Thursday, 16 May 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 136 of 2019


Writing everyday is a heavy responsibility.....


This video is thoroughly compelling and revealing of the Pakistani State's approach to governance:

Dr. Hassan Abbas's invigorating lecture can perhaps be summarised in one phrase:

"We are individually smart but collectively stupid", is how he describes Pakistani society.

To contextualise the above with respect to hydro-projects for electricity generation, the powers-that-be in Pakistan (and by forced extension AJK) make a lot of intelligent decisions in self-interest but have no sense or conscience of the collective consequences of their individual decisions.

There is little thought or intelligence mobilised for public interest in Pakistan. We suffer in AJK too because of the Pakistani State's expansionist designs.

In a land where solar power would be cheaper and provide an immediate return on investment, the Pakistani State is hell-bent on building dams to produce relatively expensive hydro-electricity projects, which have no guarantee of breaking even - let alone making a profit - with all their technical, financial, social and environmental costs borne by others. Thus, it is a means of corruption for the powers-that-be cloaked in national interest. 


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