Saturday, 19 January 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 19 of 2019


Concentrating on publishing the academic (extended) version of the Citizen Public Opinion Survey Report is like swimming in an ocean with no shore in sight, at times.

I have accomplished difficult tasks before but this will require a level of discipline, higher than any attained thus far.

I also need new technology valued at almost £3,000. Citizenship projects do not cost the earth but are only achievable if the majority of citizens contribute a little but regularly (annually is the most even time period - at this stage). I also understand that most of our citizens are still having difficulties grappling with this concept.

Meanwhile, just ponder over the following quote from one of the most celebrated American presidents ever:

This is what I've suspected about the Indian partition in 1947 and all the unspeakable events that followed it. If we can be honest about our past we can design a much better future.

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Daily Diary (DD) - Day 154 of 2020

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