Sunday, 15 September 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 258 of 2019


We are getting increasingly concerned at the witch-hunt being conducted by the AJK police in Muzaffarabad of public activists, under the watchful eye and mentoring of Pakistan's roving clandestine agencies.

Kamran Mughal who was most vociferous at raising slogans in favour of Jammu & Kashmir's independence on the Pakistani prime minister's visit is reported missing:

Kamran was last seen in this video made yesterday (the 14th of September):

It should also be noted that Kamran's brother and brother in law were also picked up by the AJK police under instructions from Pakistan's agencies yesterday morning. They were detained all day and reportedly tortured so that they may disclose the whereabouts of Kamran. In the evening they were released after civil society intervened.

Meanwhile, 21 year old Khwaja Mujtaba Bandey remains in custody while the 7 other detainees have been released. He and I spent a week together in Sharda this summer, even scaling the heights of Narda Lake at 15,000 feet. He is into his 3rd night of incarceration today:

The Pakistani State must be held accountable for creating friction between the AJK police and the public. For showing a 'strong hand' in Muzaffarabad where reports of torture under the instruction and supervision of Pakistan's roving agencies have emerged. Equipment of the earlier detained and released has been allegedly confiscated by them too.

As usual, the police and administration in AJK regret their helplessness in having to obey 'orders from above', from shadows that have no legal writ in this territory. 


Meanwhile, this afternoon a meeting took place in Rawalakot between civil society and the Poonch administration in reference to the 37 activists. detained since the 7th of September. 

Here's a translation of the Urdu report on the discussion, written by Haaris Qadeer:

- The Gvernment has announced that it will withdraw all cases
- It has decided to unconditionally release the 'Freedom March' prisoners

Rawalakot - Mujaadala News 

The government has announced that it has withdrawn all cases against the participants of the Freedom March (and subsequent sit-in protest at Tithrinote on the 7th of September) and decided to unconditionally release all those detained. These decisions were made by a co-ordination committee headed by the minister of information (in the AJK Assembly) Mushtaq Minhas. 

This emerged after a 2 and a half hour discussion between representatives of the AJK government and a civil society delegation led by Chairman Liberation Front (JKLF) Sardar Muhammad Sagheer Khan Advocate. Amongst the government's representatives were Information Minster Mushtaq Minhas, local MLA Sagheer Chugtai, former minister Sardar Tahir Anwar, representative of JKPP (Jammu Kashmir People's Party) Asad Ibrahim and DG Political Affairs to prime minister Malik Zulfiqar. Others were present too whereas accompanying Chairman Liberation Front Sardar Muhammad Sagheer Khan Advocate were former presidents of NSF (National Students Front) Basharat Ali Khan, Tauseef Khaliq and journalist Haaris Qadeer. 

Prime minister Raja Farooq Haider also talked via telephone with Sardar Muhammad Sagheer Khan Advocate during the discussion. On the directions of the prime minister the government announced that it was withdrawing all cases and hence decided to release all prisoners unconditionally. 

SSP Poonch was reprimanded for his professional misconduct and it was decided that the government would form a departmental inquiry to investigate this matter. In consequence, Chairman Liberation Front (Sagheer Khan) decided to call off protests in other districts and announced that the ensuing protest in Rawalakot would convert itself into a welcoming rally (for the  Freedom March prisoners). 

Commissioner Poonch Choudhary Muhammad Raqeeb and Deputy Commissioner (DC) were also present on this ocassion, who upon the AJK prime minister's orders assured that they would immediately implement the instructions given.

End of translation of report....

This meeting ended at 1700hrs (5pm). However, by midnight the 37 prisoners had yet to be released.

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