Sunday, 19 January 2014

Accelerating commotion in the public

Blog reference to the 18th of January posted today due to electricity issues


I Woke up at 6am or rather I got up at that time as I couldn't sleep all night. Thinking about the myriad of issues afflicting our State. Then relating that to my role and the multitude of challenges associated with a genuine public effort for change. An appalling net speed coupled with communication technology tools that rapidly sap their 'use by' date in a frenetically paced world which we're otherwise walled out from. Competing against the latest Ferrari with a 800cc Suzuki (car) flashes repeatedly through my mind.

An early morning stroll through the heavily dusty Khuiratta town littered with garbage wherever one casts their eye leads me to a hearty breakfast with 'Kaleji' and 'Chana' (liver and chick peas). This arouses the drowsiness that I yearned for all night. Back to bed at 8am and by 1pm I'm fresh and ready to address the electricity challenge.

Some members of the public including the gentleman presiding over the Trader's Association (Anjuman e Taajiraan) assess that the public is as useless as those responsible for governance. The former are willing to push me forward to do the leg work but will stay firmly and securely in the background themselves. He has a point of course but I re-assure him of the universal tradition that rights aren't achieved unless people persistently demand them.

Cutting a long story full of roundabouts short, the Head of Electricity (Barkiyat) in District Kotli assures me over the phone that our transmitter will be ready by tommorrow. Meanwhile, I employ a wheelbarrow to transport my PC et al to Matloob Gora's CD shop a few blocks away.

I also find time for a bit of hectic public interaction which involves the usual lamentation from the public about how inhumane the system they live in: is. Really?


Kashmir - One Secretariat document given by hand to 9 members of the public

Kashmir - One Secretariat document emailed to one member of the public

Out of 3 members of the public who were given the document 2 days ago, 2 asked for more time and one responded.

Contributors to date:
120 (subject to review as reconciliation of past data not complete)


Opening Balance: 0
Closing Balance: 240

+ = income
D = debt
G = Gift/s offered by public
Cig = cigarettes

Figures are in Pakistani rupees (of course and unfortunately)

110 D - Breakfast Kaleji, Chana and roti
G     - cig x 4
G     - Green tea
G     - Plate of Jalebi
80  D - 20 Secretariat form photocopies
500 + - Receipt No. 103
90    - cig
50    - Telenor load
50    - labour for shifting PC et al
G     - Green tea
70    - Dinner 2 kebabs and bun

Total Income: 500
Total Expenditure: 450

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