Friday, 3 September 2021

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 246 of 2021


What lets us down most of all (as an aspiring nation-State viz. Jammu Kashmir & Allied) is the personal or personality-based arguments we have with each other. This has a direct impact on our objectives and usually cancels out the sincere efforts of many an activist in this region. 

We all have opinions and wish for others to concur with those opinions, which amongst other negative outcomes deprives us of identifying a concise aggregate opinion on which to base public policy. Most - if not all - successful countries master the art of balancing diverse opinion and succeed in creating consensus for public policy. On our part, we struggle to tolerate other opinions even if they resemble our own. For those of us who get past this barrier falter at the next hurdle, namely agreeing on a common plan of action.


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