Thursday, 15 September 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 258 of 2022


Day 102 at Maqbool Bhat Shaheed Square - Dadyaal.


My punctuality surplus has increased to 27 minutes.

Punctuality percentage: 57 days on time or early of 102 = 56% punctual.


Onto our second major daily activity:

Associated reference:

Please do go through the following link which takes us to a British parliamentary debate in 1935 on 'Water' and 'Kashmir: 


Space Count (That is: How many people have engaged so far): 109 (updated at 1801hrs on 17/09/2022) 

Average space count (3 days so far): 109


Let me provide you a snippet of that debate on water and Kashmir:

House of Commons Debate on 11 April 1935

Mr Douglas Clifton Brown , Hexham

Take the case of the Punjab, with its five large areas and its irrigation of 900 square miles, the biggest irrigation area in the world. On this water supply the people depend for their lives. The Attorney-General said that the Prince of Kashmir would be very unlikely to alter the course of those five great rivers on which the lives of the people depend. But it might happen if you give him the power. Any Prince who wants the Instrument of Instructions as full as possible will ask for all the powers that he can get. You give power here to interfere with these great irrigation schemes, and I do not think it is justified, unless you have some further control over the Princes than is apparent in the Bill. This is a far more important point than a great many others that have been brought up.



A note for my co-citizens, especially in the United Kingdom (UK):

Governance Of the Public By the Public For the Public 

Human-Data/Soil/Waste/Water Management by the legally titled inhabitants of Jammu Kashmir & Allied (areas) - JKA - is key to resolving the 75 year long needless conflict in the most precious territory in the world.

The world doesn't want to hear about problems at all but it will open its ears for a solution, at any time of the day.

We must provide those solutions that India and Pakistan have failed to create since 1947. If we delay any longer or continue to naively wait for solutions from elsewhere, we are likely to be doomed.

Pre 1947 we were wedged between British and Russian hegemony. 

We didn't learn. 

In the 2020s we are on the verge of being wedged between US and Chinese hegemony. 

We must learn the art of survival during this narrow window of opportunity. 

Our strategy in its most simplified form:

Public Opinion + Public Resources = Public Policy

Please also refer to AJK Public Agency Note: #203729082022 

We have now completed 102 days - without a break - between 0800hrs and 1000hrs every day, at Maqbool Bhat Martyr's Square in Dadyaal, district Mirpur AJK.

If we can manage the 4 elements mentioned at the beginning of this note - in a proper manner - we will be able to emulate the same techniques gradually over c. 85,000 square miles of JKA.

A significant reason why we have an inhumane system of governance in our territory is because there is something clearly wrong with how we collectively approach governance.

The public pays from its pocket (involuntary taxes and voluntary bribes) to sustain this system.

A world class system of governance will also require the public to keep its pockets active.

Simply explained in numbers for illustration:

Our current system is akin to 1,000 people fighting/cheating over a 100 rupee cake.

Our future system will be akin to 100 people competing for a share of a 10,000 rupee cake.

It is now time to develop that critical mass needed to restore the legal and constitutional 'right to rule' of the entitled inhabitants of this territory.

Public Agency > Public Assembly

As mentioned in Note: #203729082022 we wish to gradually employ 1,771 human-data management professionals, which will cost c. £20 million pounds or the equivalent of c. 5 billion PK rupees (at current prices).

Given that our largest diaspora is in the UK, we wish to reach out to them in a very simplified manner:

We would like them to contribute anything between £1 and £20 a month. Preferably via direct debit or via a monthly reminder.

For those of you well acquainted with this freedom struggle, your ignorance at this juncture will be considered criminal, especially if you are unwilling to devote even £1 a month, while enjoying rights that are considered privileges here in your home country.

I do not want any of my co-citizens to end up on the wrong side of history. 

Tanveer Ahmed

Founder - AJK Public Agency

Convenor - AJK Public Assembly

Contact: 03430860380


Twitter: @sahaafi 

AJK Public Agency Note: #153715092022



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