Friday, 22 June 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 173 of 2018


Achievement in terms of daily tasks set out in public interest are progressing very slowly, if at all. Society in AJK - like most societies throughout the world - is engaged in pursuits which can range from searching for their daily bread to commitments in respect of their families and thus, the scope for engaging in public interest activity is narrow and limited. It's within that confined space that people like me operate.

I've sustained my efforts for 13 years thus far and will continue to do so.

The hardships involved in activism affect all aspects of one's existence but with time, the determination and confidence needed also gets more intense. A critical breaking-point will emerge at some stage. Either the activist will withdraw their commitment or the system will crack.

We understand that our problems begin and end with India and Pakistan's occupation of our territory but it's the middle bit involving the socio-economic transactions of the affectees amongst themselves that needs attention and focus. Taking all factors - internal as well as external - into account and as daunting and unforgiving as they are, it is no surprise that our people look up to the world to help them out of the 70 year old impasse they find themselves locked in.

That is not the solution though.

Change begins at home, in our behaviour and mental approach in particular. Apart from everything else that I am doing, this is what I'm trying to concentrate on in Rawalakot. The people here have a relatively better chance of navigating themselves out of this quagmire, compared to other parts of AJK.

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