Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 58 of 2018


Forgetfulness was responsible for not producing a blog on day 57, despite sitting in front of the computer since 2230hrs. I'm in Bhimber to witness the beginning of Mahmood Ahmed Musafir's 'Camel and Donkey March' from Bhimber to Muzaffarabad, which starts today.

Here's a facebook post from yesterday:

Please refer to Day 27 of this blog earlier this year for a detailed description of his demands in public interest.

Against all odds, he's been able to garner enough resources (through a combination of loans and contributions from the public) to obtain a female camel and 3 male donkeys for this journey. A fundamental theme in his 'peculiar' manner of protesting for the rights of people in AJK, is the lack of human will or ability to legislate on matters of public interest. Hence his marching with animals to ignite the necessary consciousness in human beings. "I'm in search of humans, perhaps these animals will help me find them", clarifies Mahmood.

Here are some photos of today's proceedings:

Here are a couple of video clips made in the morning for Mahmood Ahmed Musafir's Facebook page:

Clip 1 of 2

Clip 2 of 2

Here are some further video clips taken from Facebook Live courtesy of Jammu Kashmir TV:

Clip 1 of 5

Clip 2 of 5

Clip 3 of 5

Clip 4 of 5

Clip 5 of 5

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