Thursday, 16 August 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 228 of 2018


Yesterday (Day 227) was one of the very few instances when I totally forgot that I had to write a blog entry.

This should have been entered yesterday:

It's a great addition to the growing literature on AJK (or what the book describes as Pakistan-administered Kashmir or Azad Kashmir) and the author Anam Zakaria has done well on many fronts to bring this book into the public domain, not least negotiating the demons that police the Pakistani narrative in Pakistan and its peripheries.

"This is an area which has in so many ways been overlooked. This is an area where the people and their stories have been ignored, especially when we think about the larger Jammu & Kashmir conflict. This is an area which has often been stereo-typed as well:.........That Azad Kashmir is not really Kashmir.....The misconception is that ethnicity is something that is only linked to your language..or that part of your culture...I find that to be a very limiting way of describing Kashmiris....or for describing any identity for that matter."

The above paragraph introduces some of the many keys points that Anam raises in her book.

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