Sunday, 21 April 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 111 of 2019


We condemn all acts of terror wherever they may occur in the world and by whoever:



Various parts of district Kotli are facing cuts of electricity anywhere between 0800hrs and 2000hrs for over two weeks now. We are informed - informally - that this is to re-set electricity cables in the wake of the ongoing 102 MW Gulpur (Braali) hydro-power project which we understand - like virtually all other such projects - is going to produce electricity (here in AJK) to directly deliver it (there to Pakistan).

The lower riparian climbs up with his military to warn us of another lower riparian killing our people because they are 'the other'. The 'warner' claims to be your genuine sympathiser, after-all he is your co-religionist. Sooner rather than later. both lower riparians decide to share the water between themselves without consulting the upper riparian. Who is conveniently divided between the two lower riparians using identical propaganda. One in the name of democratic secularism, the other in the name of militarised religion. 

This is just one of many hydro projects undertaken by the Pakistani State in AJK, all without due process, legality, environmental concerns, proprietary rights and many more questions within the framework of international law. Our Western neighbours are making the most of their de facto presence here. We now have to do without electricity throughout the working day for an unspecified period of time. This is load-shedding times six.

These imposed sacrifices are just heaping up, almost by the day.


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