Friday, 18 January 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 18 of 2019


This is good. 

It would be appropriate to translate the material on the banner from Urdu to English. This is an added dilemma viz. the communication dilemma in addition to the public interest dilemma. The English speaking generations of the AJK diaspora which were born and brought up in the developed 'West', appear reluctant to learn their mother tongue Pahari or even read or speak Urdu, while those born here, speak Pahari by default and learn Urdu considering it to be a more respectable medium but don't pay enough attention to English and its association with 'power'.

Translation of Banner: (From top to bottom)

29th January 2019
A total shutdown of Muzaffarabad (Jammed wheels - as in no transport will run)
From the Valley of Neelam to the Valley of Jhelum (Whole Muzaffarabad Administrative Division)
- We want action, not further (broken) promises
- The promises made in relation to Neelam-Jhelam Hydro Project should be fulfilled
- Maintain 60% of the River Neelam's water flow
- Provide free electricity to Muzaffarabad Division

In another banner related to this public activity, there is also a demand to refrain from diverting the River Jhelum and/or creating a tunnel between Saran and Kohalla.


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