Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 107 of 2019


Got quite a bit done today. In fact, I've made progress on various tasks that have been pending for years. It does make one think: "Why didn't I give attention to this matter before?"


This is revealing as well as damning:


I'm pasting a letter here by Quayyum Raja for an international audience, in reference to the institutional lacunae in AJK:


The UNSC (United Nations Security Council) imposed a ceasefire in forcibly divided state of Jammu & Kashmir 72 years ago pledging a referendum. Thousands have died ever since the ceasefire and millions have been displaced, but there are still no signs of a referendum, where the people of Jammu & Kashmir can determine their future.

Although the ceasefire was never respected, the recent clashes between India and Pakistan have deteriorated the situation along the LOC (Line of Control). India and Pakistan are still claiming victory over each other, while the people of Jammu & Kashmir suffer both on the streets of the Valley of Kashmir as well as along the LOC.

People are digging bunkers for their safety. They are not allowed to cultivate their land, which for many is the main source of their living. No signs of restoration of internet services. Schools and universities expect people to approach them through the internet regarding applications and other needs without realizing or bothering that there is no internet service in certain parts of Pakistani administered Kashmir. Children are frequently stopped from going to schools. Many schools’ examinations have been cancelled or delayed. Many civilians have been injured and killed inside their homes.

No national or international agency has arrived for any support or rescue.

The Pakistan army occasionally tell people to leave their homes, without giving any advice on where to go. All that the AJK government has offered so far is an announcement that the evacuees can register themselves with their sub-division (tehsil), which only offers them un-usable blankets and tents to sleep in government buildings.

On my return from abroad, many victims have approached me for help and the best at present our Human Rights Commission - AJK (HRC-AJK) can do is to highlight the issue, while documenting the needs and concerns of the victims of this undeclared war between Indian and Pakistan in Jammu & Kashmir.

HRC-AJK was only recently set up and at this stage it doesn’t have enough resources to provide for the level of help needed in the Pakistani-controlled part of Jammu & Kashmir, where I live.

Our people just don’t know why the UN is silent on this issue and they wonder if there is someone else to speak on their behalf and offer them any humanitarian relief?

Abdul Quayyum Raja
Pakistani-administered Kashmir (AJK)



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