Thursday, 26 June 2008

The next 15 Days

Usual Locations...

I shall sum up the next 15 days, rather all my time here and probably my existence, in the following attempt at poetry.....


Terrorised as a Muslim
Unrecognised as a Brit
Accused of being a Pakistani
Not allowed to be Indian
Alienated, ridiculed, patronised and humiliated as a Kashmiri
In-existent as a European
But hopeful as an Asian

Not qualified to be Chinese
Though glad I'm not American

Principled as a Journalist, thus incapable of being a Politician
Insulted as a Consultant
Over-motivated as an activist
Repressed as an artist

Appreciated by some as a visionary thinker, yet disappointed and frustrated as a human

Despite all, I'm extremely determined in my mission.


  1. Dear Tanveer.
    Your poetry "identity" is very expressive.
    Be a great human being 'cause that's what matters the most in today's world. The number is dwindling. Let us accept each other as fellow human beings and spread the message of love. Happy friendship day. keep evolving and have faith that only good things happen in this world.It does.
    love and best wishes

    1. Although I'm responding to your comment after over a decade, I would say your advice remains spot on. The presence or absence of humanity is the ultimate measurement of our conduct.


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