Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 218 of 2020


We are certain that whatever we do today in terms of condemning our 2 southerly neighbours will be insignificant compared to what we need to do over the coming months to enable sanity to prevail in global geopolitics. Here's a sample of what we conducted today:


I'm inclined to estimate that genuine pressure on the British government is slowly mounting in reference to their unfulfilled responsibilities in Jammu Kashmir & Allied. Here's a typical non committal response by the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office to a letter by the Scottish activist Claire Bidwell:

This has generated a discussion at the following FB link:

This is a particular comment thread that includes my comment:

Sagir Ahmed:

Tanveer Ahmed commented: As the unresolved status of Jammu Kashmir & Allied is a political problem created by the British Empire, all political prisoners throughout the territory are the moral and legal responsibility of the UK government. They should no longer be allowed to continue 'passing the buck' to India and Pakistan, both countries which came into being precisely according to the British Empire's satisfaction. They also not only facilitated the entry of Indian and Pakistan troops into JKA but stabilised their presence too. In 2020, it is no longer clever of them to abdicate responsibility. Nature has its own way of biting back.

Claire Bidwell:

It does indeed and I will keep biting them here until I get deeper answers!

Soraya Boyd:

Sagir salaams. Britain is exceptionally good in fact it really does excel at it: it creates a problem, makes a mess and leaves with great pomp and circumstance. A very very British characteristic. Britain has done this many times over. Just a few examples: Palestine and Kashmir. Of course our responsibility as Brits is to hold our gov to account. We do and we will continue to. Rest assured. Undoubtdely politicians by and large are very good at postponing the inevitable but FREEDOM WILL BE YOURS brother.


Meanwhile, pressure is also mounting on the Pakistani government to stop prolonging this needless conflict by pursuing a territorial dispute with India. According to the prime minister of AJK, this is what negates the genuine pursuit of the right to self determination by the people of Jammu Kashmir & Allied:

I understand that I will have to transcribe this video into Urdu text and then translate it into English:


The basis of the current AJK government finds its origins in the 24 October 1947 provisional government declaration. It is reproduced here directly from its founding president Sardar Ibrahim Khan's book, 'Kashmir Saga':

Page 117

Page 118

Page 119


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