Thursday, 11 November 2021

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 315 of 2021


Changed my routine a bit today and reaped much reward. Later. the evening was dedicated to the other Cricket T20 World Cup semi-final. I think Pakistan played quite well but their fielding let them down once again. I was gunning for Australia - probably the first time in my life - and felt natural justice had to mediate after Warner was incorrectly given out caught behind, despite no connection with the bat. The Australians like most other 'Western' nations went about the task methodically and calmly. If Warner didn't get out he could've finished the game by the 15th over rather than the 19 it took.

However, in the final I'll be gunning for New Zealand. Not least, because Australia have already won too many competitions.


On a much more serious note:


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