Monday, 1 April 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 91 of 2019


This is what I describe as the path to genuine introspection:

I wrote the following in my daily notes yesterday (most of which has yet to to published):

Conflict resolution cannot have a majoritarian approach....working through minorities is more constructive....

The tweet above essentially reminded me of that.


Now, this is strong and also contextual to the Valley:


1959hrs: LOC Update - Poonch Sector

The fire does not cease, especially in Spring.

Tithrinote, Battal, Mandhol, Serra, Darra Sher Khan, Tahi, Tattapani and Goi are all affected. Civilians have been witnessing heavy cross-fire since this morning.


Can we call this, "The boot on the other foot"?:


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