Friday, 13 September 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 256 of 2019


City Police Station - Muzaffarabad is holding 8 public activists, for the crime of disagreeing to the Prime Minister of Pakistan making frequent visits to Muzaffarabad. They are also tired of listening to renditions of the 2 nation theory. They are yet more incensed at the Pakistani State pretending to be well-wishers of Jammu & Kashmir. 

Our Muslim neighbours to our West have the gall to criticise India for crimes in 2019 that they themselves have been committing in their controlled part since 1947. These are Muslim fascists criticising Hindu fascists for emulating their mindset.

This is not solidarity with us. 

This is something rather more sinister and our people have clocked on. Imran Khan's jalsa (convention) this afternoon in the capital of AJK was reportedly disrupted for over 40 minutes by chants of 'Kashmir Banega Khud-Mukhtar' (Kashmir will become independent). 

When the Indian prime minister visits the Indian controlled Valley, our people get arrested. Ditto for when the Pakistani prime minister visits the Pakistani controlled capital of AJK.

The Pakistanis get flustered whenever any of us compares them with India. They can be that hypocritical.

Here's a sample from today's event in Muzaffarabad:

This is Imran Khan's 3rd visit to AJK in 39 days and also his 3rd visit since he became Pakistan's prime minister last year.

It's just as well that the AJK police and the AJK public are almost on the same page:


Thank you for promoting humanity in the region:


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