Saturday, 26 January 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 26 of 2019


Glad that I'm progressing on a daily routine. There is hardly a day that goes by without an example of yet another feature of humanity that we are deprived of, surfacing. On meeting a local citizen at a doctor's surgery, I was informed that his mother had been bitten by a dog. There are no appropriate vaccines available in AJK to treat such injuries. He was told that they are rare in Pakistan too. After much searching, he was extremely fortunate to obtain a single injection in Rawalpindi.

2324hrs: (Update)

It is true - as intimated and elaborated on this blog repeatedly hitherto - that there is much to do in public interest in AJK and not enough time, resources and manpower devoted to creating a channelised institutional format for resolution.

I can't devote my time to everything that travels passed my nose and neither can I adhere to every request made to me by the public in public interest. Yet, the demands on me are increasing by the day and I am struggling to explain the sequence involved in resolution, to the very people I've devoted myself to.

Research > process > consensus > ownership is a sequential journey that the public needs to understand. We can't leapfrog the sequence or take short cuts. We can't have sleepy masses appearing as careless spectators or everybody jostling to be a spokesman for the cause. Social media may have turbo-boosted the level of awareness in people but that is of no significant value if the public cannot assist in creating a channelised institutional format; that can actively capture, record or write on public matters in real time and monitor its response by the State until resolution.

If the public cannot get their own politicians to legislate in their name; who derive authority in their name and if the public cannot make over a 100,000 government employees work for their salaries paid for by the same taxpaying public, then it is impossible for the world or even our neighbours to take us seriously.

I've invested a lot in research and activism (everything I had and as much as I could from those I knew). Crowd-sourced funding from the public, particularly since 2014 has given me enough insight to confirm that the resources needed to reach the destiny of resolution are here, there and everywhere (our citizens reside). They just need to be assembled and the qualified manpower needed to develop full-time public servants needs to be gradually multiplied.

This doesn't require a new political party, organisation or movement. Neither does it require an ideology or physical masses of people staging a sit-in, which is practically almost impossible given the demands of society in the modern age. Every citizen can maintain their affiliations, ideologies and strategies as they see fit. All I ask is that they compliment this sequence of strengthening public interest against private interest, by contributing their bit to an effort that is collectively owned by the citizens of AJK, without exclusion.

My typical day is spent doing a combination of duties for the public:

1) Researching in the field as well as utilising online/offline mediums.
2) Assembling, analysing, categorising and protecting that information/data.
3) Assisting other activists in their public interest pursuits (Including citizens in GB, the Valley, Jammu and Ladakh).
4) Raising issues and engaging the AJK governing structure as well as regional and global institutions in a sequential manner till resolution.
5) Translating data/information as appropriate.
6) Strategising and improvising constantly according to the capacity of the public to digest activity conducted and information generated.
7) Preparing material for academic publication in foreign journals and global media.
8) Maintaining a public database with a view to preparing a genuine population census in AJK.
9) Sharing responsibility for the maintenance and well-being of my family. 
10) Working on maintaining my physical and mental fitness to sustain my efforts.
11) Maintaining a vehicle, bicycle and tools of technology for the work at hand.
12) Raising funds directly from the public to carry out all the above.

Genuine change has been elusive in this region for 71 years. We have to be open-minded about strategy, realise that our strength lies in convincing each other rather than the world and finally that the solution is usually at the same location as the problem.



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