Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 106 of 2019



The 'Save Rivers - Save Lives' Movement is also described as 'Save Rivers - Save Muzaffarabad'. Today, the movement entered its 23rd day of a sit-in protest in Muzaffarabad and it was well complimented by a protest outside the Pakistani embassy in London, by AJK Civil Society - UK.

Here's some footage from an awareness march by lawyers in Muzaffarabad:


I liked the following news from Reuters:

Thwarting fraud: thousands to 'crowd-source' Indonesian election results

It starts with the following sentence:

JAKARTA (Reuters) - More than 10,000 people have volunteered to crowd-source election results posted at polling stations across Indonesia on Wednesday in a real-time bid to thwart attempts at fraud during the biggest single-day election in the world.

I liked it for a couple of reasons. The first relates to the existence of a conscientious citizenry which is what we're striving for here in AJK. So the news is inspirational in that sense. Secondly, the fact that its a majority Muslim country indicates that at least some such countries - Tunisia is another example - where Muslim society is actually coming to terms with the world they live in.

I hope this trend continues....


Returning to the battle of 3 narratives in Jammu & Kashmir:

Here's a portion of a twitter conversation I want to exhibit to illustrate a point:

If we were to assume that AJK and GB were indeed a part of Pakistan, then why does Pakistan advocate a solution via a UN plebiscite?
Acting as an owner (without legal reference) and then claiming to advocate self-determination for the Valley Kashmiris is pure chicanery.


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