Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Opening a Can of Worms

A lot more cases of gross human rights violations by Pakistan's armed forces and it's agencies are surfacing after the attempted cover-up of Muhammad Ali Murtaza's gruesome yet senseless murder in Tehsil Khuiratta.

For example, 13 year old Hamza Sarwar living near Samahni District Bhimber was reportedly raped, tortured and killed by the Pakistani army around 11 days ago. Meanwhile, Activist Wajid Shah of Tattapani was brutally beaten along with others which resulted in him spending 4 days in DHQ Kotli...Culprits on this occasion were also the Pakistani army. Details to follow...

It should be noted that the administration of AJK (under strict orders from Pakistan's army) have banned any public gathering on M A Murtaza's murder. An example is the planned protest by all student wings of major political parties (conformist as well as nationalist) which was to take place this morning (Monday the 25th of February) at 10am. Newspapers carrying torture photos of our slain citizen have also been taken off the streets throughout AJK by Pakistan's roving agencies. 

Another scheduled public protest at 11am in Khuiratta instigated by local members of the JKLF only turned out 7 members of the public and culminated in just one speech given by G M Jarral. The public at large still lives in fear of being targeted, having undergone decades of repression and witnessing barbaric control of public opinion.

To top off today's blog (and this should finally become a regular daily feature in the manner of our daily 'Matters of the State' programme, accessible here) there was barely any electricity throughout AJK today.

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