Thursday, 21 June 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 172 of 2018


Another day in Rawalakot.

I've blogged for 118 of 171 days of this year and I would confess that I still haven't developed the right groove in daily blogging. Nevertheless, a 69% output rate compared to close to 0 in previous years is something to build on as we approach the half-way mark of this year already.

The problems of this territory (related to governance) are too many to list impromptu. Likewise, the ability and will of the public to tackle them don't appear to be increasing significantly either. It is in such an environment that I am operating. The public appears to be constantly in a compromised or indolent state of being. The task of determining our current and future status as citizens of AJK - recognised by the global community - appears as daunting as it was during that tumultuous year of 1947.

However, it is not at all grim if the public changes its mental approach and builds on the various qualities that it possesses. We introspect a lot in public but don't devote enough time and attention to those amongst us who show ability to address our plight....the late Sardar Aftab of Thorar - who died on the 5th of June last year (2017) - was one such sincere and formidable activist.

Here we are celebrating his commitment and devotion in Ali Sojal earlier today:


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