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Daily Diary (DD) - Day 27 of 2018


I'd been meaning to upload the following for almost a week now, ever since I promised the citizen below when he visited me here in Dadyaal.

Mahmood Ahmed Musafir of Kotli city
Has over 32 years experience of fighting for public rights in AJK, in his own inimitable style 

In a similar manner to last year, Mahmood will be conducting another 'Public Rights March' this year, with yet more animals in tow on the 27th of February (2018), this time from Bhimber to Muzaffarabad.

Last year, his talks with the AJK Government ended with them agreeing to prepare an action plan to address the demands brought forward by Mahmood Ahmed Musafir, within one year. The deadline expired on the 19th of Juanuary 2018 with no response from the AJK Government whatsoever.

His demands are framed within a twin vision of a bright and prosperous Kashmir along with a bright and prosperous Pakistan.

His use of animals to accompany him has a multi-layered rationale behind it. Just one reason should suffice as an introduction: That is, in the absence of willing humans peacefully agitating for their fundamental rights, the use of animals to highlight the rights of humans is a logical outcome to the prevailing scenario in AJK.

He's currently engaged in encouraging the public to:
help him procure as many she-camels, male donkeys and any other animals as possible. Ideally, at least one from each of the 10 districts of AJK.

(Beginning on the 27th of February)
Bhimber > Jaatlan >
Mirpur > Kaakra Town > Islamgarh > Chakswari > Plaak >
Jarai > Raajhdhaani > Naar > Gulpur > Kotli > Thathapani >
Battal > Dharamsaal > Hajeera > Kaigalla > Rawalakot > Paaniola >
Arja > Jihaala > Dheerkot >
Kohaala > Muzaffarabad

He Demands: (An end to:)

1) Electricity load-shedding - Expensive electricity - General Sales Tax (GST)

2) Expensive education - An incoherent syllabus - Schools without roofs, walls and bathrooms.

3) Cruel hospital fees

4) Cruel road accident/death policies

5) The mockery of natural disaster affectees

6) Different laws for the rich and poor

7) Repeated delaying of municipality-level elections

8) Destruction of our forests and Mangla Dam

9) Ignoring of meritocracy - Ambiguous and constantly changing status of many government employees from ad hoc to permanent to unclassified.

10) Many decades old and rusty public water pipes through which unsafe water flows, resulting in hepatitis and other water related diseases.

11) The mockery of freedom of expression

12) Denying many citizens the right to solicit votes and thus making a mockery of the public in the name of democracy

13) Pakistani troops having to operate in darkness while Indian troops enjoy ample lighting facilities

14) Burdening the public with un-utilised government departments

15) Continuous delay in student union elections

16) Inadequate public transport/buses for students, especially females.

17) The growing list of incomplete sports stadiums throughout AJK

18) Making a mockery of declaring the River Poonch as a national park

19) Making a mockery of our citizens via the Kashmir Council.

20) Making a mockery of Kashmir's history and culture

21) Conducting X-LOC trade on the one hand and exchanging fire on the other - a mockery of the people/affectees living in or near the line of fire - there is often an absence of ambulances to bring the injured for treatment, while empty announcements are repeatedly made by the 'powers that be' to address such calamities.

22) Making a mockery of the poor in our society in the name of Zakat

23) The unjust distribution of benefits related to the CPEC project

24) Making many members of the police force work 24 hours a day

25) Delaying a judicial enquiry into the firing of live ammunition at peaceful protesters, who were agitating against electricity load-shedding in Kotli on the 29th of May 2012.

26) Denying control of numerous hydro-electric dams/projects being built in this territory to the AJK Government

27) Denying the investment of 3 crore PK rupees (c. $270,000 US) for wind and mechanical power (alternative clean energy), to each of the 29 political constituencies in AJK.

28) Denying the increased need for sanitation workers in urban areas in proportion to the increase in population

29) The dispute over the name 'Karote Dam' (for a project utilising the bulk of its resources from AJK viz. Holaar)

30) Denying the just allotment of land for the homeless

31) Denying the citizens of AJK from taking advantage of employment generation schemes, as are available in Pakistan.

32) A cruel banking system

At the end of his pamphlet in Urdu (image below) he has a sharp word or two for what he describes as an unbridled bureaucracy - or at least 98% of it - which he thinks acts effectively as a pampered organ of the government, akin to a favoured son-in-law!

Finally, Mahmood Ahmed Musafir also happens to be a member of the central committee of JK Mahaaz e Rai Shumaari (JK Plebiscite Front) and a spokesperson for United Action Committee - AJK.

If anyone wishes to learn more about his public activity or even wishes to assist him in his search for animals to include in this impending march, you can do so by directly contacting him using any of the details below:

Social Media:  

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