Sunday, 27 January 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 27 of 2019


You can't create a masterplan to achieve your rights in a static mode. No plan however meticulous can be constructed theoretically, at least not in AJK or even in the rest of Jammu & Kashmir.

Plans have to be improvised dynamically, as in on the run. Public activism is potent when it's live and happening in the physical space around you for all to see. Nothing productive can emerge from endlessly theorising or repeatedly theorising in the drawing room, however many people may be 'talking at each other' inside it.

Yes, our people talk at each other rather than to each other.

Everybody wants to share their experience and prescription for change. This is far more didactic than dialectic.

No amount of planning can conjure up the seemingly 'intangible': determination, consistency, focus, sincerity, sacrifice, stamina and capturing/analysing/processing/measuring of collective wisdom. These traits have to be identified on the journey and utilised.

Bold, clever, elaborate theory is nothing compared to what you gather in practice and adjust as you build momentum towards the goal that you are focussed on.

Can our people (citizens of AJK) come to terms with our weaknesses and become part of something truly collective?

- Our time is increasingly provided with competing choices in the modern age. 
- Our physical and mental efforts are bound between work and play.
- Our resources cling to private interest at the cost of public interest.

We seek a solution despite that and thus should be introspective about our limitations.

If an incremental solution that consistently counters the forces of expansionism can emerge through the sequence of research > process > consensus > ownership then we should stake (own) our claim (share) in it. 

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