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Daily Diary (DD) - Day 326 of 2022


Day 170 at Maqbool Bhat Shaheed Square - Dadyaal.


Attendance = 100%
Punctuality = 62%
106 days on time or early of 170
Punctuality deficit = 4 minutes 
Punctuality Consistency Status = 2 days


After releasing our first draft of the Citizen's Charter JKA on the 10th of October 2022 (last month) and then subsequently receiving valuable feedback from a variety of our co-citizens - at home and abroad - we have now released a snapshot version of the Charter today. Here it is:

Citizen's Charter JKA (Snapshot version) 22/11/2022 
(Amended 25/11/2022)

1) Security
Ending all proxy wars and attrition while maintaining geopolitical neutrality

The territory of Jammu Kashmir & Allied areas ((JKA) must not be used to conspire to commit violence - or harm - on behalf of any country, at the expense of any other, for any reason.

2) Governance
Protecting the original demography of JKA and its natural resources

Both India and Pakistan should immediately take appropriate measures to rollback all demographic changes conducted here post 15 August 1947 and honour the State Subject Rules of 1927.

3) Economy
Restoring all universally recognised freedoms

Essentially, this is a subject of governance but our economy cannot function without the restoration of these rights including the freedom of expression, assembly, association, movement and recourse to law; including international law where appropriate.

4) Culture
Reviving diversity and introducing inclusivity

All mandirs, masaajid, gurdwaras & other places of reverence must be revived & accessible to all; in particular those places of worship that have been abandoned since 1947.

Notes of clarification:

Despite being primary victims, we bear no ill will towards India, Pakistan or any other country. Rather, we are most incentivised to transform this territory from an economy of conflict to an economy of peace.

Our water and geography can be a boon instead of a curse for our neighbourhood and help revive the 20% plus share of world GDP here pre European colonialism. No human dilemma is intractable if comprehensively thought through, by giving precedence to the enhancement of human capital throughout the region. 

(261 words)

AJK Public Agency Note #170525112022

(Update at 1705hrs on 25/11/2022 - As can be noted from the title we have amended the snapshot version of the Citizen's Charter after feedback from our co-citizens. We will make further amendments in due course as and when feedback is received. Note that we will try and keep it concise, targeting a maximum of 250 words. The first version was 217 words and this version is now 261 words.)   

Further to our notes released on Day 322 of 2022 we have shifted our list of all notable political, social and scholarly personalities throughout the State and will invite them one by one to participate in our Space - without exception - to conform to the ideals of 'inclusive politics'. This will remain our new subject title for the foreseeable future, until we have compiled a full list of political parties, social groups, professional associations and State institutions (where relevant).

Here's the list, which will be updated as and when we are successful in inviting them. It will attempt to include all the following features: 

A) Name/photo/region/area

B) Organisation/rank/capacity/website reference 

C) Social/political theme (that they espouse) and their written response which should be no longer than the snapshot charter itself (recommended response is 100 to 250 words).

D) Date invitation given and status of invitation

n.b. We will try and invite the senior most member of the party or organisation/institution concerned and failing that will seek out the second in command etc. The list will be in no particular order but as intimated earlier, it will try and include every significant public personality throughout the divided territory.


1) Liaqat Hayat of Rawalakot AJK 

President of Jammu Kashmir National Awami Party (JKNAP) 

Web reference:  

Politics: Left/nationalist/united/democratic/secular Jammu Kashmir  

Contacted 18/11/2022 - Will confirm date in due course


2) Farooq Haider of Chikaar AJK

Former prime minister of AJK and senior member of Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz faction's AJK Chapter (PML-N AJK)

Web reference:

Politics: Centre-right and liberal conservative political party in Pakistan

Contacted 19/11/2022 - Will confirm date in due course 


3)  Choudhary Zahoor Kashmiri of Raj Mahal Kotli AJK

He describes himself as a simple worker of the JKLF (Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front) and is not a part of any faction. He has been included on merit because he has and is working hard to bring unity amongst all freedom-loving parties in the territory.

Written response:

ریاست جموں کشمیر سے غیر ملکی قبضےکامکمل خاتمہ آپنے وسائل پراپنےاختیارآپنےوطن پرآپنےراج کے لیے تحریک آزادی کو متحدکرکے وارڈز اور یونین کونسلز کی سطح تک منظم کرناھوگا۔۔۔ عوامی شعور کی اجتماعی بیداری سےہی انقلاب آزادی برپاھوسکتاھے اور آزادی و خوشحالی کا دور آ سکتاھے۔۔۔۔  یہی چندالفاظ تھے

(English translation):

- A total withdrawal of foreign occupying forces.  

- Our resources should be in our control.

- Our country must be ruled by our own people.

- The freedom movement should be galvanised and organised down to the level of wards (urban areas) and union councils (rural areas). 

- The freedom revolution can only be realised by increasing public consciousness at a collective level.

- This will usher in an era of freedom and prosperity.

- These are the few words that I can offer (in response to the Citizen's Charter).

Note: Choudhary Zahoor Kashmiri responded to our Facebook post of 24/11/2022 and submitted his opinion on 25/11/2022


4) Kranti Bhushan of Jammu whose parents had to forcibly migrate from their original home in Muzaffarabad in 1947. 

His designation is as Principal Consultant, HKD Consulting Engineers & Founder/General Secretary of SEARCH (Saving Environment and Activism for Restoration of Culture and Heritage).

Written response:

We as citizens of India consider Jammu & Kashmir an integral part, based on historical and constitutional facts. Since Vedic times (scriptures date back over 5,000 years) Kashmir has been a centre of spiritual learning. Kalhan’s 12th century ‘Rajatarangani’ (translated from Sharda script to English by Hungarian-British linguist Aurel Stein in 1900) confirmed these Vedic roots and their association with the rest of the country. 

Geographically, it is true that Kashmir was not initially connected to modern day India, which appeared better accessible through Muzaffarabad, from where the river Jhelum flows south but India - or Bharat - before 1947 included all these areas, including Peshawar.

At partition, the Kashmir kingdom had a choice to accede with either India or Pakistan and the ‘Instrument of Accession’ was signed by Maharaja Hari Singh in favour of India, hence J & K constitutionally became an integral part of India, including those areas under Pakistan’s occupation. India’s parliament passed a resolution in 1994, confirming POJK an integral part, pending annexation. 

Even in the recent delimitation exercise for J & K by the central government, they have retained reserved Assembly (and Council) seats for POJK, on which elections will now be contested.

UT status is a temporary measure. J & K will revert to a State. We are clear on that. We eagerly look forward to POJK formally merging with the State of J & K.

Note: Kranti initially submitted and then confirmed his written response on 27/11/2022


5) Shiban Koul aka Santosh Kashmiri was born and brought up in village Seer Hamdan, district Anantnag (Valley of Kashmir)

He has worked with trade unions as general secretary of the Confederation of Central Government Employees Jammu & Kashmir. Currently he is associated with a civil society initiative namely Lok Manch (a Jammu based people's initiative which works for Indo- Pak Peace and peaceful resolution of all mutual conflicts). Peaceful co-existence, global warming and climate change are at the centre of all initiatives of the organisation.

Written response:

I agree with all the points. Very beautifully drafted. Though proxy war has been waged by Pakistan not India in 1989, I still agree with the wordings used in the sentence to enable people across the divide to rally on this demand to ensure that this proxy war is stopped without any further delay. As regards demographic changes, no such changes have occurred even after abrogation of 35A of the Indian Constitution and after making Article 370 in-operational. However, in Gilgit Baltistan State Subject Rules were abrogated in 1974 and there has been a huge demographic change. 

We must demand restoration of State Subject Law in both the areas. I am of the opinion that we should encourage a multi-layered dialogue among the people of JK and at the same time encourage both Pakistan and India to enter in to dialogue at bilateral level, which can be concluded in a trilateral framework after a consensus is evolved among the stake holders within the JK State. 

Note: Santosh initially submitted and then confirmed his written response on 28/11/2022


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