Friday, 14 September 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 257 of 2018

(Yesterday - Day 256).....I lost the net facility I had temporary access to, that's why it's being added today.


These are testing times. I am relishing them as much as I am suffering from them.

I am contacting an increasing number of co-citizens at home and abroad. At this stage, most are ignoring my request. Some have assured me of co-operation and even less have actually contributed.

However, my situation is nowhere near as dire as that of Mahmood Ahmed Musafir. He is into his 123rd day of a hunger strike outside Islamabad Press Club. He is nearing the end of his tether and wishes to conduct a final press conference before he makes his next move.....

(Today - Day 257)


Salaam to the local citizens of Kotli for paying 30,000 Pakistani rupees (almost £200) for this public interest activity.

Those of who are part of the AJK diaspora, try and get in touch with reality back home. You wouldn't be where you are if your forebears hadn't toiled the land here. Try and bring dignity to it.

Just try.......


I would just like to know where this 'Unknown Region' is....??...These are my recent blogger stats....I hope I can share them here:

Pageviews by Countries

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

Entry Pageviews

United States 207
Unknown Region 172
Pakistan         14
Russia 14
China 12
Germany 8
Ukraine 7
India 5
France 4
Brazil 3

I also found it fascinating that the UK (United Kingdom) isn't in the top ten. So much for spending most of my life there!


Now, this is going to emerge as amongst the most talked about subjects in the region. It could even define the debate between AJK and Pakistan:


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