Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 72 of 2018


I'm still awake. Trying to organise content in public interest. It's a slow process, not just in terms of net speed but also in terms of computing power. I could write a long list of technology and tools that I need but......

Here's the latest upload courtesy of Jammu Kashmir TV on Facebook:

This video relates to Mahmood Ahmed Musafir's Camel and Donkeys' March from Bhimber to Muzaffarabad on Day 12 (corresponding to Saturday the 10th of March or Day 69 of this blog). Here he proceeds beyond Mirpur District into Kotli District at Plaak:

I eventually fell asleep at 7am (0700hrs) and got up just before 11am (1100hrs).

Uploading videos continues on my Youtube channel:

This video was taken after 10pm (2200hrs) on the 8th of March:

The clips below were taken earlier in the evening that day (8th of March):

Reverting back to Jammu Kashmir TV on facebook for videos even earlier that day (8th of March)

Here's a scene from Hajeera Subdivision (Tehsil) Courts:

From the Courts we made our way towards the 'border' crossing-point in Poonch:

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