Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 86 of 2018


Today was a painful but pulsating day for public interest in my home tehsil of Sehnsa. So much happens on a daily basis and is increasingly being captured in photo, audio, video and text. Not just by me but an increasing number of citizens throughout AJK. So much information/data/content/analysis is generated by us all that it becomes difficult to decide what to include when uploading to social networks on almost a daily basis.

Earlier today in the House of Commons, London UK (The very parliament that created India, Pakistan and the Jammu & Kashmir Issue in 1947)

An exchange between politicians on either side of the house:

Photo of Afzal KhanAfzal Khan Shadow Minister (Home Office) (Immigration)

Last night I returned from Pakistan where I met the Prime Minister and the President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Both shared their concern at the escalating violence at the line of control and at the killing of civilians. This is a nuclear flashpoint area. Does the Minister agree that we cannot leave it to Pakistan and India to resolve the Kashmir dispute, because the stakes are too high and the Kashmiri have suffered for 70 years?

Photo of Mark FieldMark Field Minister of State

I was at the Pakistani national day celebrations at the weekend as well. I think the hon. Gentleman will understand that there are good reasons why it is the UK Government’s position, and has been in the 70 years since Pakistan and India were formed, that the Kashmir issue should be determined by those two countries. There is not a role for Britain to interfere or intervene. Ultimately, peace will only come when those two communities themselves can find their way to work that out. Clearly, it has to be an issue for the Kashmiri people.

I like the last sentence. I think that closely reflects the 'help-yourself' attitude of our understanding of self-determination, here in AJK.

Having said that, there is a whole lot the UK Government can do while earning prestige and honour in the process. I've always thought modern day Britain's various urban centres resemble pre-partition India much more in spirit, than anywhere in India or Pakistan today.

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