Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Aspirations and grievances

Aspirations and grievances

Here are some further snippets that come under the banner of aspirations and grievances...

"So many countries have come into existence since ours was occupied...."

".....we want civilised trade not army boots........"

"........Both (America and China should support an open-ended plebiscite on Kashmir......The politicians imposed on us are willing to sell anything for power and they are powerless from doing anything genuine for us....Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey should also take notice (Though the former two may try and drag us into one of their camps). We were happy that China did something to recognise our independent status..which is more than can be said of Pakistan which rather than replicate China's gesture, has been busy in not differentiating between it's own citizens and ours. We are very disturbed by Pakistan's inaction and inexpression on so many pertinent issues related to our aspirations and grievances."  

"We must repeat the importance of 'Awami Raaj'...we want all foreign forces to withdraw simultaneously......otherwise tomorrow you'll all (India, Pakistan and TROTW - The Rest of the World) accuse us of being terrorists.....we don't want the world's conflicts to continue dogging us and the world's community dodging us."

"Kashmir is 'Jannat' (paradise on earth) and 'Jannat' cannot be 'Jannat' if it's not peaceful...the world must take the bulk of responsibility for addressing this issue.....otherwise many more innocent will die.......(most will be our citizens and particularly our youth) and we cannot afford losing another..........not anymore..........not anymore (for Jannat's sake)."

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