Saturday, 16 June 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 167 of 2018


The day before yesterday (Day 165, which I couldn't log an entry for - it was that shattering) climaxed in a piece of news that paralysed me mentally for the next few hours. I am yet to digest the death of Shujaat Bukhari

As described on my facebook entry that day:

I heard of his death on the balcony of another fallen dynamic hero - Arif Shahid - of peace and prosperity in Jammu & Kashmir. This connection paralysed me given that it had taken just over 12 hours for me to get from Sehnsa to Rawalakot (about 80 kilometres in total). It was a hot day to travel, my vehicle broke down 4 times in between and despite the ice cold shower at the Bawali (Water Spring) just below Hatkora - the day was nerve-racking and highly introspective. The public of AJK played a superb supporting role as usual. I rued the lack of interest and support shown by our diaspora, especially those citizens of evolved democracies. However, I know I shouldn't as they'll come good one day.

I'm writing this not far from the LOC where we aim to spend Eid and deliver aspects of hope between our intermittently aggressive neighbours.


At last, somebody is giving attention to what I've described as the 'Jammu narrative' for years but almost ignored hitherto. Essentially, the J in J & K:


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