Thursday, 17 November 2011

Solidarity with Kashmir from a concerned Pakistani Citizen

Assalaam o Alaikum

Hopefully you will be fine and enjoying the struggle of Kashmir Independence. 

Its nice to see you struggling and striving for the independence of Kashmir which is the paradise on earth.

In my view the only solution of the Kashmir issue is the combine Kashmir and the indian occupied and Azad Kashmir both should be combined to make it a new country. Algamation with Pakistan or India is not possible and that is not the solution.

It is in the supreme interest of Kashmir, Pakistan and India to make Kashmir an independent country and to make is a democratic state.

Infact Pakistani and Indian politicians are using Kashmir as Political weapon and its their vote bank and playing fool with their fellow men.

Every Pakistani and Indian Government has deepen the problems of the Kashmiris and believe me the world powers such as USA< Great brittian and other forces dont want Kashmir's independence and with the solution of this issue there will be no military importance of the area.

Pakistan and Indian governments are using Kashmir to take AID from different countries and NGOs.

I appreciate your sincere efforts and wish you all the best for your struggle.

May! Allah bless you with success. Ameen Sum Ameen.

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