Friday, 3 August 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 215 of 2018


It has taken the Pakistani State 82 days to realise that there is an activist from AJK - on a hunger strike outside Islamabad Press Club - with demands that take into account the interests of Pakistan as well as those of AJK.

SHO Kohsar police station came to visit Mahmood Ahmed Musafir at around 7pm this evening and took a statement from him, in reference to his efforts for the wellbeing of Jammu & Kashmir and Pakistan.

It was a polite and courteous exchange, I am informed.

There is coverage of his cause (though not enough) on Pakistani TV. Here's a rare example:

Meanwhile, back here in Rawalakot, although I'm supposed to be spending most of my time indoors and concentrating on producing some academic work, a lot of time is still being consumed outside in interaction with other co-citizens. Discussion and debate is important but time allocated for 'indoor' work should not be sacrificed for 'outdoor' (field work), which has its own time allocation.

This is just another angle on the types of challenges that I have to 'balance' and manage on a daily basis.

Here's a tweet which provides an angle on the anxiety of the AJK diaspora:

This is a big discussion and an increasing number of people are tuning in: remember the Mirpuri Villain?

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