 0600hrs sleep cycle.


Friday 5 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 5 of 2024


I have sunk further away from the optimum level to float in the environment that I am operating in, in order to reach the shore of freedom that most of my co-citizens and I aspire to. Any laxity on my part spells danger for my society as a whole. Power comes with fulfilling responsibilities. We are withholding our own power as it stands.

I fell asleep beyond 0300hrs and didn't get up before 1130hrs. Much work is needed to reverse the tide.


Thursday 4 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 4 of 2024


Not getting it right yet. Worked till 0200hrs and despite needing to get up at 0600hrs didn't do so till 1030hrs and thus missed out on my morning errand to the 'Alms Department'. Still have much work to do to sync my schedule according to the needs of the territory.


Wednesday 3 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 3 of 2024


My daily rest routine in any given 24 hour cycle is targeted as between 0000hrs (midnight) and 0600hrs. To give you an indication of how out of sync I am with my routine I eventually got to sleep at about 0415hrs after finishing pending work at c. 0330hrs, before waking up at c. 1030hrs. Thus, the differential is about 4.5 hrs at the practical start of the day today. Let's see how our performance develops from day to day hereon.


At c. 1100hrs a call was made to each of the tehsil chairman and head clerk of the 'Alms Department' in Sehnsa but as on previous occasions neither answered their phone. I will be attempting to visit their office for the 3rd time in as many weeks tomorrow morning at 0900hrs.


Tuesday 2 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 2 of 2024


We are already over halfway through the second day of 2024. Such seems the speed of time that our planning is not complete for the day that the day itself roller coasts into another day.


Monday 1 January 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 1 of 2024


A very happy new year to all of humanity.

Dates and figures are nothing but everything.

Every 24 hour cycle is a day like all days but each day is a unit of measurement for one's own individual performance as well as a metric for society's progress.

We pray to the Almighty that this year enables us to deliver better than all previous years. 


Daily Diary (DD) - Day 202 of 2024

2314hrs: My mental focus has been on Sharda for the past few days. It has been over 9 months since my last visit.  It is the venue from wher...